Chuck Season 5 Premiere Date Announced!

As part of their official fall premiere announcement today, NBC confirmed that Chuck‘s fifth and final season will premiere Friday, October 21 at 8/7c.

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  1. Well, I’d love it if it started sooner, but at least now we know how to set our countdown clocks, and it gives us plenty of time to recruit new Chuck fans for the final season! 🙂

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”
    –Shakespeare, “Henry V;” Act 3, Scene 1

    Let’s start the Final Countdown!
    (synth track starts playing.)

  3. Great news. Have there been any changes to the writing staff for season 5?

  4. I wonder if they will push back the release of the S4 DVD/blu ray because of the late date.

    Also please give us a Christmas episode.

  5. Not sure I like the timing. 13 episodes run straight would end January 6th, and, as that is not likely, we are looking at about 10 episodes, a 3 week or so break and then the final 3 ending at the end of January the only worse scenerio would be about 8 episodes and then a 5 week break). It doesn’t look like they are planning on even a remote chance of an extention.

    • NBC has been upfront about the fact that it’s unlikely they’ll order additional episodes. Expect new episodes to run through the first week of December, then the usual holiday hiatus, then back in mid-January to finish up the series.

      • Color me a bit naive. A lot of new shows don’t last…wouldn’t suprise me if there gets to be gap in NBC’s lineup.

        Cynical part of me knows it more then likely stops at 13, but the rest of me wants to fight to preserve it.

      • I’m really not impressed with NBC’s new shows. Actually the late Oct. start could be
        a plus. If some of the new shows get canceled right off then maybe Chuck could get
        a full season to fill in the gaps……..just hoping.

      • Heck, it may never air on Fridays. It could be airing on Mondays just to fill the programming hole.

  6. Oh, late start. But that’s ok.
    The good side of knowing this is the final season is that we won’t be fearing for the possibility of the story remaining inconcluse.
    But of course i would love more seasons of Chuck.

  7. Buy More Bagger

    I hope this means that we will be getting both a Thanksgiving & a Christmas episode of Chuck for S – 5?

    I want both eps, to be covered this yr.

    I loved the Christmas episodes in S – 1 & S – 2 & I feel, that they were missed in S – 3 & S – 4.

    Here’s Hoping.


  8. I think it’s a good thing they start in Oct, this way when the show ends it will appear as 2007-2012 instead of 2011. (Just trying to see the full half of the glass)
    I’m usually a pessimist but i really hope the other shows will suck so much that NBC will be ‘forced’ to offer Chuck a 9 episode extension.. it is a shame to be so close of the magical number’100.
    Anyways, thx to the wonderful cast and thx WB for lowering the price to a level where NBC couldn’t refuse.

  9. that could mean we can have all the holiday eps!if we could have another Christmas episode as epic as Vs Santa Clause, i’d be happy despite the unlikely extension of the final long as i get more of team bartowski, i’m good!more chuck and sarah love forevermore!ah yeah…

  10. on a total non`related note : congratulations to and it’s staff, you where mentioned in SciFi magazine as one of the best fan`bases online 🙂

  11. September would’ve been nice, but I’m totally okay with October 21. Heck, I didn’t even expect a fifth season, so…

    And I’m totally okay with Season 5 being the last one, with only 13 episodes. Perfect for introducing a last story arc, and tying up what’s left very nicely.

    And although it would be nice to have a back 9 in a way, I can’t shake the feeling that it’d make the final season a bit disjointed (a bit like Season 3 and 4), so I’m okay with 13.

  12. Glad for season 5, sad it will be the last. I’m really going to miss the show when it goes off the air.

    Late start date seems part of a plan to avoid picking up additional episodes. NBC’s new show line-up seems destined to crash and burn. Doubt that’ll help a show on Friday nights.

    I don’t understand the Nielsen TV viewer. Caught a bit of America’s Got Talent last night. I think there’s an old youtube video for every act they had. Yet, it’s a successful show occupying two nights of programming each week? Go figure.

  13. I hope they will add 11 episodes since it’s the final season.

    • Zachary Levi confirmed in a interview he did today that there will be no more additional episodes, the series will end at episode 91.

      • Too bad.all good things must end…. But I suppose we all have to let go and move on sometime…. 🙁

      • John Casey has feelings too

        I know it has to end, but let’s take a step back for a minute. I mean, look back at what has happened on chuck these last couple years… chuck turned into a spy, sarah and chuck got married, we learned that there is more to john casey than meets the eye, morgan got a girlfriend (I mean honestly, who saw that one coming) and on top of all that, morgan downloaded the intersect. With CHUCK anything can happen, and we should remember all the fun we’ve had during this incredible journey.

  14. I agree with what Sam said, previousy about all good things must come to end, and it is sad, been watching this show since the begining and there is just no other show i think on at the moment that has such great characters that we have seen buld and change together throuout the seasons. Good to know the start date for S5, im just going though watching all eps again now S1-4 for like the the 5th time. I think the final episode of S5 should be a big occasion, embarising to admit ill know doubt have a tear in my eye to see the end.

  15. It would be lovely if it could end on 100 episodes and not 91 episodes it will be a sad day when chuck ends forgood chuck is one off the best shows we have on our TV

  16. HAHA, this is good because I was going to Europe in September so I’d miss it, but now it’s okay XD