PHOTOS: Yvonne Strahovski Wears Bodypaint for SoBe Lifewater with Coconut Water

Yvonne Strahovski is the new spokesperson for SoBe Lifewater with Coconut Water, and it looks like her tropical trip over the holidays included a photoshoot for the brand. JustJared posted behind the scenes photos from the shoot, featuring Yvonne in stunning body paint to match the beautiful scenery. Absolutely gorgeous!


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  1. haha apparently not everyone is a fan she actually lost a few followers on twitter. She continues to show that great smile and wiliness to try different things IMO still in good taste thanks for sharing

    • Why would she lose followers on twitter? I thought they were beautifully done; nothing is shown; it’s not gratuitous, and that smile can make anyone’s day brighter! Sigh….

      • Don’t think losing followers on twitter is a big thing…I never use it anyway.

        Probably those followers were spam that her publicity manager removed.

      • Since I first posted her numbers have gone back up well over what she lost (which was only handful anyway. I look forward to seeing what future holds for her. I think right now the hectic schedule of filming TV shows has her burned out and so it not surprising she would want to try focus on movies. I just wish she be able to find more roles in states and not always having to go back to Australia to make films, though this might be a personal preference decision

  2. she is so beautiful 😮

  3. Wow ! That smile and that body, She deserves to be in the top 5 most beautiful women, top 10 sexiest.

  4. If she wants to make her big breakthrough, she has to be seen. “Chuck” put her on the map, but she has to do more to really be noticed.

    And quite frankly, I prefer this photoshoot over the Maxim (Meat market in my opinion) one. It’s been done with a certain amount of gusto.

    Was that necessary? No, but I don’t really mind nor care. I’m just curious to see what tv series Ms. Strahovski will do next? Because I strongly believe that she will have a better career on TV than on movies.

  5. Absolutely stunningly beautiful. I’m not sure the campaign is a good strategy for getting people to notice the product, though. 😉

  6. Absolutely stunning pics of her. And that smile? Magnificent.

  7. the most fitting word for it: awesome 🙂 !

  8. Awhile back when SoBe did the Ashley Greene bodypaint shoot, it was beautiful in an “exotic” way. This shoot with Yvonne I’d call “radiant.” They’ve bathed her in natural light, emphasized that huge smile, her hair color just POPS in at least 2 of the pics….just amazingly beautiful and a great job from the photographers.

    • Stupid Foreigner

      I believe these photos are all “BTS”, so the ones taken by the actual photographer are yet to come. According to this article there’s going to be a photo spread in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (Feb 14th) and also TV ads (Feb 13th):

  9. man she is GORGEOUS !!! <3

  10. Nice gig for Y. Some exposure in SI swimsuit edition can do wonders for a career.

  11. Yvonne really looks amazing in these photos…Very classy & tastefully done! 🙂

  12. I’ve never jealous-hated a dude in a yellow tank top so much in my life

    • Rodrigo Piedra Porras

      You should not be jealous of the painting process… you should be jealous of getting to know her!!! Her smile is REAL, she IS truly a VERY beautiful woman INSIDE!!! Very friendly, super natural and ALWAYS with a good attitude and smiling…


      The dude in the yellow tank top

      • *applause* Well said, Rodrigo! Yvonne is beautiful inside and out. And you, sir, are incredibly talented. That body art is stunning!

  13. I’m going to have to be the dissenting voice here. Yvonne is a beautiful woman and a talented actress and I definitely wish her well in her future work. I look forward to seeing her in new projects.

    But until SoBe is willing to also slather body paint all over naked *men* to sell their flavored water, this kind of ad campaign is going to be gratuitously sexist to me and therefore kind of tacky.

  14. Hahaha woah, girl is looking pristinely toned (as always) and also pristinely, umm, waxed. Never thought I’d see QUITE this much of Yvonne haha, but she looks great. Wish I was that in shape (I say as I munch on leftover See’s Christmas candy).

    Whatever followers she lost on Twitter need to loosen up – I say, if you look this good, you should take advantage of it and document the proof of it while you still can, before you start getting old and chubby and wrinkly. 😉

  15. WOW- Yvonne just SPARKLES as usual. And, all the other perfect descriptive one words everyone else used preceding me. She so deserves to continue her success in film and TV. I hope the world not only gets to see her, but gets to find out how genuine and refreshing she is. And please hurry up!

  16. I really would not understand people unfollowing her on twitter for this personally. I think the photoshoot looks to be very tastefully done and yes she looks amazing but she would look amzing in a potato sack dress. The one thing i loved in these pictures was her smile and her eyes she just looks so amazing.
    Note for Mel this shoot happened in South Beach Miami I believe, before her holiday.
    Dont know If they sell this stuff in the UK but would certainly give it a try.

  17. I am sure there were pro and con comments on this but only the pro were printed–just wondered how many con comments were made–no big deal I just wondered what kind of thoughts were generated–probably not that many.

    • The only comments on this topic that weren’t approved were the ones that veered into what we in the business call “squicky”.

  18. I really don´t know what to say.
    She´s sooooooooo beautiful.
    Love her.


  19. Shes very pretty but I just think the ads look weird. Body paint is weird.

  20. I liked this picture the best so far.

    I don’t think this is squicky.