Bryce Larkin – More Lives Than A Cat?

Though Bryce Larkin may not play a part in future Chuck adventures, he may still play a part in flashback sequences. This possibility and Matthew Bomer’s willingness to reprise his role on Chuck are discussed in the quoted article.

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Bryce Larkin met a pretty fatal death on last season’s finale of Chuck. But it’s not the first time viewers have been led to believe the super spy was dead, only to see him resurrected. Even if he is really dead this time, there’s always flashbacks.

So could Matt Bomer’s Bryce make a return on the new season of Chuck, which is currently slated to premiere on NBC after the Olympics in March 2010?

“I would love to make a reappearance on ‘Chuck,’” Bomer said during a conference call for his new USA show White Collar. “I have no idea how that’s going to work out scheduling wise.”

White Collar is currently shooting in New York City. Chuck is filming in Los Angeles. Bomer said he’s been in dialogue with the creators about the logistical problems.

“If everything were to align properly, nothing would make me happier,” he said.

I’ll have more about the delightful White Collar closer to the show’s Oct. 23 premiere on USA.

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  1. I hope White Collar is a success and am looking forward to it’s premier on Oct 23rd. After the season ender for Season 2, I don’ mind Bryce coming back…if Chuck can’t get it together with Sarah in Season 3, somebody should. Why not Bryce? Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting tired of the whole Chuck and Sarah thing not happening after 2 seasons.

  2. I like to call bryce the show little “cockroach.” U drop an atomic bomb on the guy and still won’t die. In the end though I liked him and wouldn’t mind him coming back in flash backs, but thats it.

  3. It would be cool to see Bryce in flashbacks, like the one at the beginning of break-up. I would be interested to see the early days of Sarah and Bryce’s partnership ( I would bet money she pushed off his advances many times before finally giving in ) and also the beginnings of Project Omaha.

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