Is Chuck Coming Back This Fall?

We’ve been hearing rumors for weeks. Speculating for even longer than that. And now someone is actually going on the record (sort of) with Ausiello at EW about the possibility of Chuck coming back to our screens as early as the end of this month:

It’s good news (for me), bad news (for NBC): Since its numbers are down and its new and returning shows are mainly DOA (Southland was axed before new episodes even aired!), Chuck’s third season might get to premiere sooner than the March date that’s been bandied about thus far.“How much sooner” you ask?

As early as late October, my moles tell me. And while it remains unclear whether the little show that could (and has and shall again) would return to its Monday timeslot or find itself a new perch, NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.

But wait, there’s more. If Chuck does come back sooner rather than later, the chances of NBC ordering additional episodes beyond the 13 it initially commissioned increases dramatically. And they increase further if it performs solidly… which for NBC, at this point, means my cat, Mr. Scooch, sits down to watch with me. (Seriously, anything above a 2 rating in the 18-49 demo should do the trick.)

Thoughts? I’ll admit, I’m stoked about the chance for Chuck to save NBC return early, especially since it does mean the chances of getting the full-season pickup increase exponentially, but at the same time I don’t know that NBC has time to launch the marketing campaign necessary to bring it back successfully 5 months ahead of time. Then again, this may mean we get a Chuck media blitz, and that can’t be a bad thing. (Dear NBC PR peeps: we are open to exploitation on Chuck‘s behalf.) Overall, thrilled! w00t!

Also: “NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.” YES!

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  1. This morning when I was driving to school, I heard on two different radio stations that NBC has decided that they are bringing back Chuck by the end of this month at its regular time slot

  2. id love 4 chuck 2 come back early but i hope they dnt cancel the show
    CHUCK RULZ!!!!!!

  3. Chuck is the best thing you had, don’t be cheap with your promo’s PLAY IT UP

  4. After watching the triChuckathon for Chuckme Mondays tonight, I am even more excited about the possibility of Chuck coming back early – bring it on.

  5. I really hope this rumor is true

    I must say I was glad that Chuck did not return in September, as the season premier of House was brilliant and it would have killed chuck in the ratings.

    But bring it back in October,

    Come on NBC, you can do it…. do it.

  6. It doesn’t sound likely that Chuck will return early based on this article: . Either the insider that told Ausiello over exaggerated or mislead him. Last Fridays release by Ausiello should not have occurred if it were so unlikely to occur. I think they got our hopes up for nothing. And while March might be better for the start of Chuck that all depends on what NBC does. If NBC does very little in the future to promote Chuck then it really won’t matter at all. The biggest problem with Chuck and Sarah’s relationship roller coaster ride is that the foundation for that roller coaster is built by NBC which is unstable and could collapse at anytime.

    • One way or the other, we should know soon. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about this other blogger. I do know seems well connected. Although they dis say might come back rather than was coming back. I still hope it happens.

  7. I was just over at the Chuckmeout website, and for the first time in a long time they have added a whole bunch of new content.
    Is this not a sign from the heavens that there is truth to the rumour of an earlier start?

  8. One suggestion I have for the fans who want Chuck back early. Why not go to the chuckmeout website and leave some comments under the new posts asking for the show to be back early.
    It can’t hurt. Also if nothing else, leaving comments on the chuckmeout website will show that we appreciate them adding new content.

  9. OH MY God I frigin hope so!!!
    That would be absolutely AMAZING!!!
    I mean we all kinda though the chances of t commit back soon were slight and personally I assumed that if it came back early it wouldn’t fair will but once again ausiello has saved the day!!
    Three cheers for chuck!!’

  10. There is an Update,

    UPDATE: “Trauma” was up 6 percent in adults 18-49 last night to a 1.8 demo rating. This should give NBC enough wiggle room to avoid an October return for “Chuck.” A November re-launch is still a possibility. Expect a decision one way or another this week.


    • Let’s keep our fingers crossed and think happy thoughts.
      I’m not an expert, but 1.8 doesn’t sound that good to me.
      I am curious if Trauma tanks would they put Chuck in the same time slot – Mondays at 9?

  11. Monday is to crowded I hope they axe Mercy and put Chuck in their time slot.

    TV on Wed night is lame this would difinately spice up Wed nights.

    I am sure Chuck would rule Wednesday nights.

  12. Now is also talking about the return of Chuck early. In an article they titled Get Ready For Chucktoberfest. (Love the title);?tag=hotspot;gumball;1#

  13. I hope they wont put Chuck against House / Lie To Me on mondays, no matter when it goes on air. Heroes may stand a chance since its completly different, but not Chuck.

  14. I think that a mission isn’t complete without the trio, why?

    Sarah- is the head of the mission for her skills and intelligence.
    Chuck- is the heart of the mission for letting his feelings in a good way to help Sarah and Casey manage the mission with a heart.
    Casey- is the body of the mission for the action in fighting the bad guys.

  15. I hope the episodes are as good as some of you are hearing–I really need to see them for myself for me to be satisfied–do not have a lot of faith in some of the NBC folks–After my disappointment with the Ring Episode I am very concerned I will have a huge disappointment in the season 3 final episode. F&S have said they already know what is going to happen–guess we will hope for the best. Comments that season 3 is looking up is promising. Did some one say that the Pilot from season 1 was going to air in December. That was an excellent show, maybe it will get us some viewers. NBC needs to use some dollars wisely to promote Chuck and give it the chance it deserves.

    • I guess we all have our own favourite episodes. I really enjoyed the Ring episode. The jeffster song at the first wedding (so hillarious), the length’s Chuck went to to save Ellie’s special day after the first wedding fiasco (so heroic), special forces planning the second wedding (so funny), the slow dance between Sarah and Chuck (so romantic – although too short) and Intersect 2.0/I know Kung Fu (so awesome)
      I would have a hard time choosing an absolute favourite, but probably Ring would be one of the top 5.

      As for airing the pilot in December, I haven’t heard that anywhere but even though I have the DVD set, I would watch it again on the air, just as a sign of support for the show.

  16. Has anyone noticed that the main NBC website has the show coming back Thursday’s at 8?
    It is possibly a mistake, but that would probably work quite well as a new time slot for Chuck and fit quite nicely with NBC’s comedy-themed Thursday nights.

    • NBC’s sight actually has the show timed for Thursday’s @ 7PM EST / 8PM Central. What’s up with that??

  17. Why don’t they get rid of the stupid reality shows and put a good show like Chuck back on right away? We miss him! (From a 71 year old Grandma!)

  18. i love chuck im a big fan
    i want to meet zachary levi and yvonne stataski.
    i cant wait to see it on nbc this fall
    zachary is a good actor and yvonne is a good actress.
    thier fan maria