Join Finale & A Footlong Monday! (Updated – New Video, Pics)

Are you ready for the Chuck season finale? Here’s your finale Monday checklist:

  • Tell friends, co-workers, strangers how amazing finale is going to be;
  • Purchase Subway Footlong(s) to enjoy during the finale and fill out comment card (No comment box? Leave an electronic comment at;
  • Take picture of yourself at Subway and/or with your Footlong sub;
  • Mail picture to to be featured in the Gallery;
  • Turn off phone so no one can interrupt the finale;
  • Settle in and enjoy the show!

Check out this video by mirafemina of Zachary Levi and a few hundred Chuck fans at a Subway in Birmingham, UK, including footage of Wendy, the mastermind behind the Finale & a Footlong campaign.

Updated @11:20AM CT: Starfury sent over their own video from yesterday’s Subway march for us to share:

We also have photos to share of fans with their Subway Footlongs!

[nggallery id=4]

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  1. Hi,

    also, don’t forget you can call our podcast voicemail at (310) 594-3755 or record a message and email it to us at, and tell us about your Finale and a Footlong stories. We’d love to include them on this week’s podcast!


  2. No comment cards? (I made a quick solution)

    Print out this PDF, write your name on it, cut it out and hand it to the cashier when you go into Subway today.

    Now for me to decide which footlongs I’m having for lunch and dinner?

  3. Hey, Thanks Rich! That definitely helps out!

  4. There is another news article up about saving Chuck:

    I hope this all works. I LOVE the show!

  5. I keep going back to subway but none have comment cards.

  6. This was amazing, I was there yesterday and recorded some of it. Some of us also ‘invaded’ the second subway there which I also have footage of. This has been uploaded onto youtube under ‘Zachery Levi and the invasion of subway to save chuck’

    I also took photos which will be up on my myspace too! : )

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn’t think the campaign would strecth to Subway in Birmingham so I didn’t bother checking Subway out today! Dangit!

  8. I went at lunch to get my footlong and support the show. Took pictures and even blogged about it here ( Linked to this post in the blog also.

    It’s great to see the support so early. Probably easier to keep a show on the air than to reverse the decision to cancel it. So let’s get this show a third season!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s finale. Last week was amazing and the show just keeps getting better.

  9. Our restaurant didn’t have comment cards either – so instead I resorted to filling out the online comment card on Subway’s website when I got home to tell them that I purchased my sub as part of the Finale and a Footlong campaign:

    This may actually be equally as effective if not more so, since it will definitely reach people at Corporate Headquarters while it is less certain that store comment cards ever make it past the store manager.

  10. How cool man.
    Looks like a good time.
    Got Subway today AND yesterday. :]

  11. Didn’t take a picture, since we just ate dinner, but purchased several Meatball Marinara’s at Subway today for support of Subways Product Placement in the show “CHUCK”. Also wrote a letter to Angela and Ben, ( NBC executives ) stating that I was going to Subway today, and wrote why I love “CHUCK” so much, and asked them to PLEASE have “CHUCK” have a season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and many more. LONG LIVE CHUCK BORTOWSKI!

  12. I got my $5 footlong–two of them actually! I just e-mailed Subway that I participated in the “Finale & Footlong” campaign and thanked them for supporting “Chuck” and that I hope we will meet frequently through the (fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs crossed) third season of this remarkable show.
    I am on a strict low-carb diet, but this show is too important to me to not support this campaign!
    I just want to say how proud I am of all the fans who have fought so hard for this show; I have never felt compelled to join a fan campaign to save a show before this and that is because this show is just so special. I’m proud to be fighting the fight with everyone!

  13. No comment cards at the restaurant I visited so I left a comment on Subway’s website. One email might not get their attention but a lot might.

  14. Chuck should not be canceled. It is very well written and the actors are excellent. At the very least, it should be aired at a different day and time. It would be a shame to lose a sitcom that is so incredibly entertaining. I went to Subway this evening, by the way, and was told that they were not accepting handwritten comments.

  15. I just finished my footlong (as did my roomies who I dragged to subway to do it too) because I was half starved to death, so I don’t have a picture. I sent subway an online comment and have sent NBC a comment about Chuck. My current facebook status is all about the Chuck finale as is my Twitter.

  16. Went to Subway, and am now waiting to watch Chuck. We ate first though, so not eating while watching. Took pics, and trying to figure out how to upload them!

  17. Went to get another Subway right before the show and uploaded my picture, that is me in the Green Shirt, even my lovebird LOVES CHUCK.

  18. Just wanted to send a note saying that I visited a Subway and bought a footlong today in support of the Chuck TV show. I hope Subway’s corporate executives will implore NBC to keep Chuck on the air. Forget what Nielsen says. A large group of Chuck viewers watch online and are not counted. But we are a very powerful buying group with much more disposable income than the pimply teenager that Nielsen counts!

  19. I couldn’t afford a footlong today (we don’t have $5 footlongs here in Canada), but I did have a 6″ fresh value meal. And guess what…. no comment cards!

    I didn’t think trying to save a tv show would be so tasty!

  20. What a great season finale! The end was sweet. I hope to see many many many more seasons of chuck. This show will never get old.

  21. Season Finale was freakin’ AWESOME!!! There must be many more seasons!!! My Gosh, I’m like tearing my hair out cause it was so crazy!

  22. I did my part! I’ve gotten a bunch of people from work addicted to Chuck earlier this year. My Chuck Blu-ray is circling around the office. may need to buy another as I probably will never see that copy again. Also me and 3 buddies of mine grabbed some subway and and watched the finale (forgot to take a pic. DAMN! too excited). Finale == EPIC! There’s gotta be a 3rd season. CHUCK IS AWESOME!! 🙂

  23. I hope this gets some attention. I got my foot longs and talked some other people into it as well. I love this show. PLEASE SAVE CHUCK!

  24. Now I remember why I don’t typically eat at subway. The only vegetarian option is not included with the $5 promotion. Yes, you heard me they actually charge more for veggie burgers than actual meat.
    The things I do for Chuck

  25. We love Chuck! We DVR 24 and Chuck on Monday nights — Chuck is our action/comic relief after watching 24. Please don’t take it away! I thought the season finale was the best yet and it made me look SO forward to next season!!!

  26. I got my footlong today to support Chuck! They cost more here in Australia but anything to help Chuck get a Season 3

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