BREAKING: NBC Officially Renews Chuck, Subway Signs On As Major Sponsor

We already knew it, but now it’s official! Chuck will return in March 2010, after the Olympics, on Mondays at 8/7c. Here’s the press release from NBC:


Innovative Advertising Partnership With Subway Validates NBC’s Early “Infront” Process

Renewal Represents Triumph for Fans and TV Critics Who Waged Successful Online and Twitter “Save Chuck” Campaign Supported by Subway

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – May 19, 2009 – NBC is pleased to announce that due to an innovative advertising partnership with Subway, the fan-favorite and critically-lauded series “Chuck” will return for the 2009-10 season. The announcement was made by Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, and Mike Pilot, President, Sales and Marketing, NBC Universal.

“This innovative partnership is a perfect example of the effectiveness of the NBC Infront,” said Silverman. “By involving Subway early in the process, we were able to bring a quality show like ‘Chuck’ back to NBC for next season. Everybody wins — NBC, Subway, and the loyal fans who so enthusiastically lobbied for ‘Chuck’s’ renewal.”

“The synergy of the deal with Subway validates the Infront process,” added Pilot. “Our goal with the Infront is to initiate early and ongoing dialogue with our advertising clients regarding the network’s programming. We were thrilled when Subway, who had been integrated into the show lately, expressed a desire to expand their relationship with the series in a creative way.”

“Our customers love ‘Chuck’ so we are happy to help bring the show back through our partnership with NBC,” said Tony Pace, Chief Marketing Officer, SFAFT. “We have been working with NBC Universal extensively, well beyond the traditional upfront marketplace discussions, to craft ground-breaking, multi-platform deals, which we believe provide a more engaging way of getting our messages to our consumer audiences. And, since program development is essentially year round, we have found NBC’s Infront process to be helpful in that we can be part of the conversation as programming decisions are made.”

The multi-platform partnership with Subway will offer a variety of opportunities that will include significant integration into the show, as well as traditional advertising tie-ins.

“Chuck” has been heralded by TV Guide as classic TV escapism — a funny, smart, stylish, silly action comedy, a hoot with heart, pure entertainment that mixes danger, humor and romance in a satisfying package.”

In its second season, “Chuck” averaged a 2.8 rating, 7 share in adults 18-49 and 7.3 million viewers overall in a highly competitive time period that includes competition from Fox’s “House,” ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” and CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother.” “Chuck” over-delivered in upscale households, scoring a 115 index of adults 18-49 living in homes with $75,000+ incomes (with 100 representing an average concentration of those homes in the general 18-49 population) and generated 28 percent of its adult 18-49 audience through DVR time-shifting. The February 2 “3-D” episode of “Chuck” (3.0 rating, 7 share in 18-49, 8.5 million viewers overall) nabbed NBC’s highest non-Olympic 18-49 rating in the time period since February 25, 2008.

From executive producer, Josh Schwartz (“The O.C.”) and executive producer-director McG (“Charlie’s Angels,” “We Are Marshall”), the one-hour, action-comedy series follows Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi, “Less Than Perfect”) — a computer geek who is catapulted into a new career as the government’s most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy More Electronics store. Instead of fighting computer viruses, he must now confront assassins and international terrorists.

With the government’s most precious secrets in Chuck’s head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency (Adam Baldwin, “My Bodyguard”) assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA’s top agent (and Chuck’s first date in years), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski, “Gone”). They’ll try to keep him safe by trading in his pocket protector for a bulletproof vest. Also starring are Joshua Gomez (“Without a Trace”) as Morgan Grimes, Chuck’s best buddy, and Sarah Lancaster (“What About Brian?”) as Chuck’s ever-supportive sister, Ellie. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak wrote, “Chuck,” which is produced by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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  1. Brittany Powell

    THANK U THANK Y THANK U THANK U THANK U Not all the thank us in the world are enough right now. OMG! Its offically renewed. Thank u Subway. LoLZ Who knew that plan would work so well. 🙂
    Im a Chuck-a-holic and REALLY REALLY HAPPY to get a third season. Now we have to fight for the extra nine episodes. Though most importatantly, fight for MORE seasons of Chuck. It cant end on and exciting cliffhanger.

  2. I just read on SpoilerTV that Chuck won’t be on again until after the Olympics. When is that….February 2010?? It sounds like Subway is going
    to be where Sarah is going to work?!? Subway seems to be putting their
    money where their mouth is….but FEBRUARY?!?

  3. Yes chuck is officially back and I’ll be able to watch it… I thought for a moment that i would miss it because of my crazy classes. We now have a little more time to get other people to watch it!
    I can’t wait for the new ideas and I need to eat more subways starting NOW!

  4. The renewal is great news. The fact that we have to wait until February 2010 for the next season is a bit disheartening. The campaign to increase viewship is now more important then ever with such a long hiatus. The Ring aired on April 27th, that’s almost 10 months without a new episode of “Chuck”. It feels like NBC is testing our loyalty. All I can say is wear the DVD’s out.

    Chuck Me!

  5. Wait wait… So Chuck isn’t going to start new episodes till next year? Did I get that right or am I missing something?

    I am going to go to Subway several times this week and drop a big Thank You note in the comment box.

  6. I just saw on NBC’s website new episodes start in March 2010. If that doesn’t say they are trying to kill the show I don’t know what is. And I agree with Mike:

    CHUCK ME!!!!

  7. I sure hope this strategy works. FEBRUARY is a long time to wait. But if they use the Olympics wisely enough and promote the show like it deserves to be promoted, then maybe it will work.

  8. Yes, I just went to and saw March 2010 for Season 3. Wow that sucks… Are we going to have re-runs for summer/fall?

    Looking on the bright side, at least we get a season 3. …

  9. YES YES YES! Awesome news. This has been such a great experience. The one question I had is that since the early reports were incorrect about Chuck moving to Fridays, is it possible with Subways major sponsorships that they budget cuts may not be as drastic as originally thought? Either way I’m sure the show would rock, but it would suck so much to see any of the writers given the boot. Either way, now the battle truly begins. Gotta continue to raise a “Chuck” army!!

  10. I definitely think another Subway campaign to “thank” Subway is in order. I urge all Chuck fans to go to Subway for lunch over the next week and use the comment cards (or your Receipt like I do because the cards are always out) and write Thanks for Supporting Chuck Season 3!!!

    Travis – Hope you are right – Hopefully Subway’s sponsoring fills that budget cut gap so they can keep all the writers on.

  11. NBC just announced that Chuck will debut in February of 2010 in its regular Monday night slot (the slot of death) AFTER the Olympics are over. This looks like a challenge (read ‘ploy’) from them to the fans to get the viewership up without NBC doing ANY promotion for the show. Not having it come back in September is going to kill whatever momentum the show had developed. This is hugely disappointing. There is now NO way to get 22 episodes out of them for season 3. This just makes our job so much harder! I’d have to say that yes, we got the show back, but we certainly didn’t earn any respect from NBC in doing it. It sounds like they think we’re a thorn in their side.

  12. With not airing until March 2010, Chuck will only receive 13 episodes. 🙁

    The only way Chuck would get additional episodes is if a good chuck of NBC’s lineup bombs in the fall (it happened this past season, which led to Medium receiving 6 additional episodes on top of its original 13).

  13. One possible bright spot as far as promoting the show. Only give Season 2 DVD sets (or Season 1 and 2 together) as Christmas gifts to family and friends (or whatever holiday you might celebrate in December). That’s part of our campaign. “CHRISTMAS WITH CHUCK!!”” Load up those Christmas stockings with CHUCK DVDs and get people primed and ready to watch the start of Season 3 when it comes on in February/March. And like others have said, if some of NBC’s other shows really BOMB, they may move CHUCK up in the schedule and we’ll wind up with more than 13 episodes. Now I’m not saying that I hope any of NBC’s other shows bomb – I want them to succeed, too – but if they should happen to “tank,” in the Fall, that opens up a possibility for more CHUCK. Either way, we’re getting a Season 3, and for that we should be happy!!

  14. Thank god!!!!! victory is so sweet! i knew we could do it, chuck fans are the best fans!! monday is gonna be the best day of the week again

  15. Hmmm I’m really not that much sure what to make of the timeslot.

    Ok, Friday is the wasteland of TV, no question there. But still, with so much crappy competition being put up by the other networks, I was actually starting to think Chuck could rule Friday’s at 8 and live happy over there like say, Numb3rs. As we’re getting Mondays again, it means more struggle against House and whatever is there at that deathmatch of a slot, which (and I totally reviewing my previous opinions here) Monday now might seem like a bigger challenge than Fridays. But hey, Silverman did say fridays would be for “low expectation shows” if I recall, so it’s awesome not to see Chuck in there, it means NBC believes in Chuck. Maybe I’m looking at this from the wrong angle, maybe I’m missing something, anyone think different?

    The mid season thingy I also don’t know if it’s good or bad. Sure, the long hiatus has hurt as before so it does feel like deja vu, but back then there wasn’t a massive campaign to help/promote the show underway and while the 9 or so months of hiatus might kill the momentum, it also gives us time to spread more Chuck love around and convert more Chuckaholics to the cause. This is the cards we have to play, and we’ll make the best out of them.

    On the other news, I’m thrilled that Subway got the message and became a major sponsor of the show, it’s fisical and undeniable evidence that the Finale & Footlong campaign was a massive sucess and I’m looking foward for follow ups of the kind, for Subway and for any other sponsor that comes down the road with us. Oh and on a personal note, I just found that Subway is going to open a restaurant very near where I live (the closest one would take me a full day of travel just to get there) so while it might not be open by September, it’,ll surely be opened by Feb, so I’ll be showing my Chuck pride by the premiere by having a Sub like any good Chuckaholic should 😛

  16. @Agent 86
    I actually think NBC is going to promote Chuck during the Olympics, it’s a great platform and I think that’s what any person with half a brain would do…I guess…

  17. NBC is NOT trying to kill the show!

    Airing after the Olympics will be a huge plus for Chuck. The Olympics are typically NBC’s pot-of-gold in the ratings. They can push Chuck heavily during this time period.

    Heck, maybe Zachary and Joshua can do olympic reports for either Jay Leno or Conan. These two are hysterical together and would make awesome commentators.

    If they started in the Fall then the show would end and might be forgotten by the time renewals come around. This way Chuck can build off the Olympic ads and hopefully a Subway push straight up until next May’s renewal of Chuck. By making us fans wait they know they are building momentum because we won’t stop talking about Chuck. We will buy dvd box sets as Christmas presents. They know we will sitting on the edge of our seats in eager anticipation of this huge event!

    We did it people! Our emails to Subway worked! Our support of their product worked! Now NBC is keeping Chuck in its familiar time slot (not a killer Friday slot) and giving it one of the best pushes it can. TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly will hopefully continue to support Chuck as well with stories at the time of relaunch. This is the best news ever. We just have to survive the wait. As Tom Petty said, ‘that’s the hardest part.’ But we can do it.

    Chuck is coming back and that is beyond awesome. This press release is huge news. I don’t see any of NBC’s other shows getting this kind of special treatment or sponsor backing. Thanks to the fans…us…we let NBC know what a special show they have. We just have to deliver with new fans to watch when it returns. The Chuck recruitment drive is the next top priority. (As well as the continued support of Subway.)

    Chuck rules!!!!!!!!

  18. Also wondering if back 9 is possible checking the NBC press release said FNL coming in the summer as well as other shows to be named later definately looks like year round programming and if Chuck can do well for 13 maybe the back 9 will happen.

  19. Well I’m glad its back, but it sucks to have to wait until March. Unfortunately, it does sound as though some of those budget cuts will be in there too. I noticed they left Captain Awesome out of the “starring” role, so sounds like he’s back to being a guest star. Same with all of the Buy More staff.

    If the rumours are true about a supporting cast member being permanently gone, I would say its likely either Anna, Big Mike, or Emmet.

  20. Very pumped that Chuck and his Converse Kung Fu are coming back (though Feb is so far way)! Hopefully the promos during the Olympics will bring that viewership up. I agree w/Paul M. about another Subway Campaign. What about doing what everyone did for the finale, but for all 13 episodes of the season? Instead of “Finale & a Footlong”, it could be “Subs for a Season” or something like that. At least $5/week (every Monday starting in Feb) per person for 13 weeks would defintely get a lot of attention.

  21. @Tim – from what I can tell on TV By the Numbers and quotes from Silverman on that forum – Subway’s sponsorship filled that void and they won’t have to cut anyone. Again that’s relying on what others say. Here is the link:

    @Pat S. – Sounds great to me. I know I’m already committed to doing that starting now. Spread the word. Definitely think everyone dropping Subway a Thank You note over the next few weeks and committing to going every Monday when Chuck episodes start going out will be perfect!

  22. “Chuck’s cast will not be whittled down.” –

  23. @Paul M- Good pickup on the entire cast returning. The show wouldn’t be the same without the whole ensemble.

  24. This may be good for the show because they will probably run all thirteen episodes in a row so there are no breaks to kill momentum.

  25. I am going to look at this in a positive light for Chuck, even though I disagree with NBC waiting until March for Season 3 to start. What I believe will happen, is that one or more of the new shows will not make it through the whole season (it happens every year). When that show is cancelled, the will need some filler material a.k.a. Chuck reruns from Season 2. So, Chuck still has a chance of getting some exposure in the fall. Here’s hoping.

  26. While this is fantastic news, I agree that waiting until March 2010 is a huge mistake. For over a month now, the news has buzzed with Chuck updates. I was certain that NBC would air Chuck in September simply to capitalize on this publicity. Whatever happens next, fans MUST remain motivated. If we’re going to get Chuck a 4th season, we have to keep the publicity hot.

  27. this is AWESOME!!!!
    sure its only 13 episode and we have to wait until next year but at least we have chuck. plus we can capitalize at Christmas, with have a merry ‘Chuckmas’
    thank you subway.nbc and most importantly chuck fans

  28. Happy news!!! Congrats on everyones efforts.

  29. awesome that chuck is coming back, but i cant believe we have to wait until march 2010. thats a really really long time. wont chuck lose momentum? im kind of worried because of the long wait

  30. Well we did survive the 8 month break between S1 and S2 because of the writer’s strike. I think we’ll be able to make it through this break. One thing is for sure, all the effort that has been put in so far to get the show renewed will have to be doubled or tripled in order to have it survive post S3. But if there ever was a series worth it, it’s Chuck. Now the true work begins.

  31. Here is a nice link I got from a chuck fan at the tv numbers site:

  32. So glad Subway partnered up. It would be great if Subway could run a promotion with a new sandwhich called the “Big Mike” a.k.a. Chicken Terryaki. If everyone re-calls last Superbowl Dennys ran a promotion for a free breakfast the morning after the game. So subway could advertise that everyday after a Chuck episode if 35 million (just a guess) or more tuned in to watch everyone could get a free six inch sub with purchase of a drink. I know I’m on board for a footlong to watch Chuck. Subway aside it’s just makes sense to bring CHUCK back it’s a great show that just needs more exposure! NBC thank you.

  33. I’m glad Chuck got renewed, I love this show. But lets be real, March 2010 that’s 10 months away. Look how much the show suffered in terms of viewers over the first season. I contribute that loss to no new episodes after the writers strike and a late start (end of September) for season 2. How is this show suppose to gain any momentum if the fan base has to wait 10 months for a new episode? Most casual viewers of the show will never come back.


    Thanks to ALL of us 😛

  35. OKAY!! Now we just need to show support all next season. We need to make Chuck Mondays – Chuck Subway Mondays! Eat a subway dinner while watching a new Chuck episode every week. The sponsor won’t care if we just do another last minute attempt next year. We need to show them every week Chuck is on that we love it. That is the way to get a 4th season.

  36. I don’t watch much television. Having said that, I’m glad that Chuck has been renewed. It’s a show that I’d always intended to watch, but never did because I rarely ever watch TV. However, this campaign renewed my interest, and after watching a single episode, I’m already hooked.

    Now for the bad news. No more new episodes ’til March 2010?!? It’s stuff like this that keeps me from watching television. By the time March 2010 comes along, chances are that I’ll have forgotten all about Chuck and will miss every episode next season. It’s not that I want to miss any episodes, but I’m not the type to wait by the television for 10 months, waiting for a new show. It’s bewildering that television networks are still operating with ancient business models in this modern age.

  37. arrghh…10 months?…really, without chuck for ten months????.my hands are already shaking without chuck for a month…but ten months….geez…this is going to be torture…i think my chuck dvds will melt with overveiwing…waaah…

  38. matthew goodwin

    i new chuch wouldent be canceled after the be continued showed up on the season finale but i just had to be sure it also makes me sad i have to wait until next year to see new episodes but the reruns are just as good=)

  39. I think a Subway is on the plate today for lunch. Sad it won’t be back in September, but it will give them time to write and take the show in it’s next direction. More working with dad/Scott Bakula, less Buy More. More couples comedy less Buy More. I can wish now.

  40. Julian,

    Get the Season 1 and 2 DVDS at Amazon and you will not need to watch any TV for the next ten months. LOL.

    And if you miss some of season 3 next year you can watch those episodes on at your convenience!

  41. According to the Globe and Mail here in Canada, there is timeslot-sharing going on at NBC. Heroes gets the time slot until the Winter Olympics and Chuck gets it after. Its a long wait until a new Chuck but at least its been renewed!!! Thank you NBC and Subway. If NBC does this right, they can use the Games to advertise the show like crazy. If Subway does it right, they can advertise the show in all their stores. Lets keep on telling the world about Chuck!

    now that i got that out of the way

  43. I believe come the fall there is going to be a new medical condition afflicting millions of people called Chuck Withdrawl. I will be definitely getting the Season 2 DVD set.

    Also, I usually get a sub on the weekends, but when Chuck starts I will also buy one on Monday nights – only when Chuck is on though. I think if all fans did the same, Subway would truly see a corporate benefit to Chuck being on TV.

    Thankyou Subway and NBC.

    Although it will be tough to wait until March, the strategy may actually work in our favour. All the other shows will be finishing up when Chuck starts. I know in the summer, I would rather check out a show I haven’t seen before then watch reruns – unless of course the rerun is Chuck.

    Unless I am on vacation, I don’t tend to go anywhere on a Monday night, that first day back to work is always a killer. I imagine many people are the same way.

    What better way to recuperate from the Monday then to watch Chuck on Monday night.

    Until the show starts, I will just pop in one of my Chuck DVD’s on Monday nights. Who knows, maybe they will slide Chuck in early, once one of their new shows bombs (there is always at least one stinker).

    I was on the NBC Chuck site looking at Season 3 thread. A lot of similar sentiments. Especially about NBC wanting to kill the show.

    If that was there plan, they would not have renewed it.

    Apparently they are also planning webisodes in the fall. I hope I can access them in Canada. Unfortunately there are a lot of video clips on the NBC site I just can’t watch.

    At least this summer CityTV here in Canada is playing Chuck reruns on Monday nights – hopefully for the whole summer.

  44. When the webasite episodes start where wull they be.

  45. WOW, Great News!
    I like the idea of the SUB “INTERACTIVE” Approach.
    I guess Agent Walker will have a new uniform for season 3.
    Gone will be the Orange Orange for a SUBWAY. Makes sense.
    Still too bad only 13 episodes. Oh well. we will take what we can get.

  46. I’ll be sure to eat even more Subway subs as thanks lol. I’m so glad Chuck is coming back even if I have to wait until March. 🙂

  47. hi, i just want to thank you for this post, i really like your blog, thanks and more power. 🙂

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