VIDEOS: More Chuck Season 3 Promos

What are we thankful for this year? More Chuck! Thanks to Richard who is on top of all the new Chuck promos NBC is airing. Here are the latest.

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  1. truly AWESOME!!!

  2. nothing new in these clips, good to see they are making plenty of ads for it though 🙂

    • Actually think there were a few new scenes in the second promo. There is that one clip where Chuck has his arm around Sarah, which should make the shippers happy.

      • yeah just watched them again, it was early in the morning for me lol.

        i dunno just looked like cover more then anything to me, although if they are still cover dating, they will have to spend lots of time together, and we all know where that leads to! 😀

      • The looks on their faces seemed to indicate more than cover dating was going on.
        Then again it might just be my optimism creeping in.

      • optimism is good, much better then being pessimistic! 🙂

      • lol very true Tenroc. Very true. 🙂

  3. Does anyone else think this new season is almost like an entirely different series? A lot has changed, this show is no longer about a goofy guy put into a spy world he doesn’t belong in. Now it has changed to a show about a spy who randomly gets amazing abilties he couldn’t preform normally.

    • now that you mention it, the show is becoming something different, although that was the only way they could expand the show because the “stay in the car” was just beginning to get tiresome and without character growth we would all of been left disappointed in my opinion. as long as they keep the fundamentals the same ie character flaws, fun humour and a great story then i am more than happy with how its shaping up.

      • Chuck may not be as goofy, but as we have seen from the promos, there is still going to be lots of comedy.

        I personally like the direction the show seems to be taking. Every year it keeps getting better and better. Although I will miss Anna Wu. I really hope they do bring her back for the 6 episodes of S3.2. At least make her a recurring guest star.

      • i dunno some of them clips make him look a little goofy lol.

        like i said the show had to go somewhere, if they had just found a way to make chuck stay the same we all would have been left disappointed.having a new intersect was the right way to go, even if the idea is a little bit cheesy.

        anna wu will be missed, not only was she a fun character but she was a good way to keep morgan occupied instead of having too much bromance.

  4. I’m so glad that they are actually promoting third season properly! It should definitely bring in some more viewers and fans!

  5. So excited. S3 is so COOL!!! 🙂

  6. Promo # 6 = Charah shipper heaven. 🙂

  7. I love the look Sarah gave Chuck at the end of the one promo.
    It sort of said, I know some things have changed but Sarah knows her Chuck is still there. You could see it in her smile.

    That too, fills me with optimism.


    • Right BMB.

      Remember after Chuck kicked all those asses in the intersect chamber in the S2 finale?

      Sarah simply says, “Chuck?” Remember how she asked it. With a trembling, worried, not really sure tone. As if to say,”Is that really you, Chuck, my Chuck, or something else entirely?”

  8. All the promos are seriously good! Especially #3, #6 and #7. 😀

  9. Very true stargazer. If Ali is to be believed & trusted. C&S Relationship fans may also very well, get what we hope in regards to Chuck & Sarah by the end of this season. Which is to say, the relationship as “Real” out In the open & in a loving place.

    I as a fan that wants this, hope for two things.
    1 For the ratings to be strong enough to see the C&S relationship played out properly this season.

    2 A better feeling & ending to season 3 this yr, than season 2 was for me.

    I still feel they abused my faith a little bit last yr with the unresolved in so many areas cliffhanger type ending, with Chuck possibly going off of the air.
    That ending irked many a fan & as many that were pleased, just as many were not.

    I hope they don’t abuse my trust with an ending like that again.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Buy More Bagger–I agree 100%–I hope they know if there will be a Chuck S4 prior to the end of S3 so they can do a better job tying up lose ends “The Ring” was so hyped I was really disappointed. Of couse being a shipper I really like The Colonel—maybe thats another reason I did not care for the Ring. I hope Ali can be trusted. I want that strong no third party loving, trusting relationship between Sarah and Chuck. Could be a great season!!

  11. i cant watch the promo 6! nooooo!

    omg chuck looks so bloody awesome CANNNNTTT WAIIIIT!

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for it to begin!!!!!!

  13. The additional previews were awesome, particularly number 6. I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing the quarterstaff duel shown in its entirety. We’ve only been shown bits and pieces, but something is obviously going on in that scene beyond a simple sparring match. There’s issues regarding Chuck’s downloading the of the Intersect and decision to become a spy that are being addressed physically. I wonder if other words are spoken during the fight and whether some sort of resolution or truce is reached regarding some the the issues between the couple, or the fight simply exacerbates the underlying tension.

    • If you look at the ‘first job’ video, there is a brief scene of Sarah in the Nurses uniform taking out the bad guys, in that video she seems really pissed off at Chuck for some reason. The quarterstaff thing could come later as a resolution to the arguement or as the start of the arguement which continues into the mission.

  14. Nós, brasileiros, também estamos ansiosos pelo retorno de CHUCK. o/