VIDEOS: Series Finale Interviews with the Cast of Chuck

NBC interviewed Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Vik Sahay, Mark Christopher Lawrence, and Scott Krinsky on the set of the Chuck series finale. Warning, there are spoilers included (especially from Ryan, who is well-known as the most prone to dropping spoilers, bless him). Again…


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  1. Yeah, Ryan was the one to say it out loud. But, come on. Everybody was saying it between the lines.

    I also loved Yvonne saying that Sarah falls in love with Chuck all over again.

    • So that’s the ending? Sarah falls in love with Chuck all over again? Then sadly, that’s how the finale ends, and ep 12 and 13 are filled with her memory loss and re-discovering the things she loves about Chuck. Blech. Thought memory loss would end in 12. BillAtWork, you’re good at looking at brighter side of things. Could you find the bright side here for me, because I’m feeling disappointed and sad and grieving for this show all at the same time.

      • The bright side? What Ryan McPartlin said about Chuck and Sarah was a huge relief for me . Of course… I’d like it to happen with still plenty of minutes left, gotta wait and see I guess.

      • Ryan also said that she would get her memory back.

        This is going to be great. It’s going to be a reinforcement of their love story. The first time wasn’t a fluke.

        And in the end, she’ll remember the first time.

        I’m not even looking so much for her to regain her memory. I mean, I’m happy that she does. But the moment I’m looking to is when she realizes that she loves him anyway.

        Now I can’t wait.

      • Oh Lianne. That’s just Ryan’s summation of what happens at the end. We don’t know how long it takes for it to happen, or what happens after her memories return (I think Ryan’s saying that Sarah falls in love with Chuck all over again BEFORE her memories return). You’re going to give yourself an ulcer if you keep stressing over an ending that will turn out to be a happy one in the end. Hang in there!

      • Don’t jump to conclusions, watch the finale and wait till the credits roll for the last time before judging it.

      • Lianne–
        Wow. We couldn’t disagree more about how it sounds. I love the idea of seeing Sarah–even as an amnesiac–falling for Chuck again.

        Those were the coolest parts of the show. I have rewatched the pilot and that first date where she is being charmed by him despite her resistance is so great. “I like you Chuck.”

      • Yeah, It gives them the chance to look back at some of the past happenings and shed new light on them. Think of the review of the classic Sarah meets Chuck in vs Nacho Sampler. That type of retrospective WILL be a treat for the fans.

        Come out of the Dark Place. Just take a deep breath and think happy thoughts.

  2. So the real question remains, will Sarah tell Chuck ILY this time? The first time Chuck had said it several times before she finally caved in in Tooth.

    Sarah’s first time wasn’t even an ILY. She just answered yes to Chuck’s question in Other Guy.

    So if Chuck is going to fight for his girl, it would be nice for him to get some reinforcement from her. I think he will. I think that her getting her memories back will be anticlimatic. And I understand that it wouldn’t be a truly happy ending unless she does. But to the question of if they will be together, I hope it doesn’t matter.

  3. Firstly, McPartlin its awesome (ha, see what I did there…lol) that you can’t keep secrets. I had only one condition for this finale and it was for Sarah to regain her memories. I know everything else is going to be great, so thanks to Ryan for easing my nerves and letting me truly enjoy the finale without any reservations.

    Secondly, I absolutely love and adore this cast. Zach, Yvonne, Adam, Josh, Ryan, Mark, Sarah, Vik, Scott (and Bonita) are not only great at their job, but more important than that they are good people. I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

    Now, as much as I don’t want to single anybody out, I personally believe the two leads deserve some extra attention.

    Zach is the type of person you want to cheer for. He is a nice guy, talented, humble, and by all accounts an extremely hard worker. Not to mention truly appreciative of the fans and all that CHUCK has given to him. Zach made it easy to route for Chuck, because he as a person embodies a lot of the same qualities.

    And as for Yvonne I feel the same way. She is beautiful, extremely talented, humble, and again by all accounts a hard worker. And similar to Zach, is truly appreciative of the fans and all that CHUCK has given to her. Yvonne took what could have been a very cold character, and gave her a heart that made as want to route for her just as much as we wanted to route for Chuck.

    Part of the reason a lot of people want a happy ending for Chuck and Sarah (myself included) is because we care deeply for these characters. And we only have Zach and Yvonne to thank for that. I think we can all agree that as much
    as everybody in this cast has done their part to make CHUCK great, without Zach and Yvonne this show would not have been the same.

    Good luck to everybody in the future, I do hope they maintain their friendships, and that they can look back fondly on their exprieriences making the show. Just as we will look back fondly on our expieriences watching it.

    • Well said 134sc, well said!

    • 134sc- Thanks for putting all those good words down. A very fitting tribute that I was going to try and do until I read yours. My brain is overloaded anyway. But, I still will say thanks to Yvonne and Zack for bringing such a wonderful love story to TV.

    • Well said. I agree with you in everything.
      I almost start crying when watching Zacs interview he was just so sad.

    • couldn’t have said it any better.

      i saw this article. it made me cry more

  4. It sounds like the Chuck version of The Bourne Identity.

  5. I have a question for Mel. I was looking at a tv guide magazine today that had a picture of Timothy Dalton with Linda Hamilton and the article indicated that Timothy Dalton is in the last episode. Can you confirm or deny this? Lastly, I would like to thank you for the tremendous job you have done keeping us informed with all of the information you have been able to find and pass along to us.

  6. I personally am still waiting for a descent kiss scene. And we might just get one when sarah remebers everything. Cross my fingers.

  7. What Ryan also let slip is that Ellie and Awesome go to work in a hospital in Chicago. There goes the ‘they go to work for the government on the intersect idea’.

  8. please dont go there are so much spie adventures out there everyones works so well together please dont in it pllllllllllll

    • Not saying that’s what I wanted to see happen. That was one of the options in the poll Mel posted about how it will end. Clearly we can rule that out, along with Sarah not remembering (eventually)

  9. I only started with the show about part way into season 4. I remember watching the pilot episode (illegally I might add), and realized how special this show was. It only took a few episodes for me to download all the episodes from iTunes and watch them all with such zeal. I eagerly anticipated every episode on Monday nights and would stay up till 1 in the morning and download it the instant it went on iTunes (I didn’t have TV to watch it on at the time).

    I’ve convinced my friends and parents to watch the show. I’ve rooted for the show and waited with anticipation for the news on whether or not it would be renewed for a fifth season. I’ve shouted with joy when we got the 13 episode 5th season. I’ve re-watched every season at least 5 times now. And I’ve populated my library with a large portion of the music from the show.

    I think that this show was truly something special, and I only wish I had found out about it 3 years before I did. Thank you so much to the cast and crew to providing me with such a great show. Thank you to NBC for still running the show despite the high viewers. Thank you to advertisers (I’m looking at you Subway) for investing in the show. And thank you to the fans before me who kept it alive long enough for me to discover it when I did.

  10. When I first started watching “Chuck” and the promos for it five years ago I thought I was getting a “spoof-spy-action-comedy”. Little did I know they were going to throw an exceptional love story in there also. What a mix. I have always wondered if the creators ever thought that the love story part would turn out to be such a big part of the series. Did they plan it that way or did Zack and Yvonne’s performances show them the way.

    Anybody know?

    • You should check out the articles being put up by Alan Sepinwall at HitFix this week….it sort of answers your question.

    • Paul, you just made a great point.

      In my mind, many parts of this show have been great. The spy missions, & the comedy & the focus on family relationships.

      However, the biggest key to me, that has made Chuck the success that it became, was the Chuck & Sarah Love Story.

      Most importantly, I think, the way Zach & Yvonne played Chuck & Sarah was key.

      The chemistry they showed was key. It made us want to root for them & made us want to see them be together as a couple on the show.

      Zach & Yvonne played their roles perfectly. I will admit, that I may not have always been a fan of the “Pacing” of the romance. I was really angry at times at the stops & starts for Chuck & Sarah & the artificial roadblocks, placed in front of them being together. This was mainly because, I was very worried about the future of Chuck as a show & I was concerned that I might never get to see them together as a loving couple “For Real.”

      However, I never stopped wanting them together as a couple, ever & it worked out in the end.

      I think we have Zach & Yvonne & their tremendous on – screen chemistry to thank for that. Coupled with, I think, a true friendship & some Great acting skills between the two of them.

      To answer your question: I don’t know if the writers knew what they had, “Love Story Wise” between Chuck & Sarah right away? However, I think that they figured it all out pretty quickly. LOL!

      Thus, the Love Story between Chuck & Sarah became the main element of this wonderful show, for many of us. I’m glad it did.


  11. If we get a finale similar to Lost where over the finale Sarah has moments that awaken her then that will be beautiful and heart warming and just fantastic. It all comes down to Tim Jones nailing the moment like Michael Gichino did with a wonderful Lost series finale. If these callbacks go over all 5 seasons them that would be a wonderful episode full of memories. I have faith I really do.

  12. I actually think the whole thing may be kind of cool. It seems like it will sort of be like one big flash back so to speak. They are bringing stuff back from the first couple of seasons that they think people have been asking/waiting for (i.e. a Chuck and Sarah dance).It sounds like they want Srah to fall in love with Chuck again and maybe give the fans a chance to look back and realize why they fell in love with the show. I think it will be good.

    Also, Ryan is just too funny. Totally spilling what was going to happen.

  13. Every single Interview I wanted just cry the whole time . Just can’t believe it over with this friday. I am cry the whole time.

  14. This means that Chuck and Sarah will not live together until her memory returns 2 minutes before Serials end.
    What a disaster, I just depressed.

    • We don’t really know yet when exactly she gets her memories back. If it’s 2 minutes before the end then yeah it’s disappointing, but it could happen a bit earlier.

      • I hope too that her memories came back earlier. Because my fear is that the last scene on promo is the last scene of the series. And still part of me hope that pregnancy story. But maybe not because that´s what Yvonne wants and in some interviews have been that it´s different ending than what she wants.

      • In 5 years, they’ve never shown us the final scene in the promos.

  15. Can’t believe it was nearly five years ago when one night I was flicking through tv and came across virgin 1 which had a show called Chuck on it and I thought what an odd name for a show. Little did I know I would follow this show religously for the next five years to the point where in the last 12 months I have watched Chuck season 1 through to season 3 about seven times and am not bored yet. To some it was just a TV show, to me it was so much more it showed that being a nerd was actually kind of cool and has also made it my goal to move to America in particular Burbank or LA. What makes it sadder is that I will never come across a show as good as Chuck ever again. Thank you Chuck cast and crew for what has been one hell of a ride over the last five years..

  16. Amrit nailed it – I guarentee its done similar to that. It will give the audience a taste of what it loved some much over the 1st 3 seasons – Chuck trying hard to get Sarah – with a huge payoff

  17. Os fãs brasileiros de Chuck estão muito tristes com o final dessa serie que tanto amamos.
    My site of Chuck in Brasil:

  18. Os fãs brasileiros de Chuck estão muito tristes com o final dessa serie que tanto amamos.

  19. These interviews made me cry, they were all so heartbreaking! And it’s so sad to know that these will be the last interviews with the actors where they are talking about Chuck! :\'(
    Also Sarah and Ryan talking about Ellie , Awesome and Clara moving to Chicago, I really don’t want that! I get that it’s supposed to be like Ellie finally feels like she can trust that Chuck will be fine on his own, but no! What makes Ellie and Chucks relationship so special is that, even for being sibblings, they are very close. They can’t be that close if they live that far away from eachother! Plus then there will be no more Bartowski-Woodcomb family dinners! 🙁

  20. Ryan, you made me Happy As A Clam today.

    I just hope that Casey, even if he goes off with Verbanski stays connected with Chuck & Sarah, Morgan, & the Awesome’s somehow.

    I also hope, that Morgan & Alex are together in the end as well.

    You made me very Happy Ryan, I just hope that the story is well done by Chris Fedak? That has not always been the case in the past. IMO.


  21. holy cow, when you see the cast talk about their journey’s on the show and how they have all grown to be good friends, it’s easy to see why we all have loved chuck for five years. they have totally made us feel like chuck is our chuck too. we pull for them, we laugh with them, we cry with them…. i have watched a lot of shows, but have never been drawn in by the character’s like the actors on chuck have done. gonna miss em all and i wish them all the best, because that is what they have given to us……..

  22. Couldn’t help but cry during everyones interviews. I guess I’d better get a new box of tissue just for the finale. Even tho we know how it ends, I’m excited to see how and what issues they use to bring Chuck and Sarah back together. In fact I’m going to pull out my season 1 and watch it all over again.