Chuck Casting News: Beau Garrett to Guest (SPOILERS)

Several media outlets are on the Chuck set today as Zachary Levi directs episode 5.05, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”. We have a few spoilery bits to share from Tweets, but first we have casting news courtesy of E! Online.

Beau Garrett guest stars on Chuck season 5Tron: The Legacy‘s Beau Garrett is guest starring in this episode as Valaria, the leader of The Church of the Eternal Wind. Part cult, part sanctuary (but mostly cult), TCOTEW appears to have some shady dealings. Chuck and Sarah go undercover to infiltrate and encounter Valaria. In other news, TCOTEW may be fans of nudity.

The scenes they’re filming today are on the lagoon set at the Warner Bros. lot (the same one True Blood uses for their lake shots), and we’ve had multiple reports of “exposure” and “nudist colony“. Also on set are Carrie-Anne Moss and Eric Lange.

Updated: Danny Pudi is also shooting his cameo in the episode today.

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  1. So that’s what Zac meant when he Tweeted earlier!! HAHA thats funny!!

  2. This episode sounds promising and like nothing they’ve done before. It really sounds like the reboot is giving them some unique plot options!

  3. Duh. Who isn’t a fan of nudity? It just all depends on who is nude. 🙂