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  1. I think season 2 will have the Chuck , Sarah romance move forward slowly. I think they will end up sharing an apartment as a fake couple to give Chuck greater protection . Also, because it will be easier that way for Chuck to hide his secret life. His “normal” life will become much more complicated because of all the demands of his spy life. He will find it increasingly hard to hide his secret from his friends and family. And Sarah will find it harder to fight her feelings for Chuck and the normal life he can give her when he is no longer the Intersect. He gets more comfortable in his role as a spy, but I hope he doesn’t become an accomplished spy, but stays the bumbling one, and never gets too sure of himself. That is the charm of Chuck.

  2. I think in Season 2, the Chuck and Sarah relationship will be heavily touched upon. Their relationship will move ever so slowly and will be met with many challenges. Chuck will move in with Sarah to, 1., better protect himself, 2., give Ellie and Awesome their own place, and, 3., protect their “fake couple” relationship. Casey might even move close to Chuck and Sarah’s new place to watch over him as well. Who knows…?

    Chuck and Sarah’s relationship will be strained. As Sarah’s feelings continue to grow for Chuck and Chuck’s feelings continue to grow for Sarah, Chuck will see his love interest from the past returning. This year, a contrast will appear. In Season 1, Sarah was the one pushing away from the relationship as Bryce came back and stressed the progress they had made, but this season, Chuck will be the one pushing away as Jill will be making an appearance in his life.

    Chuck, Sarah, and Casey will continue their missions and Casey will find it more and more difficult to dislike Chuck and make him disappear when the Intersect 2.0 is up and ready.

    Chuck will also find it harder to hide his secret life from his friends and family now more than ever.

    This season, Chuck’s life is getting A LOT more complicated.

  3. The romantic tension between Sarah & Chuck continues. Chuck slowly begins to adapt to the whole spy thing. Very slowly. Casey plays the hard-ass but begins warming to Chuck a bit more. This will make it very difficult for him when the ‘kill’ order comes through. Ellie and Awesome get married. If I was casting, I’d have Andee Frizzell [Stargate:Atlantis] play Awesome’s sister. I’d like to see some more UK spies [MI5 or equivalent] in ‘Chuck’ if only to make all the James Bond/Avengers/Department S/Saint references. I’d like to see more romantic interaction/tension between Anna and Morgan. Despite the fact that Sarah’s moved on, I hope we haven’t seen the last of Wienerlicious. Casey gets shot and Ellie is the doctor who has to get the bullet out. Casey starts teaching Chuck how to handle a gun [better?]. There’s an attempted armed robbery in the ‘Buy More’. Or a fire drill that turns real. The ‘Buy More’ Christmas party [maybe they all go out for a meal after hours or to a club]. Casey & Chuck have to go undercover in one of L.A.’s Transvestite bars [there must be some!]. Fun [maybe dangerous!] at L.A. zoo or at the Observatory. Hiding from the bad guys at Disneyland [ono].


  4. hmmm season 2… (its very long, i know, lol)

    Chuck & Sarah…(and Jill and Bryce and…Casey?):

    Well we know so far at the start of the season Chuck and Sarah attempt a ‘real’ date but I think there would be too many interruptions for it to be a proper one, although it looks like they may get some things out in the open. Then we have the kiss, the one the spy fella told Chuck to initiate (yay!). Do I think this could be the start of Chuck and Sarah’s ‘real’ relationship? Of course not! Wouldn’t think much could come of it, except their longing for each other and feelings would certainly grow.

    Bryce comes back….maybe (just maybe) there could still be something between himself and Sarah, they have a lover’s quarrel, but Sarah knows she could never be with him again, even though theres temptation. We see that they have a dance and Sarah’s acting all sexy and Chucks watching, clearly jealous. Maybe that was her goal? Maybe Chuck had some not-so-nice words to say when it came to herself and Bryce and she knew it was jealousy and obviously anger towards Bryce for everything he did, but couldn’t help being upset over it and wanted to get him back?
    Sarah’s reunion! That should be really funny and were gonna find out lots of stuff about her, I hope, like her real name, maybe its Megan or Grace or Susan…I’m throwing random names out here, lol. It looks like she wasn’t very popular in high school either, which is very interesting and I can’t wait to see the fight between her and Nicole Ritchie, her nemises 😀

    Jill…ah Jill. In their first meeting in years she finds Chuck hiding from her under a table. Its clear Chuck has alot of issues when it comes to topics concerning Jill and is very angry with her, but i think Chuck would be more awkward than angry when they see each other again, but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up shouting at her or be angry at her after a while. I can see them reconnecting, maybe go out on a date or something after Jill tells him her reasons for dumping him and going with Bryce, and Chuck is a good guy with a good heart that always sees the good in people so he may give her another chance, and, dare I say it, they may even kiss eventually…

    Now where is Sarah in all of this? probably in a similar situation than when Chuck was dating Lou. She will keep her distance emotionally but inside be hurt and maybe even jealous. It would be understandable for her to feel threatened… I mean this is Jill, Chuck’s so-called ‘perfect match’, they do have alot in common and Sarah may subconsciously try to sabotage the relationship, like she did with Lou. OK so Chuck and Jill are getting along better and Chuck probably feels guilty about Sarah, about not spending time with her, even though he stills loves her, but he may realize being with her is a huge risk when it comes to her job and he may never have a ‘normal life’ with her, which is probably what he wants.
    So back to Jill, I knew she wouldn’t be just some doctor. She seems to be fulcrum but I dunno…

    So we know Casey was given an order to eliminate Chuck, but I think the government knows that he won’t do it in the end. As Josh Schwartz said he develops a ‘feeling’. So I think they send Jill to kill Chuck, in the sides of the scripts to episode 8 she is told by this ‘leader’ guy from fulcrum (but probably couldn’t do it in the end either) who is probably NSA or CIA, who knows about Chuck, but he gets captured at the buy more. Or Jill could be rogue like Bryce and be working with fulcrum just as a cover. Now what happens to Jill I’m not sure but Chuck now has every reason not to trust Jill or even be in the same room as her. Something tells me Sarah suspected her and tried to warn Chuck but he didn’t listen because he figured because he knew Jill before that she couldn’t be bad or try to kill him. So maybe Jill just left to do whatever she does, which I’m still not sure about, she could be a spy or secret agent but that would be too much in my opinion, maybe shes with some elite team or something…

    So that leaves her storyline open to come back, unfortunately.

    So I can see Sarah being mad at Chuck for not trusting her and not being on ‘team Sarah’ and it may take a few episodes for them to be fully OK again. Chuck has to get over Jill again but he realizes what he had in front of him and tries to ‘get back’ (for lack of better words) with Sarah. He’ll be his usual self and maybe use extra charm to get him in her good books again.

    Now half-way though the season (assuming that there will be a full 22 episode season) they move in together, because of Ellie and Awesome (explained further down the line). It’ll add to the comedic element of the show, there will definitely be conflict which should be very funny. I also hope they’ll have to sleep in the same bed, lol :D. Now that their fake relationship seems back on track with them moving in together for “cover” I think they both will be more confused about their real feelings or each other which may lead to some awkwardness and maybe a kiss or two thrown the mix ;). Now Sarah knows she can’t have a normal life and its clearly forbidden to have a relationship with Chuck and if she does end up having a relationship with him, she wouldn’t be with him for long before she gets called away on another secret mission and then another and another.

    It would be interesting to see her struggle with this even though she really cares for him and wants that normal life with him she can’t have unless she leaves the CIA… but my guess is that she seems to think her job is the only thing shes good at and is afraid of being in a relationship with Chuck.

    So I’d like to see her and Chuck get closer but let them takes things slowly (even though they’re not in a real relationship) and admit to each other that they do have feelings for each other, which would be a big leap for Sarah. I’d say by the end of the season one of them would get into a real potentially fatal situation (I know they’re in those all the time, but I would like to see it veeeery serious, like when Ellie got poisoned or something) that would make them realize they’re love for one another….if only, right? The Chuck/Sarah romance has sooo much potential its crazy and they can do so much with it too, so I think the writers will focus on that more than anything this season.

    Awesome & Ellie:
    Well even before Sarah Lancaster said Ellie was going to be all bridezilla-y (not her words, I don’t think) we all knew (or at least I did) that she was gonna be, so I can see Ellie going into total wedding mode from the very beginning of season 2. Now that they’re getting married, they’re gonna want to live alone right? So poor auld Chuck has to move in with Sarah. I can’t wait to see Awesome parents, you can definitely see them as being perfect people, ya know proper hair, attire, that sort of thing but really nice people too. Now the chances of the wedding going off without a hitch are slim but i’d say the problems would be minor but there would be tons of them. I hope it would’nt be anything too serious enough for them to cancel the wedding.
    I wonder if Mrs Bartowski might show up? There could be a potential story arc with her there maybe for a few episodes…

    The Buy More & Nerd Herd:
    Can’t wait for Tony Hale as the new assistant manager, hope he becomes a regular. I’d say he’ll probably become suspicious of Chuck right off the bat, so their interactions should be funny :). Morgan and Anna still going strong I hope for the season. The Buy More thunderdome thing should be fantastic. Jeff & Lester still up to their mischievousness, hopefully, we should see more of Jeff though! He’s the best:)

    I think maybe Chuck and Morgan may not be as close as they were in season 1 but definitely still the bestest (is that a word??) of friends:D.
    I’d actually like them have a storyline in another country or something, that should cool.

    Basically I’d like to see more Chuck/Sarah, more action, more Jeff and of course more Casey!

    Wow I seriously couldn’t stop typing on this one, haha oppsie 🙂

  5. Well of course the Chuck and Sarah relationship will continue. I think it will start out pretty good, especially with the date, but of course it won’t be smooth. When the car crashes through, I’m assuming that that will be on their date. This will make Sarah upset, because she should’ve been looking out for Chuck instead of going to dinner with him. Then of course, being Sarah, she’ll want to put their relationship to an end/on hold. And then… JILL! I’m thinking we’re going to find out the real reason that she left Chuck for Bryce (thanks for reading my email, by the way). Maybe it won’t be as bad as he thought, and because he decides that him and Sarah just don’t work out right then, he’ll give Jill another chance. Of course, this will make Sarah EXTREMELY jealous, putting a strain on missions, too. Maybe then she’ll realize that dating the asset and being happy is better than having everything between them strained and confusing. And of course they have to move in by the end of the season, or that’s just not normal. This will definitely cause extra tension, and I think Ellie and Awesome will stay with them one night so the two will have to share a bed for their cover (since I think that Chuck will want to sleep on the couch whenever they’re alone). I have a feeling they’re going to wake up curled next to each other.

    I think that the significance between Jill/Lou having brown hair and Sarah having blonde is that it’s showing how completely different Sarah is from the rest of his life. He’s used to dating brunettes, and them being able to be completely open with him, so it makes it seem like Sarah is the special one. This is a complete guess, I really have no idea.

    Has anyone else ever wondered why Sarah has a fake name (and Casey, too, probably) while we just know Bryce as Bryce? This has to be his real name, because Chuck and him were friends all throughout college. So either A) Bryce never got an alias or B) While dating, Sarah and Bryce exchanged real names, and we’ll find out his fake name this season.
    Also about Bryce, he’s going to try and get Sarah again (why give up). When him and Sarah dance and she won’t let him lead, it’s probably to show that she won’t let him have control over her anymore (AND it makes Chuck jealous. 2 birds with one stone).

    The kiss… and no, not the Charah one. The Casey/Chuck one. It’s hard to think of WHY this might happen, but my opinion is that the new assistant manager overhears Sarah, Casey, and Chuck talking about their cover relationship. This makes him think that maybe Chuck and Sarah are gay, so when he says “We have so much in common,” he’s telling Chuck that maybe he has a crush on him? And then Chuck can’t get out of it unless he says that him and Casey are together.

    I know that Ellie and Awesome are going to get in at least one fight. During that time, that’s when Ellie mentions to Devon that they should be more like Chuck and Sarah. Also during that time, Chuck tries to create the perfect night for Sarah, but Ellie and Devon walk in, so she thinks that Devon made it for her. I don’t think there’s any way Ellie and Casey could get together, since it seems like he’s so much older than her. And I don’t think they’ll break up the engagement, though, unless it’s just for one episode and then they’re back together.

    What else is there? The Nerd Herd is probably going to be crazy as ever, since fans love it. Those small scenes during the show where the staff is going crazy really puts a smile on everyone’s faces, even if it’s not needed for the plot (and when those scenes ARE needed for the plot, that’s even better)

    Oh and of course, how could I forget about the termination order? I’m pretty sure I have the answer to that. When he’s going through the pictures and shooting (ha, or winking), he misses the picture of Chuck completely. This probably signifies that he won’t be able to go through with it. I think that while trying to make a romantic night for him and Sarah, Casey comes in with the gun,but Ellie/Devon save the day by walking in. Off course no shooting is going to take place around them.

    OK, well sorry it’s kind of long. I’ve had this discussion many times and have formed a lot of ideas as to what will happen.

  6. I think CHuck’s gonna get some this season. First with Jill, sometime in the middle of the season, then with Sarah closer to the end of the season. And I think the season finale will involve ELlie and Awesome’s wedding.

  7. I think this season we’ll see that Sarah and Chuck’s relationship will jeopardize some missions making it difficult for them to complete missions successfully. Ellie and Awesome’s wedding will make things more tense and a possible return of Bryce to the picture will further complicate their lives. Meanwhile, Casey will build a friendship with Chuck and crew and the season will end with a Casey/Chuck chase and a rooftop stand off between Casey, Sarah, Chuck, and Bryce for the fate of the intercept. Oh and Chuck will reunite with Lou because things could not work out between him and Sarah following the wedding. And the Nerd Herd will have hijinks. Nuff said!

  8. I really love this show. September 29th is So far away right now. Anyway, here are my predictions for Season 2. Some are vague on purpose, but some are really, really specific:

    1. Sarah will reluctantly let her guard down a little more this season, as will Casey.

    2. Chuck will discover that he can be a somewhat competent spy, even if he doesn’t want to be.

    3. Morgan and Anna will take their relationship to the next level…whatever that may be.

    4. Someone close to Chuck will discover his secret, or part of it.

    5. The nice-looking guitar in Chuck’s room will become more than just a nice-looking guitar in Chuck’s room.

    6. The new intersect will be stolen, and whoever has it will be Chuck’s major nemesis this season.

    7. We will learn that (drum roll, please) General Beckman is in fact John Casey’s mother.

    8. Chuck will get laid. Finally.

    9. Chuck will save Casey’s life a couple times. Casey will thank Chuck with more sarcastic comments and homicidal threats.

    10. Either near the end of the season, or for the mid-season finale, Captain Awesome and Elle will get married. (Their wedding will almost be ruined by some catastrophe, but Chuck will save the day just in time for them to say ‘I do’.)

    11. Big Mike will fire Chuck. Then rehire him.

    12. We will meet Devon’s parents, of course. They will be just as ‘awesome’ as their son.

    13. We will meet one (or both) of Chuck and Elle’s parents. Possibly in a flashback.

    14. We will meet Morgan’s mom, God help us.

    15. At some point Morgan will consider moving out of his mom’s house.

    16. Jeff and Lester will continue to make asses of themselves, at the expense of everyone else.

    17. The Buy More will suffer through another gunfight or two.

    18. There will be a huge awkward moment with Chuck, Bryce, Jill, and Sarah in the same room. Probably with an amused Casey watching.

    19. Casey will realize that he, Chuck, and Sarah are friends – even though he won’t admit it. Ever.

    20. Someone Casey busted in the past (there’s got to be a million of them) will return for some payback.

    21. Chuck will try to set Casey up with someone, with disastrous results.

    22. Chuck will go back to school. Or try to.

  9. I hope I’m not too late. The deadline is Friday, which it still is where I’m at. Anyway, I was thinking about the new season and I think it’s cool that they are going to show Jill instead of just talking about her like they did the first season. I was wondering if she was also part of the CIA, like Bryce. He got Chuck kicked out of college to save him from being recruited. What if he didn’t really steal Jill away from Chuck, but they were both in on it ?