SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 3.02 Script Page

Ali Adler, the minx, posted a photo of her computer with a page from the Chuck 3.02 script on the monitor. Thanks to our high-tech spy gadgets (e.g. Photoshop), we’ve been able to decipher most of the page. Don’t read if you don’t want to know!

Where the magic happens: Ali Adler's computer
Detail of script page

But I still got a shot…right? It’s not like she has real feelings for this guy.

That’s a pretty safe assumption.

Fist pump here from Morgan as Jeff and Lester insinuate themselves, having overheard their conversation.

Who is this … female you reference?

Some girl.

Carina’s basically a Swedish super model. The country’s premiere export since Bjorn Borg.

Oh. People mistake me for him all the time.

Yes, Jeff, drunken people…

We went out a couple of years ago, hooked up. She’s back and I’m gonna make the magic happen again.

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  1. I wanna see an Anna vs Carina fight. My money is on Anna. That Minx is crafty.

  2. Totally agree. I can easily see Anna wiping the floor with Carina. LOL.

  3. Anna is so going to kick ass. LOLZ

  4. @#$%! What about Anna?

    Then again, this is Morgan…

  5. I agree with everyone I would like to see Anna kick Carina’s butt. I wonder if this is the possible love triangle that they were talking about. Casey-Carina-Morgan or Anna-Morgan-Carina.

  6. I have to agree with Traci about this being the supposed love triangle for season 3. I sure hope it is cause it sure as h*ll going to be hilarious. It also would mean the writers won’t tease the Chara the realtionship (or will they…..). 🙂 Go ANNA! WHOOHOO! LOLZ 🙂 I am like freakin out right. Spoilers do this to me. I am too much of a CHUCK-A-HOLIC. I’ve just now finished all of season 1 today….AGAIN for like the thousandth time. I still LOVE CHUCK! 🙂
    Are there any more spoliers on s3?

  7. Chuck fan from Sweden

    It’s a bit ironic that Mini actually is a Swedish super model, but the part with Björn Borg is not entirely true tho…

  8. I hope the love triangle is Morgan/Anna/Carina. I’m not so sure Anna would win though because Carina has some skills, too. Either way, it would be entertaining to watch.

  9. Can you ask Ali to post up a picture of the PC when they are writing in if and when Sarah and Chuck discuss being a fully-fledged couple (or just setting the tone of their relationship for the series)?

    Thanks 😀

    But yeah, very nice find 🙂

  10. Great find! Am I out of line to speculate that this action takes place at BuyMoria, and that Chuck has returned there for employment? Seems like.

  11. I hope Chuck has moved on from the Buy More, but I will take this love triangle over another Charah triangle gladly!

  12. Well, I agree that this would seem to be A love triangle. It would also seem that everyone is back at the Buy More. Have Chuck, Casey and Morgan come crawling back to ask Millbarge for their jobs, or has Big Mike staged a palace coup while they were gone and regained power? Bring on Season three. And please ask Ali to to this again!

  13. Casey was very impressed with Anna’s fighting skills against the mighty jocks. Maybe Casey would consider a date with Anna?

    As for Millbarge, I hope the season starts with Big Mike back in charge. They could have a great flashback of Millbarge getting dragged out of the Buy More in a straight jacket and tossed into a white padded van. He needs to be gone. 🙂

    Love it if Tang returned…even for just one episode.

  14. rickfromIllinois

    I wonder if the triangle is going to be Chuck/Carina/Morgan

  15. Now that’s a good spoiler! Just enough to get you pumped up without revealling anymore than we already knew. (Who honestly thought Morgan wasn’t going to make another attempt at Carina.) LOL

  16. ahahahahha he is seriously STILL trying for carina!?!
    not a shot.
    martin, martin, martin…when will you learn!!

  17. Remember the long running inside joke about Anna. Morgan may just lose out all together to Anna & Carina

  18. pft haha i would so love to see anna and carina fight! OoO that could be the love trapizoid anna-morgan-carina-cacey!!!! lol that would be funnyXD but the more important question is why is carina there???? she only brings trouble;)

  19. Hi Everyone:

    Maybe I am not seeing something, but could Morgan dismiss Anna so easily? It seemed when Anna and Morgan were leaving for Hawaii they were pretty committed to each other. It appeared they only had eyes for each other.

    I know he can be a flake and immature, but this seemed a little much even for him. Something must have happen seriously between Anna and Morgan for him to consider this path with Carina. I supposed there will be an explantation in the first episode for season three.

  20. I am a little surprised that Morgan can so easily dismiss Anna. They were going off to Hawaii and both seem happy and very committed to each other.

    Something in the first episode must have really changed their relationship for him to pursue Karina like this. I know Morgan can be flaky, immature and girl crazy, but this seems to be a little of a stretch.

  21. I hope the creators of Chuck do not take the attitude “Chuck is ours and we will do what we please regardless of the angst we put Chuck’s fans through”.
    If they put Sarah and Chuck together and concentrate on the comedy and adventure perhaps there can be a season 4. There is much more of a possibility they can expand the audience with an uplifting show than to keep Sarah and Chuck apart. There should be no question that Chuck and Sarah get together and stay together—lets concentrate on the comedy and action. The show has been set up masterfully in such a way that a plethora of story lines can easily be developed—all positive–this could be a great adventure comedy series if they only let the sunshine in—if it becomes a great show it will open doors for many years for the actors/actresses and its creators. The music is great, the athleticism of Sarah and the humor of Chuck, Morgan,Casey and the gang is phenomenal. Lets get Sarah and Chuck to live lovingly together in a super loving relationship—kind of like a juiced up,updated Hart to Hart on steroids to battle the evil doers–I think this is the best and possibly only way to get additional viewers and seasons. Perhaps cohabitation will only come about if Chuck gets shot in the chest and his 40% chance of survival inspires Sarah and Chuck to tell each other they love one another. He could have received the wound jumping in front of shots fired at Sarah and/or Casey. Ellie could be told it happened during a carjacking. Chuck is inspired by Sarah’s love to survive. Good luck to all the Chuck crew in the coming season!!!!

  22. hey i think that maybe anna & carina’ll fight.

    my money’s on anna.

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