SPOILERS: Title for Episode 3.11

Ali Adler gave us a few details on Chuck episode 3.11 today, thanks to Lou pestering her. 😉

The episode is titled “Chuck vs. the Final Exam”. It’s written by Zev Borow and directed by Robert Duncan McNeil. Final exam? Are we headed back to Stanford?

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  1. It seems to be my job. 😉

    Thankfully Ali has graciously complied with responses every time.

    Thanks Ali!

  2. Charles Carmichael’s final exam? 😉

  3. Final exam before tackling on his own missions? 😉

  4. It is amazing how from just an episode title I can get excited about the show. Chuck graduates from Asset Chuck Bartowski to Special Agent Charles Carmichael. Maybe it is a bit presumptuous of me, but I’m pretty sure we are all thinking that is what the final exam is.
    Do you think Chuck and Sarah will have a graduation celebration afterwards?

    Every little bit of Chuck news makes S3 sound that much better.

  5. maybe it’s chucks fianl exam so that he can FULLY become a spy. or maybe it’s her final exam in sarah’s heart?? :))

  6. I just had a thought. Shaw was supposed to be around for about 8 episodes, starting with episode 4. This means episode 11 or early 12 he leaves the show.
    This would coincide nicely with Chuck completing his spy training as that is one of the main reasons Shaw is there.
    Sounds to me like Chuck is going to pass his final exam.