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Ben Browder to Guest Star in Chuck Episode 5.11

Ben Browder to guest star on ChuckStargate and Farscape fans, rejoice! We have confirmed that Ben Browder will guest star in episode 5.11, “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”, airing January 20 on NBC. Ben told fans at聽the Farscape 2011 con that there will be “lots of http://loslo.net/mexico-cialis-no-prescription guns and bullets” in this episode. Sure, but what about trains?


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  1. Oh MAN , I loved Ben in Farscape! Mel is he the villian in episode 11?

  2. Be sure to http://www.personalbest.ca/viagra-order-no-prescription look for the “Harvey” callout.

  3. Can’t wait! A Harvey mention? For real? This makes the end of Chuck a bit easier to take.

  4. Can’t wait to see Ben!!!

  5. FANTASTIC!!!! Never watched Chuck before but I will certainly be watching it on the 20th Jan just to see Ben. Can’t wait.

  6. SQUEEEEEEE! *fangirling*

  7. I get the viagra gel online feeling this is going to be a very short cameo. Well, a little Ben Browder is better than no Ben Browder. Kudos to Chuck for giving jobs to a lot of good scifi people over the years.

  8. Loved seeing Ben tonight. A little older but aren’t we all! Wish it had more of him. Hate to free cialis sample improved see Chuck go. Wish Farscape was back. Living in the past, huh? Need some good sci fi shows…