SPOILERS: Wedding May/May Not Happen, Blah, Blah, Blah

I debated posting this Chuck “scoop” from Ausiello because it’s really just more of the same, but since I’ve already been asked several times what I think about it by nervous fans, let’s go ahead:

Question: Deets on the Chuck finale, please! —Megan
Ausiello: Images of Yvonne Strahovski in a wedding dress have leaked. The show recently shot scenes on location at a Los Angeles-area church. The entire season has been building towards a Chuck-Sarah wedding. Yet in spite of all of this, exec producer Chris Fedak says fans shouldn’t assume those two crazy kids will end up getting hitched in Monday’s finale. “Just because we may’ve shot something at a church doesn’t mean [there’s a wedding],” he teases. “Once you see how our season finale works there should be a degree of doubt. It’s structured in such a way that we don’t know if Chuck and Sarah are going to get together in the end.”

Question: Worst-case scenario — Chuck doesn’t get renewed. Will producers excise the finale’s top-secret cliffhangery epilogue that’s supposed to set up Season 5? —Ryan
Ausiello: Good question. Let’s ask Fedak. “From a technical perspective, we probably won’t know the fate of the show until after we lock the cut of the finale,” he says. “However, I really like this ending that we’ve built and I think it works no matter what situation we’re going into. I really love this episode. I don’t think I would change it.”

So to recap: the wedding may or may not happen and the ending should be satisfying even if it’s a series finale. For the record, I believe the wedding will happen in 4.24. Not as planned, but it will happen. I was also 100% sure, from the beginning of the season, that the engagement would happen in 4.13, despite all the “maybe/maybe not” soundbites from the cast and crew. Just sayin’.

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  1. Just popped into my head…If the wedding clips we got for nest weeks preview were part of a dream sequence maybe the pictures of the sign in front of the church were part of the dream sequence as well. This theory just might help me sustain my calm until Monday.

  2. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I’m sure the episode will be infinitely more awesome for other reasons.

  3. I agree with your assessment. While I was initially troubled by Fedak’s words, I figured that the wedding will (hopefully) happen during the finale, though it won’t be the kind of wedding they planned for. A hospital wedding perhaps?

    • That’s been my guess since that photo of Sarah in her hospital gown surfaced a few weeks ago.

      • It would be kind of sad if they don’t get their dream wedding, considering all the things they’ve gone through. Still, as long as we get a wedding, I’ll be happy. Haha.

  4. I hope he means that they’re going to keep us guessing until the end and not after. An ambiguouse ending would not be a great ending.

    • I agree. An ambiguous ending would be the worst ending, especially if, God forbid, Chuck is not picked up for an S5. 🙁

      • Truly. Even if it gets picked up, making us all wait all summer would be (a) bad, (b) abusive, and (c) unprecedented. Not to mention mean to Chuck and Sarah!

  5. I’m going to leave this crackpot theory on the twist here and leave:

    Sarah is pregnant. Only twist I could see that could work for either a season or series finale.

    • Hmm. You may be on to something here. If Sarah was/is indeed pregnant, could that pregnancy have unwittingly saved her from the Norseman? Previous victims of the Norseman died almost instantaneously, while Sarah survived long enough to receive medical attention. O_O

      • But Sarah was also on the other side of the world from the Norseman rather than in the same room and had two Awesome doctors right there.

    • I hope they don’t make Sarah pregnant, I think that would totally ruin the show. What’s wrong with just letting them be spies and having “fun” spy adventures?

  6. I’m quite sure that the wedding will happen in E24!~~
    If (ONLY if) this is the series finale and there is no CS wedding, fans (including me) will go CRAZY!

  7. Look good at the 4.24 promo:
    1. In the Church scene, Morgan is the priest and Sarah collapsed (again). Conclusion: dream, and very probably Chuck’s.
    2. In the “oh boy” scene, look at the back window of Sarah’s car and read what is written and drawn on the outside: “Just Married” and a heart. Conclusion: the wedding will happen one way or another in 4.24.

  8. i also think sarah is pregnant cus she should be dead from the and chuck has to race against time to save sarah and the twist is that sarah is pregnant explains the Oh boy in the promo also they are married cus chuck wearing a suit when he says it

  9. The “once you see how the episode works” and “leave some degree of doubt” thing has me really bothered. That says to me that they leave it ambiguous — maybe they’re married, maybe they’re not, maybe the whole show was a dream inputted by the Intersect, maybe . . . .

    Broken Record Time: If they don’t get Chuck and Sarah married — happily and for real, whether or not in a church — in this episode, this is an Epic Fail. And if the series ends at this point, Series Fail.

    Frankly, if they torture the fans and the characters with ambiguities on this, I will be left completely ticked off, and probably won’t give a rip whether it’s renewed. Why? For one thing, it’s time for the story line of Chuck and Sarah getting married to get to the end point of their marriage, so that if there is a next season, we’re still not dealing with that, and instead their marriage can be a backdrop to whatever stories they want to tell. And, if the series ends, leaving that dangling is abusive.

    Producers, it’s fun to be edgy but not finishing up that relationship in a happy way is simply wrong.

    • Don’t worry FiveG, the producers are not idiots. The whole season is one road to C&S wedding and we will get that at the end of it monday. They only will put us through the maximum amount of suspense until the moment. That is were finals are for.

    • Don’t stress over it, FiveG. Those are almost exactly the same comments they were making leading up to 4.13 about whether or not the engagement would happen, and of course it did. The real question in my mind is, what twist are they concealing by getting the fanbase all het up over whether or not the wedding will happen? That’s a done deal, so what’s the cliffhanger?

  10. I would be kind of sad if “I” don’t get their dream wedding…been waiting for this wedding ever since the wedding pictures in “Chuck .vs the Suburbs”.

  11. cool chess sets

    I don’t mind Chuck and Sarah not getting a church wedding, but I certainly want adequate exposure of her in a wedding gown, dream sequence or not!!! And I do believe that Sarah is pregnant too, after all, it certainly has been hinted at a lot!

  12. Chris Fedak: “Just because we may’ve shot something at a church doesn’t mean [there’s a wedding],” he teases. “Once you see how our season finale works there should be a degree of doubt. It’s structured in such a way that we don’t know if Chuck and Sarah are going to get together in the end.”

    “However, I really like this ending that we’ve built and I think it works no matter what situation we’re going into.”

    These two sets of comments do not fit together. IF Chuck and Sarah don’t get hitched, then, if it’s a series finale, fans will NOT like it, so how can it be a satisfying season and series finale?

  13. Brandon Johnson

    Ok Chuck peeps, this is what i have come up with. Alot of the promo had Chuck fighting to save Sarah, and yes it did show the two having a wedding. Yet there is a twist on the cliffhanger. So I am thinking that the wedding that was shown is a dream that Chuck had, so no wedding. And a while back there were talks of a death and that it was someone we loved…. So put it all together and you get….. Sarah dead right?? No I am thinking that just like Awesome and Ellies wedding, Sarah and Chucks will be simple and not to big. I do think that Sarah will be saved and that Mamma B will die. Sucks to say but that’s what I think will happen. As for the twist. Hell i have no clue. I do not think that there will be a season 5. We just dont have as many viewers as we use to. I am very sad about it, and will probly cry like a girl. I do love all the people who have Chuck fan sites like this one and love all the die hard fans that will do whatever it takes for Chuck to go on. Thank you to the cast, writers and everyone els.

    • “Cry like a girl.” Like Sarah?

      • Brandon Johnson

        Yes. Haha. Chuck is the ONLY show that I have ever watched from episode 1 to now. I have never wanted to be involved in a show untill Chuck came around i have tried to do many things to be apart of Save Chuck and will continue to do so if we were to get renewed. Chuck is and will always be my favorite show. I will be sad if next Monday is the last episode.

  14. Tbh as long as they get married (whichever method) I’m okay for the season finale. However I thought I’d be fine if the marriage ended the series, but now I feel differently since we’re in crunch time now.

  15. Chuck is so pissed off on monday he starts to channel SHAW is chuck going to the dark side

  16. I would be happier if Fedak would just say “no comment” to all questions regarding the show. He seems to enjoy the comments he makes which are rarely positive…

    • Agreed. I guess he figgers it gets people buzzing/interested, but it just agitates unstable people like me.

  17. Hm I have faith in Chuck’s renewal and I know we will get a 5th season.
    The way things where left monday I assume Sarah’s pregnand since she survived the Norseman’s attack, pregnancy infuences the body in such a way that it could cause her to survive. Looking at the nosebleed it seems the Norsman causes brainactivity spike causing instant death, Brainactivity is reduced in some area’s during pregnancy (More info: http://2pinklinesthepregnancy.blogspot.com/2005/12/explanation-for-pregnancy-brain.html) thus making it more likely for Sarah to survive. I believe Chuck will need Hartley aka Volkoff’s help to cure Sarah because he invented the Norseman right before his cover identity took over and that Chuck will ask General Beckman to visit Hartley to cure him which Beckman will not allow (Read: CIA and their dirty secrets). Chuck and Casey will break Hartley out curing him in the process, once he’s cures Chuck wil ask Hartley for his help while the CIA sends the eraser to eliminate everyone involved. The whole thing turns ugly and casey woops the eraser’s ass in castle while hartley cures Sarah, the CIA will go after Chuck and the gang and they flee (Explaining the ‘oh boy’ and Sarah behind the wheel of the Lotus). The end… someone will get shot, who I believe will be eighter Casey, Morgan or mama B.

  18. I think we will see a wedding dream sequence just to throw us off, but I also think we will see the real wedding near the end of the episode.

    • Good parallel with Push Mix would be in the hospital, I guess. Just let it happen! And with a healthy Sarah.

  19. Just read on tvbythenumbers.com that multiple online sources are saying chuck has been renewed by NBC for 13 episode!!!!!

  20. What if Chuck said “oh, boy!” because he just learned about Sarah’s pregnancy? That would be an amazing finale!!