Chuck Returns With Three Episodes in Two Days! (NOW WITH TRAILER & POSTER!)

Mark your calendars, Chucksters! NBC just announced that Chuck will return on Sunday, January 10 with two back-to-back episodes before moving to its regular Monday at 8/7c timeslot on January 11. That’s right, we’re getting THREE episodes of Chuck in two days to kick off the third season! As if that weren’t exciting enough, here’s Zac to announce the news and give us our first look at season 3! (YouTube version for non-US Chuck fans.)

NBC started airing promos during The Office; thanks to Richard for uploading it to TwitVid! (We’ll have a better quality version soon.)

We also have your first look at Chuck’s season 3 artwork. At first glance it looks very similar to season 2, but the differences are HUGELY telling for Chuck as a character. And while you’re in a Chucktastic mood, why not take our Chuck survey?

Chuck Season 3 Keyart / NBC
Chuck Season 3 Keyart / NBC
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  1. Looks to me as if Zac has been hitting the gym- maybe it was just for the ill-fated role in the THOR flick, but I’d like to think he was making a commitment to the character of Chuck. Check out the forearms and biceps in the straight on camera shots while he’s speaking directly; those certainly aren’t the same chicken-wing arms we’ve seen on him for the last two years.

  2. Get ready for the holiday media blitz!

    I would bet that the cast (or at least Zac) will make an appearance the NBC’s New Year’s Eve show. I like the idea of Zac or Yvonne hosting SNL the night before.

  3. Hey, here’s a link to a TV spot for Chuck season three that played during last night’s episode of The Office:

  4. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! a fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!
    neanche 2 mesi e chuck tornerà tra di noi!!!!!!! fantastico!!!

  5. So, is something organized already, or should we just all agree now to pick up some Subway for supper on premiere night? I think a targeted night of Subway support sends a more effective message than general Subway support (although that’s good too)

  6. NBC has done several things right: first they ordered a third season of Chuck, then they ordered 6 more episodes, and now they are advertising the 3rd season and launching it with a 2 night event. Way to go NBC! One more thing you need to do, how about releasing season 2 on DVD in early December for the Christmas crowd. That way everyone can be totally caught up with the show in time for the start of season 3. Oh yeah, thanks Subway for stepping in as a sponsor. Maybe Jared can do a cameo as a guest Nerd Herder? Just a thought.

    • I definitely think they need to release the DVD earlier as well as making all of Season 2 available on and hulu. It would be infinitely easier to get people caught up on the show with those available. I’ve lent my Season 1 DVDs to about 10 people, but there’s no way for them to get caught up on Season 2.

      Aside from that…YAY CHUCK IS COMING BACK EARLY!!!

  7. WooHoo, great news to end the week on…. January 10th will be here in a blink.
    Think about it, early return, 6 more episodes, Subway here we come!! Oh and ditto to what folks are saying about the trailer, wow bring on 2.0!!!!!

  8. At last an air date with 3 episodes in 2 days! Very good news overall. Hope
    they now release season 2 dvd 1 month earlier for Christmas. Only downer is
    Monday time slot but the dye is now cast. Let’s wait and see….

    • I agree that the Monday time slot is not ideal, but who is Chuck going up against – American Idol? Are we not all sick and tired of that crappy show? I for one could care less about American Idol. Bring on Chuck, the best acted, best written, best scripted show that has come along in many years…

  9. Oh my god thats great news. The poster looks amazing. Both are looking very good.

  10. IS CHUCK HOLDING A GUN? Or is it just some video-game thing?

    • He is definitely holding a gun. In one clip of the video he is actually using two guns. I guess he really is a bad ass – now I’m thinking about Vs Lethal Weapon again.

  11. I’m beginning to think that I don’t really like this announcement. Before I was excited about S3, now I’m super excited, and am going nuts with the anticipation. Yes this news is just too good. I’m not sure I will be able to keep my sanity until January.
    Too late – I’m already crazy for Chuck.

  12. Am I the only one who realizes this headline could be potentially misleading?! 🙂 Meaning that it might lead one to believe that there will be three episodes of Chuck in two days FROM NOW!

    Sadly not the case, but all things considered, I am DEFiNITELY not complaining! Bring it on! WhooHOO!

  13. Am I the only one who realizes this headline could potentially mislead someone into thinking that three episodes of Chuck will air in two days FROM NOW!?

    Alas, tis not to be, but all things considered, I’m definitely not complaining… Bring it on, baby! WhooHOO!

    • No, haha. Even though I had already seen this, I saw the title and flipped out for a moment before I realized what it actually meant.

    • That was my initial interpretation, with a mix of “That can’t be right…”, “What the (expletive) (expletive)?!?” and “Oh (expletive) (expletive) (expletive) yes!”. If I had been drinking something at the time, it would have been all over my monitor.

  14. Whoops, sorry for the double-post… I didn’t think the first one went through!

  15. Wow, I can’t wait… 3 new episodes in 2 days. That’s really something. The poster for S3 looks the same as S2 but as we can tell Chuck is now in the spy world, due to the tux he is wearing and with Sarah still stand in front of Chuck it means that she’s still protecting him. Interesting….
    Thanks for sharing the clips and promo poster.

    • Actually as we saw from the clip in the trailer, Chuck is also protecting Sarah.
      The way that trailer looks, I am really optimistic that we will be seeing not only a great S3, but we are going to see S4 as well.

      What might be interesting, is with the new JJ Abrams project, they could have a spy night on NBC next season. Chuck followed by the new spy show by JJ. Who knows they might even try a few crossover episodes – have Chuck and Sarah guest starring on the JJ show, and JJ’s characters making an appearance in Chuck.
      But I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. I just think that from what I have seen, Chuck is going to be around for a long time and that makes me a happy man. Although, Chuck has seemed to ruin TV for me. After seeing the best, it is hard to settle for a lot of the crap on the air right now.

      • You’re right on Gord. NBC has executed in the past exactly what you’ve outlined.

        For example. I recall Friends and possibly Seinfeld crossing over with some of their other shows based in New York. One that comes to mind is a show that starred Jonathan Silverman.

        Crossing Jordan did a cross-over arc with Vegas.

        Hell, Sargeant Al Powell of Die Hard fame is also the cousin of Buy More manager Big Mike.

  16. OOOHHHHHOOOOO LOOK AT MY HAPPY DANCE!!!! I know you’re all dancing with me!

  17. yes it finally back!!! we all fans didi it so lets everyone watch on January 10 and lets get the ratings up!!! we SAVED CHUCK

  18. At last a confirmed air date. Great news! Three shows in 2 days, including a
    2 hour premiere Sunday, followed a 3rd segment on Monday. Hope everybody buys
    Subway sandwiches on all air dates to support the show and hit the NBC website
    heavily to further give show support each week.

    It appears NBC is going to heavily promote the show prior to the initial
    air dates. If true that will help quite a bit and hope fully NBC will release
    the Season 2 DVD early for Christmas sales in addition to giving people and
    new viewers a chance to catch up on Season 2 before season 3 begins.

    Only downer is the Monday night time slot but even that may be a plus because
    people will not have to change their viewing habits to watch the show on a
    regular basis since Monday night was the original time slot in the first place. Hopefully the show will pull at least decent, minimum ratings to
    survive for a 4th season renewal. Since Subway is now a regular sponsor for
    the show it is very important for viewers, if possible, to buy Subway sandwiches on each weekly air date. If Subway sales spike upwards on viewing
    nights, this will go a along way to getting the show renewed for a 4th season.

    Hope everybody will do their best to support the show in everyway possible, as
    was done last year for renewal next year. With GE ready to close selling NBC
    to Comcast this support will be critical. Comcast, as the largest cable operation in the country will no doubt be looking at NBC’s next year programs
    very closely and renewal will be hard to get if strong show support is not
    there for it.

    In the meantime. let’s enjoy the good news and get ready for Season 3. Best
    wishes for the show and all of the viewers, thanks.

  19. I’ve been on vacation a whole week and haven’t been able to get any interenet. Now I’m back and the first thing I see is this. OMG!!!! 🙂 This is AWESOME! Love the part were Chuck takes out lester. FTW! 🙂

    • Man I am totally freaking out. I did like twenty cartwheels and ran and jumped around my entire street yelling “YES! CHUCK IS BACK!!!” at the top of my lungs. I mean I cant even stop watching this promo let alone stay still for less then a second. Hopefully my yelling will give CHUCK new viewers. Though my neighbors probably think I gone crazy. Crazy with excitment. 😉 IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! CHUCK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  20. What’s really great is that NBC is promoting the January premier NOW … in November. That means they will be promoting it for a month and a half before it airs. That is great backing from the network. I saw the promo Saturday night while channel surfing, so I’m not even sure I was on NBC — it could have been one of the NBC Universal channels. If so, that’s even better, getting “Chuck” promoted throughout the family of networks. Now, if we could get Season 2 released on video before Christmas and the whole season on so we can catch up … please!

    • Yeah

      I’ve noticed that my orangatan friends noticing the promos watching Irish or Sunday night football. Guys who have never watched the show, but have heard me reference the show and Yvonne (I also use shots of her standing over Cole with a gun as logos for my fantasy sports teams) suddenly seeing what I’ve been telling them and seriously considering watching. I’ll got six or seven weeks to continue hammering all my friends.

  21. The poster is Season 2 photos, on the back of the Boxset, Chuck wears that outfit!! They will probably do more photos when they finish shooting!!

  22. I am thinking here might be a good opportunity to a: tell the studios how much we like Chuck and B: reward our sponsor (subway) for helping in the campaign to renew Chuck by making Sunday & Monday “Eat Subway and see Chuck” day. Not a very elegant title but I am sure someone can come up with a better one.


  23. Kind of off topic, sorry, but wasn’t sure where to ask this…

    I just bought season 1 of Chuck at Target last week. (They had it on sale for 12.99) I had never seen an episode, but I absolutely LOVED it! Have finished up on season 1 and was just wondering if there was anywhere online that I could find all of the episodes from season 2?

    Would like to catch up before season 3 starts in January! What an awesome show!! 😀 Can’t wait to watch more…

    • Welcome to the world of Chuck! Hulu and NBC are streaming 5 episodes at a time, currently showing the last 5 episodes of season 2. They’ll start over at episode 2.01 on November 29. If you can’t wait until then, you can purchase all of season 2 from Amazon Unbox now. The DVD set will be released January 5 (we know, but we’re not responsible for the weird release date).

    • “I just bought season 1 of Chuck at Target last week. (They had it on sale for 12.99)”

      I just bought another set today too! Will donate it to the librery. 🙂

      Oh, and season 2 is awesome! 😉

  24. Maybe I should have looked around the site a little more before posting! Just saw the full episodes tab at the top. Sorry!

    Still, I am excited for season 2, and then season 3 in January!! Also, I already frequent Subway, but I will be sure to let them know that I appreciate their support of the show!!

  25. Do you think it will be The Colonel and The Ring for the first two
    episodes Sunday then Season 3 Epy 1 that Monday?

  26. Hi All:

    Looks to be the start of a fantastic season.

  27. New Promo #04:

    second 05 =( ..(Charah Fans)

    • I think my dinner just came up a bit. I love all promos, except for this one

      • Chuck is just doing that for a mission. I mean it not like we havn’t seen those two seduce other people in the name of a mission. Relax! All is good. Besides, watching the promos and this preview has got me all excited about S3. Its going to be AWESOME!!!! 🙂

      • Thanks: I’m relaxed again. Also exited for next season, so much. Hope youre right with the mission thing….
        I think one of the scenes I’m looking most forward to is the CS -fighting with sticks scene

  28. Boom boom POW!
    This is going to be one hell of a premiere and a great start of the new year! I can’t wait!
    I don’t live in America (netherlands in fact) but I’ll order an (cpt.) Awesome t-shirt and both dvd boxes to support Chuck as much as I can!

  29. I understand what Gord said. The news may be TOO good. Here I am, at 4am in the morning, searching for more Chuck news and such. I just watched all the promos about 30 times, pausing at each picture to absorb everything.

    Season 3 looks outstanding, and like some others, I believe Chuck may be gaining more secure ground in NBC. Their new shows just aren’t doing that well.

    I’m buying Subway. Sunday and Monday. I’ll go out of my way to do it.

  30. Spastic colon … LOL … glad they are running that gag this season!

  31. love the ‘spastic colon’ gag! gratifying pay off for fans since the first season… (it’s from that season right?)

  32. GREAT NEWS!!! As someone who participated in the subway and heart chuck things – this is awesome.

    My family showed me an ad on TV with Chuck. lol.

  33. I was wondering how i could show my support for Chuck? I live in Australia and so i can’t watch it on NBC or hulu because it is not supported here. And as hardly anyone has heard of Chuck here, i don’t think buying subway or whatever will help much either. I’ll watch season 3 on megavideo or whatever is available to me in January, but i’m worried my support will go unrecognised. I have the dvd, and i’ve been getting friends hooked, but our support won’t help chuck stay on the air for more seasons to come.

    • I have pretty much the same problem since I live in Europe (In my country we don’t even have Subways anymore because their wasn’t a market there for it). I figured out the things we (fans that don’t live in the US but want to support Chuck)
      1. Buy DVDs. (Also for your friends. Make it a christmas present or birthday present)
      2. Get friends from the US hooked or tell your friends who are already hooked to get their friends from the U.S. hooked
      3. Buy Chuck t-shirts, posters,….
      4. Make supporting lists
      5. Write the TV station which show Chuck in your country that you like the show. As far as I know TV stations who take over series from the US pay a certain amount to NBC or other channels to have to right to show it. So if their are a lot of international TV stations that buy Chuck it’s also a good sign for them.

  34. This is awesome!! This season will proabably be the best yet !
    Does anyone know if Mark Christopher Lawrence and Tony Hale, will be in the first half of the third season? I just read that Julia Ling won’t be in the first half of the season which came as kind of a surprise for me since I haven’t been in the loop for 2 months..

  35. Recently watched first two episodes of season two. Chuck and Sarah’s real date goes well in spite of Colt’s interruption, but that hurdle is not insurmountable.

    Vs. the Seduction is probably my favorite episode. We finally see that Chuck’s feelings for Sarah are legitimate and true, not mere infatuation. He admits to Roan that yes indeed she is worth dying for. And when Sasha Banacek threatens to kill her, Chuck delivers and jumps off a roof to save her life. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Then Bryce Larkin shows up. And although he is a good guy and has looked out for Chuck, his presence throws the Charah advancement askew and the rest of the season is a struggle.

    It looks like everything is going to be OK at the beginning and end of vs. the Colonel, but then things go awry in the season finale.

    It’s still a great show with many comedic and dramatic elements, but like some I’m just not completely stoked for season three. I’m looking forward to it of course, but I think in some way it will be disappointing.

    • From what I have seen in the promos, S3 will be great. I can’t wait.

      • I’ve seen the promos, too. It does looks like fun. And I suppose if Chuck and Sarah are still working together, then you could argue indirectly that in a way they’re still together. I guess that’s their relationship.

        The more you think about it, it’s probably unrealistic for an average guy like Chuck to land such a hottie like Sarah. I think deep down he’s admitted that.

        Perhaps Sarah will eventually accept the new Chuck and eventually admit her true feelings. Chuck with his new skills, as long as he remembers and practices his old values, makes a pretty interesting, heroic, charming guy.

        Gord, correct me if I’m wrong, but the new Chuck seems as worried for Sarah’s safety, but his facial expressions appear a lot less insecure when she’s around other men.

        Perhaps now that Chuck has some physical abilities, maybe things can be turned around when Harmon, Krueck come on to Chuck. We’ve seen her jealous in the past, but now maybe she’ll have to chase Chuck some.

  36. chucks back thank goodness i was begining to get worried looks like not many girls dont watch chuck buts its been me and my dads show since its came out and its the only time we have together so i am soooo happy its on again:) <3

  37. You have a nice article…have a great day.

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