VIDEO: Career Vs Love Promo

Here’s a new Chuck promo that should get fans buzzing! It’s called “Career vs Love”:

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  1. That is my favorite promo to date in all three seasons of Chuck. Because it shows all three seasons from when they first meet to the beach scene and to a really great romantic moment.

    Can’t wait to see ti unfold.

  2. This is the greatest promo in the history of promos, except for James Cameron’s Avatar and Iron Man 2.

    Charah FTW.

  3. That was…..AWESOME!!! To bad it just had to be Chuck and Sarah flash backs but still good

  4. The music is wonderful and the scene the runaway scene and the scene in Praque, so beautiful

  5. That was really sweet.. but it’s probably going to end up being bitterweet.. Chuck is probably going to say, “Sorry, but I can’t”.

    • AT 0:24 Sarah is wearing a different jacket and at 0:25 another one so two different kisses … or am i wrong ??AND p.s BEST PROMO EVER!!!

      • I think might be right. Good eye! 🙂

      • also there is another kiss in the first 5 episodes because on that 6 minut promo chuck kisses sarah in a more rushed manor,so thats at least three kisses in the first 5 episodes which is as much as there were in the first 2 seasons!

  6. Best promo ever!

  7. 1 totally agree BEST PROMO EVER!!!

  8. I have a feeling were gonna see the roles between chuck and sarah switch for the first few episodes, where sarah will be chasing chuck and chuck will have to decline because he knows how important he is. “Will you run away with me” brings a tear to my eye lol.

  9. I wanna run away with Yvonne.

    That’s right. I wanna run away with Yvonne and spend the rest of our days eating lots of wonderful food together……most if it consisting of peanut butter and chocolate 😉

  10. does anyone know the song playing in the commercial?

  11. OH My God, I have to agree with you guys! That promo was the best so far. I doubt the chuck’s answer to sarah’s question will be what we wait but still. My heart was bounding as she asked that question!
    Now I’m even more excited about the upcoming season!

  12. terrific promo once more, they really are doing great to get the show out there. season 3 seems better and better everytime i check.

  13. Guys, 50 dollars says Sarah and Chuck decided to run away together, but, in Prague, he realises that he can’t abandon his duty nor his sister, and they decide to go back.
    That kiss on the train station is their final kiss…

    Gosh, do you think that we will only be able to see Chuck and Sarah finally together when “Chuck” ends? That sucks…

  14. Here are 3 clips I found of 3 scenes from the first ep of S3. Enjoy! 🙂

  15. I luv chuck’s face when sarah ask’s him 2 run away with him. God he’s so hot.

  16. I can’t help it. I think I’m gonna blow with so much excitement on chuck season 3 and it’s only 17 days to go. Yeah

  17. Has anyone seen the canadian promo on city tv toronto, they have way more stuff casey has a minigun!