PINEAPPLE! Zachary Levi Terrorizes Dule Hill & James Roday for Christmas

Chuck and Psych have a lot in common. Both feature a man solving crimes with special mental abilities. Both developed an ensemble cast that was a joy to watch both onscreen and off. Both used humor that bordered on silliness. Both were set in Southern California. Both embraced the pineapple. Both were on my Must Watch list.

And now, those two shows are colliding!

Pysch, which concluded its run on USA in 2014, returns later this year with a Christmas special. I already fangirled over this information on our sister site, but now I get to fangirl over it here. You know why? Because they’ve just announced who’s playing the villain…

Whaaaat? That’s right, Zachary Levi will play the Thin White Duke. According to the press release from USA, the Thin White Duke is “a ruthless, mysterious and dashing villain of the highest order.” Also, apparently he’s blond.


Psych: The Movie premieres on USA Network in December.

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