SPOILERS: A Wedding and a Funeral?

The cast and crew of Chuck are filming the season’s final episodes right now, and a couple of fans caught sight of them on location at a church in Pasadena. Although they couldn’t get very close to the action, one fan did snap this photo of the church marquee:

A funeral right before the wedding? I have a feeling the Bartowski wedding planner (aka Ellie) is going to be less than enthused that she has to work around that! In other wedding news, Jeff and Lester hacked Chuck and Sarah’s wedding website, much to Ellie’s dismay.

Pic from OnLocationVacations.com.

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  1. Seems like it will actually be in the plot of the episode! Perhaps as a joke, since it seems that marquee will be getting a shot in the episode. Otherwise why else write “Bartowskie Wedding?”

    Also, OMG BARTOWSKI WEDDING! Awwws in 3, 2, …

    • no on a another site they confirmed a someones going to die

      • That would be why there’s a funeral… 😉

      • I saw at strahotski.com that Adam Balwin will leave after season 4. It can’t be Casey’s funeral, is it? I feel so sad and worried.

      • That was an April Fool’s Day joke.

      • Thank you very much.

      • Thanks Mel, Baldwin brings a lot to the table–really funny–I doubt the show could survive without him.

      • I’ve seen that someone is going to try and kill someone (emphasis in the try) and that there will be a funeral.

        However, if this funeral is just random person a, and not connected to Team Bartowski, then no one necessarily dies.

        Sorry, playing devil’s advocate 🙂

      • The funeral probably isn’t for someone we know, that would just be too weird to schedule it for the same day and location as Chuck & Sarah’s wedding. However, if a funeral is scheduled at the church, I’d say chances are pretty good someone died.

      • Yes, I can confirm that funerals are done ONLY for dead people! 🙂

      • thanks i was wondering! lol

      • Ooh! I can second that confirmation!

      • It’s so good to have a Padre (can you guess I spent time in the military) like you around to enlughten us with your considerable expertise. lol

      • Well actually, funerals are not always for dead people, especially in spy TV shows (see Alias).

      • We had one for someone who wasn’t dead earlier this season.

      • There are always dead people around funerals, however funerals are mostly for the living–I have asked my family to forget about one for myself (selfishly)

      • I meant that the funeral will be played as a joke in the plot—meaning for comedic effect, not that it’s an actual joke.

    • This why this show is great. We can’t figure out why there’d be a funeral an hour before a wedding (though, based on spoiler information, I do have a good guess). “Chuck” is an original.

  2. A wedding and a funeral – which one will Chuck and Sarah be there for? Hmmm.

  3. Does this episode run on the 11th or the 18th? Thanks in advance.

  4. Maybe there are three more weddings (after the funeral– get it?).

    Sorry… I couldn’t resist. 😉

  5. Actually funerals are more for the living than the dead. I advised my wife I do not want one. They do occur only when there is a death but the ceremony is for the living. A friend of mine has advised his wife that he wants a big party when he dies and he wants his 3 ex wives to attend–he already has an invitation list—I have known him since 1st grade and if I am around I would not miss it for the world–he is a very unique individual. I hope a show regular is not killed off–I also hope that we hear of a season 5 by then for our good friends on Chuck.

  6. Man you can not have your wedding after a funeral even if the deceased is a stranger. BAD JU JU MAGUMBO!

  7. tell your friends to watch chuck
    tell 10 20 then tell them to tell 10 friends

  8. I wonder what Reverend Dr. J. Edwin (Ed) Bacon is going to think of this since it is his church ” First Church of Saints”?

  9. Why doesn’t it say “Bartowski Walker Wedding?”

  10. Oh, crap….Jeffster hacked the wedding site?? Ellie should probably get a restraining order against Lester Patel and Jeff Barnes. She probably already would have gotten one if not for the fact that those two slobs are employees at her little brother’s workplace.
    First Jeffster crashed HER wedding to Captain Awesome, then they harassed the people at the obstetrics waiting room while she was giving birth at that clinic…. NOW they hack into the wedding site and probably plan to crash Chuck and Sarah’s wedding? That is probably going a bit too far in testing the limits of the Bartowski siblings’ kindly patience and tolerance for those two jerks.

    And about the funeral…I hope it’s not for anyone in Team Bartowski or anyone related to team Bartowski. Although I do wonder when they had a proper funeral for Orion.

  11. jessygirl thegirl

    gee! so excited for the bartowski wedding!!! and looking forward for season 5!!! go CHUCK!!!!

  12. Hi All:

    This might be a silly question, but I am wondering when Chuck and Sarah get married, won’t Sarah have to submit her real name on a marriage document? Legally, she would not be able to get married under the name “Sarah Walker”. That would indicate that we will know her real name if the marriage happens at episode 24.

    Also, how would everyone else react(Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, Jeff, Lester, etc.) when they are at the wedding and hear her called by a different name? I wonder if they are going to address this issue. I don’t know if the C.I.A. would have the authority to have them married under false names, because legally they would not be married.

    If her real name is used, could that potentially put her family and friends in danger in case there are enemy spies at the wedding or capable of taping lines? I might be overthinking this topic.

    • She can get married under “Walker” if she wishes. If people’s names can be changed for witness protection, I’m sure the legality of Sarah’s fake name is no issue.

    • Under California law, she can apply for a wedding license as Sarah Walker provided she has acceptible proof of identity at time of application. California will accept a driving license or passport as valid ID. If the CIA was able to generate the Alanna Truffaut ID that Chuck flashed on in “the Helicopter”, then they are capable of generating a driving license or passport reading “Sarah Walker”, if they’ve not done so already.

  13. Omg I’m so excited

  14. The funeral could be related or it could be a morbid reference to that scene in Spinal Tap where the marquis said “Puppet Show and Spinal Tap” and they were freaking out about it. The question is, dear friends, whose funeral would it be? Think about it.

    • If I were to guess, and I’m going to, it will be someone seemingly unrelated to our team. Otherwise they wouldn’t schedule it an hour before the wedding. But Chuck will flash on someone or something from the funeral, and a side mission will ensue that they will attempt to complete before the wedding. Will Jeffster need to stall this wedding too? Only if they play at 11! (the Spinal Tap reference)

  15. Seeing that we never witnessed a funeral for Papa B. nor have we heard Chuck or Ellie talk of one, perhaps they are finally planning a burial of Papa B’s ashes now that Mama B. is back. While it would be rather strange to have waited so long (and stranger yet to have waited until the day of Chuck and Sarah’s wedding) it could be a great chance to get some indication that Papa B. really isn’t dead but somehow once again cheated death. I would sure like the cliffhanger to somehow be about Papa B. and/or Sarah’s mom.

  16. Maybe it’s Sarah’s dad funeral