CASTING NEWS: Bo Derek to Guest on Chuck

The Hollywood Reporter just scooped that Bo Derek will guest star in the latter part of Chuck season 5, but her role is shrouded in mystery.

What they can say is that she’ll be playing herself when she appears in episode 5.10, and “her arrival will reveal stunning secrets, as well as a forbidden romance with one of the characters.” I have some ideas about those last two teases, but we’ll have to wait until after 5.03 airs to discuss them.

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  1. I only didn’t understand this part “but we’ll have to wait until after 5.03 airs to discuss them.”

  2. Big something will happen after 5×03????

  3. She’s playing herself and she’s revealing stunning secrets and a forbidden romance?? How could the woman who was Beverly in “Tommy Boy” factor into the Chuck mythology??

  4. Well, it looks like CHUCK is going to go out with a bang, not a whimper. They seem to be pulling out all the stops.

  5. No idea who she is lol
    so this isnt really that great news to me

  6. I suppose it is a good thing that she is playing herself. Bo Derek was never a particularly strong actress is my view…

  7. What you mean Bo Derek had a passionate affair with Jeff? No doubt from when he was world missile command champion. I mean a title like that would have all the Hollywood starlets swooning.

    • I’m on board with this theory about Jeff. Also dovetails with my theory about Jeff being an Orion plant assigned to watch over and protect Chuck since he got kicked out of Stanford.

  8. When I started reading this I hadn’t scrolled down yet and was thinking “Hmm, wouldn’t it be great if she were in ep 5:10?”


    I’m going to go and braid my hair now…

  9. Well My take on this is either she had an affair with Steven Bartowski when Mary was on deep cover or could she be Marys sister?