Advance Review of the Next 3 Episodes of Chuck

Jace (aka the Televisionary) has an advance review of the next three episodes of Chuck. Sounds like we’re in for a wild ride!

I’ve always been enamored of NBC’s action/comedy hybrid series Chuck, with its winning blend of espionage, romance, and workplace humor, yet I’ve always felt that the series stopped just short of reaching its full potential.

No longer. Having seen the next three episodes of Chuck, starting with next week’s superlative sweeps-fueled installment (easily the very best of the series to date), force both the series Chuck and the character Chuck Bartowski to strive for something more: to be the very best that they can be.

In the more than capable hands of writer Zev Borow, next week’s installment (“Chuck Versus the Ex”) delivers a dazzling display of just what the series is truly capable of, as it forces Chuck to take a more active role in a mission with a very personal connection (namely, ex-girlfriend Jill), introduces a character referenced many times yet heretofore unseen (again, Jill, played with panache by Jordana Brewster), and sets up a fantastic three-episode story arc that tweaks the overarching mythology of Chuck and makes us question a plot point that we’ve taken for granted since the pilot episode.

(read the entire review here…)

What do you think about Jace’s advance look at the trilogy? What are you hoping will happen?

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