SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 5.06 Title, Details

Happy Saturday, Chucksters! Just 5 weeks from today we’ll be talking about the season premiere, but today I have some exclusive details about episode 5.06 to share to tide us over.

The title of the episode is “Chuck vs. the Curse”. We already know that Rebecca Romijn is the big name guest star, playing a rogue CIA agent who likes torturing people just a little too much, but here’s a new tidbit: her character could have been played by either a man or a woman. Way to be equal opportunity, Chuck writers! Joining in the fun is Simms, an intense, slightly creepy CIA agent who may be what Team Bartowski needs to defeat Romijn. Or not.

“Chuck vs. the Curse” will likely air at the end of the November sweeps period.

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  1. Except for one thing. Unless they double-up on Chuck episodes one Friday, the date for this would be November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving and outside of the sweeps period. I would guess the more likely date for this would be the following Friday, December 2nd. By taking two weeks off at Christmas, too, that would put the schedule on track to end on Super Bowl weekend, February 3rd.

    • That’s why I said “likely” – we don’t know for sure when it will air, but with a big-name guest star like Romijn, they’ll probably want it to be during sweeps.

  2. Still no mention of whether Linda Hamilton will be returning as Mary Bartowski. Any word on that at all?

  3. Hi All,

    I always wondered were Buy More Corperate is located? Now that Chuck and Sarah own the Buy More Company could they expand it beyond their “13 Southern California locations” (S2 VS Tom Sawyer reference) and put Castle in some of them – Have Buy More in Washington DC & New York near Government locations. That would be cool! It was just an Idea.

    What do people think?

    • With each new location, your risk of discovery and infiltration goes exponential. If they have the financial resources and manpower to overcome this, it’s possible. Of course if we held “Chuck” to the same “willing suspension of disbelief” standards that we apply to real life, there’d be no show. So it would make for an interesting plot develoment.

  4. By the way, everyone. Ausiello is reporting that the Chuck producers are looking to cast Sarah’s mother. She’ll be named Emma, will be blonde and will be a “walking hug.”