Birthday Wishes From The Heart (Updated)

The organizers of We Heart Chuck are at it again! After a successful fundraising campaign in conjunction with the campaign to renew Chuck, ultimately raising more than $18,000 for the American Heart Association, We Heart Chuck is challenging Chuck fans to give in honor of Zachary Levi’s birthday. Here are the details:

On September 29, 2009, Zachary Levi will be celebrating his 29th birthday.  The organizers at We Heart Chuck (WHC) offer all “Chuck” fans the opportunity to send a personalized card to Zachary Levi.  WHC has the honor of partnering with the American Heart Association again to raise funds and save lives through a donation to the AHA.  For every contribution made to the American Heart Association, AHA will mail a personalized card with a note from you to Zac.

The personalized donation card will be addressed to Zac’s publicist, who has informed We Heart Chuck that Zac reads every letter and card sent to him. Through WHC, fans of “Chuck” have already raised over $18,000 for the American Heart Association. Please think about this for a moment:  A standard solid defibrillator costs approximately $1500.  In 2008, emergency defibrillators saved over 650 lives.  You, “Chuck” fans, are making a tremendous difference in the lives of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and other friends and family members.  WHC invites fans to personally send a message of appreciation to Zachary Levi for the great work he has done on the show and for his efforts to save and promote “Chuck.”  We can think of no better way to convey our gratitude and admiration than by wishing him a “Happy Birthday” and saving lives in the process.

For more information on how to donate and send your card to Zac, visit the We Heart Chuck headquarters.

Updated 09.02.09: Zachary Levi just got wind of the project and Tweeted about it:

ZacharyLevi: Just clocked the AHA charity bday present…
about 1 hour ago
from Tweetie

ZacharyLevi: I’m so honored to be supported by the smartest, kindest, coolest and most generous fans on the planet. Love & blessings to you all.
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

ZacharyLevi: Oh, and Viva la Nerdolution. 😉
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

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  1. Sounds like a really clever idea!

  2. Done! This is a very nice way to support a show.

  3. This is such a great idea, I only wish that we European would be able to participate too:(

  4. Zach just left us a personal thank you on twitter. He is really happy about this!

  5. Now if we are doing this for Zac, why didn’t we do it for Yvonne’s birthday too? Aww.

    • Yeah, I just saw the lines about her and Sarah Lancaster’s birthdays and wondered the same thing. Now I feel bad. I think I should deliver myself to them in a big cake to make them feel better…Or maybe just make another donation in their honor or something. 😉

    • hi susan, we didn’t come up with the campaign idea until after yvonne’s birthday, but yeah, we feel bad for having missed it. the good thing about birthdays, though, is that they come back every year, so we’ll be ready next july :). thanks for your support!

  6. Glad to see young artists supporting good causes!! It helps to keep them grounded and aware of how some have to exist from day to day because of illness or financial disaster—When you get many more years on you the reality of the good deeds will come back to you and warm your heart. Stay level headed, be true to yourself and have a fantastic career. We all have a little Chuck and Morgan in us.

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