SPOILERS: Episode 3.01 Casting Call

The first casting call for Chuck‘s third season has gone out and it gives us a glimpse of what’s coming up in the season premiere. The episode is called “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” and features at least three guest cast members. Javier is a muscular Latin assassin, Yuri is “the scariest of scary Russian spies”, and Gilles is an incredibly handsome Frenchman. Sounds like the international espionage community is out to get Team Bartowski!

Thanks to SpoilerTV for the casting call. Now speculate away!

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  1. Let’s see… I think we’ll really tick of the loyal fan base. Even better we’ll do it 8 or nine months before the show even starts. That way the fans will have lots of time to work up a good hate for the show before it comes back.

    Stupid way to promote a show if you ask me.

    I was under the impression Chuck wasn’t a Soap Opera and this defenitely isn’t the crowd that watches Gossip Girl so hey, S&F, how about not treating us like we are.

    • Moe-Ronic I could not agree with you more. What a shame. It could have been an ecellent show. I almost feel betrayed.

  2. Special Agent Carmichael = Love

    OK, everybody chill. Just kidding. But seriously, hear me out. I am in total accordance with Pat, and Donovan. We can’t expect Chuck and Sarah to just be together right away. Sarah needs time to recover from Bryce’s death, and also, Sarah is still protecting him, and I’m sure, as always, will try to “remain proffesional”. I think a real open relationship now would actually be too rushed. I do agree that there should be development, and not just the same old “I love you but we can’t be together bit”, but maybe just more opening up to eachother, more alone time. I wouldn’t mind even some sort of secret, unnoficial relationship behind the scenes between them, but we really don’t need a whole big open relationship now. Because where will that lead? It narrows down possibilities between them.

    Also, we should remember that Chuck and Sarah are not the only reason we love Chuck (or at least for me). What about the action, what about the comedy, and for God’s sake, what about Jeff and Lester! But seriously, we should not lose sight of the fact that there are other awesome elements of Chuck, even if we maybe get a little dissapointed in the beginning.

    A final note: we should have faith in the writers. In my opinion, they have done an outstanding job of keeping Chuck an amazing show all the way through both seasons. Why would they start screwing it up now? I know there is a new plotline coming (Chuck knows kung fu), but why would things be different, at least as far as the quality of the show goes? And we really can’t make any conclusions of of spoilers. We’ve done so much to save this show we love so much. So lets try to have some faith. I sure am going to.

    • Chuck and Sarah have been working together for a couple of years so nothing is going to suddenly happen–it has been developing for a couple of years—If Sarah is still hurting and distrustful because of the break up she is going to have to see the tapes of Bryce Larkin and Roan Montgomery talking to Chuck in the courtyard prior to the break up. Since the courtyard is constantly monitored there should be a tape somewhere. Perhaps Corina will see them and tell her–she loves to get on Sarah about anything that will irritate Sarah. The comedy and adventure of the show could easily carry it except for the heartache of Sarah and Chuck. If their love is a given then the comedy and adventure will not be burdened by personal pain. Pain is not funny —lets have a firm commitment between Sarah and Chuck take place and let the good times roll.

      I am getting more than a little concerned that Fedak and Swartz have generated enough negativity that it will impact the viewership in March—they did a good a job of making us care for Chuck and Sarah. I want them together as a loving couple committed for the long term from day one of Season 3.

  3. Ye I know special agent Carmichael, but the whole love triangle shit is old and annoying. NO MORE TRIANGLES! Other than that I’m fine with Chara not being together….for now. By the end of this season or the next they will be together (I have a feeling). But seriously, stop teasing us already S&F. And the whole making each other jelous thing better be funny.
    Even if they are not together I will still watch. I fell in love with show for its humor and action, not just the chemistry.

  4. What about the action? What about the comedy? The action and comedy are overshadowed by the heartache of Chuck and Sarah. Heartache is not funny–you could have more time for action and comedy if Sarah and Chuck lived together in a loving relationship. Comedy and action are positives but love triangles, affairs, conflicts,pessimism and soap opera type plots are downers. The other networks will be licking their chops at the thought of competing with Chuck. Chuck must do away with the negatives or the show will fade into oblivion. Morgan and Chuck living together is not even worth talking about, Chuck and Sarah living together in a loving relationship is worth talking about and would form a solid foundation to maximize the comedy and adventure. The famous “angst” we see more and more on Chuck boards do not seem to bother the writers. Take it or leave it!!!I think the remarks made by the Chuck gang makes it seem they are going forward regardless of what fans think. They must remember those enthusiastic crowds they have been running into are an extremely small percentage of viewers. Taking the road they appear to be traveling Chuck will not be renewed. I enjoy Chuck, it has the potential to be a uniquely excellent series. I want it to succeed—I think it can become a great show if they allow us to enjoy the comedy and excitement. I do not know if Chuck’s creators have the ability to make the relationship changes necessary to insure it’s success/existence.

    • I agree with what you all said that heartaches are not funny. I am currently recruiting people to watch Chuck and they are happy watching the series but watching chuck and sarah in pain, it makes them sad. I hope the writers will consider some of the positive and good suggestions from their fans (the whole chuck team), because anyway, its the fans that make the chuck season 3 possible, right?…From Philippines. By the way, I pledged to eat one subway sandwich twice a week. lol

  5. i dont mind chuck and sarah being apart, but i dont want love triangles1 not again! something about them makes me worry about them, cos chucks potentials have been almost perfect for him, and sarah’s have been great too. i know they’ll get together so thats just stupid, what im sayin is that we want the following:

    comedy (jeff, lester and co)
    romance (chuck sarah!)
    and backstory (i want to more about sarah and casey, they are very interesting and i might find them even more likeable if i got more info)

  6. Brandon Roth turning out to be an evil doer trying to kill or kidnap Chuck is the only way I want Routh portrayed—His appearance should be limited to no more than two episodes—a Christopher Reeves or Harrison Ford he is not–hopefully we can get two decent episodes from him that end in his violent death (that is to make Casey happy)—I need to quit reading the spoilers, they sound pretty boring. It would spice things up if Sarah and Chuck would secretly get married–then have a big official wedding in episode 12.-how do they avoid the General from finding out?? What if it brought on the General’s fatal heart attack (that is to make Casey happier).ZZZZ