Zachary Levi Explains Why It’s Too Soon For a CHUCK Movie (But He’s Still Rooting for One!)

At last night’s red carpet premiere for the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Remember Sunday (read our review), Entertainment Tonight asked Zachary Levi about the possibility of a Chuck movie. Zac is enthusiastic about the idea of a crowd-funded movie, a la Veronica Mars, but explains that it’s too soon to launch anything just yet:

ETonline: Zach, a lot of people are now talking about a Chuck movie given the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. Are you looking into that, or is it just something the fans are talking about?
Levi: Honestly, I really believe in the new model of content and development and production and distribution and marketing. I think the power is shifting and artists can control their own destinies now. I think a Chuck movie would be a fun way to go into that since we already have an existing fanbase that loves the show. A lot of them are really into the idea, but I’m not rushing it. There are a few reasons why we can’t rush the movie — for example, internationally, the show hasn’t run its course yet. Japan is only on season three or four right now, so if we were to make a movie and send it out to the world right now, some people would be like, “We haven’t even seen the finale yet!” So I think we should wait until its run its course globally, but of course I think it would be fun. I’d love to do one.

The international viewership is just one piece of a complicated puzzle that needs to be assembled before any sort of campaign can begin. It’s exciting to think about a Chuck movie, but realistically we’re still a while away from having anything concrete to work with.

In the meantime, don’t miss Zac in Remember Sunday airing Sunday, April 21 at 9/8c on ABC!

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  1. Hello there Mel how have u been keeping and Liz plus Gary ?

    Alison ( Ali )


    London……. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that…am so in for fund raising WHEN it happens!!

  3. Mel- doesn’t it usually take at least two or three years from first concept till end product when making a movie? Even if Zak (or whomever) started now Japan would be ready by the time the movie was ready. What are the other reasons he is referring to. I do not mean to be rude, but it sounds like Zak is hedging a bit. Will the fans still be as enthusiastic if he waits two or so years? Thoughts, Mel?

    • I think he’s trying to put things in perspective for fans who got all excited thinking a Chuck movie campaign would be launching soon. As we’ve said since the series finale, a movie is a possibility but we’re years away from it being a reality. Maybe not the 6 years it took for the Veronica Mars movie to happen, but certainly more than a year or two.

      Zac is obliquely referring to issues of rights and ownership – Warner Bros. has deals with international outlets that may preclude the studio from even greenlighting a project until all five seasons have aired in those territories. In addition, the cast and creative team who would need/want to be involved in a movie are pursuing other projects, which makes scheduling a pain in the rear. One reason the VM movie is happening NOW is because Kristen Bell, the individual who MUST be in the movie, had cleared her schedule in preparation for giving birth to her first child. As a result, she has a window of time available to film, so they’re going for it. In the case of Chuck, you have four leads whose schedules will have to be open at the same time – Zac, Yvonne, Josh, and Adam – plus Fedak has to have time to write (probably) and produce the movie. Even without adding in any of the supporting characters we’d love to see in a Chuck movie, the scheduling is crazy complicated.

      Those are just two of the issues involved. So, yeah, it’s good that Zac toned down his excitement a bit and explained that just because the VM movie is happening now doesn’t mean a Chuck campaign is about to launch. I have every confidence that fan support will be there when the time comes.

      • Mel- Thanks for your response. It makes sense. I suppose it would be pretty stupid to start a fundraising campaign with the fans if you do not have the “rights” in place. It’s also not so smart to do the other stuff you pointed out unless you have the funds in place. It’s all about the ‘chicken and the egg’. I think rights and ownership come first, but after that I am not so sure which of the other stuff comes next. I just want to see it before I croak. I can’t believe seventy comes in a year. So I’m not joking. Hurry up please!

  4. Japan is around S3 or S4? I thought other countries would get Chuck sooner than that and be up to speed……yesterday. About VM, I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the movie.

  5. Still missing Chuck. It willforeverbe in my heart and I can safelysayno other tv show can take its place. I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I went and read some fanfiction and then some of the cast’s tweets.
    Did you guys know MIni Aden is having a baby? There’s a picture of her, Yvonne, alex and zondra ( sorry I can’t remember their names) kissing her stomach. So congrats to her. Btw, Sarah lancaster’s son is adorable!
    I think it is great that the cast has remained friends and kept in touch in one way or another. It is also heartwarming to see that the chuck fandom is still going strong. Hopefully by the time a movie is in production and that need contributions I will be able to help since I will probably be finished secondary school and university by then.
    I also want to congratulate Mel and the others for continuing this site
    Lots of love from BArbados

    • “Did you guys know MIni Aden is having a baby? There’s a picture of her, Yvonne, alex and zondra ( sorry I can’t remember their names) kissing her stomach.”

      I tried and I can’t find it. Can you post the link? Thanks.

    • THANKS! They all look great, especially Yvonne! 🙂

  6. If they think that this could actually happen then why not bring out some more seasons instead of a movie?

  7. i really hope they do a movie sometime because how they ended the show in season 5 was terrible! i want to see a better ending for a chuck and sarah – one that is hopeful not doubtful.

    • I agree with this opinion, chuck it was great, but the ending was very disappointed from many points of view …. it would be nice to see the cast together, but would be even nicer to have a film to fix the final chuck … a dream to have the other seasons …. I really miss chuck

  8. When the movie comes out, WE and all Chucksters around the world need to make it VERY successful because, let’s face it, it’s all about the bottom line. When the movie is a smash, I’m confident more will come after. Many have said that a return to the series will never happen. I say NEVER say never. Anything can happen.

  9. I’m still not sure exactly how well Chuck would translate to a THEATRICAL release. It’s very niche with heavy, syrupy-sweet family and love themes. Although the movie “Red” provides a template on how to translate tongue in cheek spy stuff to the big screen and make it funny.

    Personally, I had an idea early on about Team Bartowski trying to destroy a stolen black market copy of the Intersect and coming up against a guy just as smart as Chuck but very dark and dangerous (and not as silly and wooden as Shaw). Sarah still didn’t have her memories back and the jarring emotional impact of Chuck getting shot during a fight makes her brain reboot. And picking up threads from the season 4 finale that were abruptly kinda dropped.

  10. Remember Sunday was awesome

  11. Even with a prolonged production timescale, there’s no doubt that we fans will be poised to support a movie. Chuck is so much more than an entertainment venue. In truth, its enduring values, treasured storylines, and very essence lie in something much deeper: an unrivaled connection with those who watch. Encompassing a heartfelt potency, a dramatic yet poetic tale that echoes with courage, resilience, comedy, and romance, Chuck has a way of encouraging the best in every fan. We not only resonate with this show, we feel it. Chuck’s story is our story; everyone has a bit of Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Casey, Awesome, Ellie, etc inside them. When fundraising time arrives, we’ll be there. As time rolls forward, when fight for Chuck’s silver screen finale, it will be for a stellar reason: to witness one last great chapter in the story we love.