SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 5.09 Title and http://www.ainscoughs.co.uk/levitra-low-price Scoop


Our source has come through again with some tidbits about Chuck episode 5.09 to share with y’all. As previously reported on SpoilerTV, the episode is titled “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”.

In this episode, Team Bartowski (Team Carmichael?) are dealing with some truly scary individuals from the South. Rocky, a jovial psychopath, is an arms dealer who is pretty full of himself. St. Germain is another arms dealer, straight out of the Bayou, who the FBI have been trying to nab for years. One of herbal levitra wow look it these two rivals is the titular “kept man”. I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to face the torture specialist in the non persription viagra best other’s employ. *shudder*

This episode will air in the second half of the season, after the holidays.

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  1. Interesting title. I agree 100% with the *shudder* thing. Sounds like fun, guys! This is gonna be AWESOME, I can already tell.

  2. I can’t believe we know 9 out 13 episode titles already. It’s so depressing.
    Also, no hints or alluding to any returning characters yet…