SPOILERS: Episode 3.14 Casting Call, Title

We’ve just seen the first three episodes of Chuck‘s third season, and now we’re getting some clues about the first episode of NBC’s additional order. The showrunners have stated that episodes 3.14-3.19 will be a mini-season, a fairly self-contained story. We already know that Scott Bakula is returning as Papa Bartowski, and now Andy at Spoiler TV provides us with the casting call for episode 3.14, “Chuck vs. the Honeymooner”:

[JUAN DIAZ ARNALDO] Early 40s.. a Javier Bardem, type, scruffy, handsome, actually rather articulate and sensitive, Arnaldo is a renowned Basque terrorist who happens to be traveling with his two thugs on the same train as Chuck and Sarah. Despite his violent background he’s a rather refined European gentleman who can be gracious and charming, especially to Sarah…GUEST STAR (6)

[MUSTACHE MAN] This French man with a mustache seems somewhat menacing and treacherous, until it’s revealed he’s a steward on the train carrying Chuck and Sarah. He brings many room service meals to them in their compartment, and wryly reminds them that the train does have a dining car…8 lines, 4 scenes (1)

[CANADIAN WOMAN/ELIA] This apparently innocuous Canadian woman on the train is actually a former accomplice of Arnaldo’s, who’s involved in a plot to retrieve him and bring him to justice for selling out their Basque terrorist group. She is tough, fearless and relentless…2 speeches & 4 lines, 4 scenes (6)

[THUG #1/INTERPOL AGENT #1; THUG #2, INTERPOL #2] These two Spanish thugs traveling with renowned Basque terrorist Juan Diaz Arnaldo…5 lines, 3 scenes; 1 line, 3 scenes respectively (6)

[POLISH ROCKER] This skinny Polish punk rocker in chains and tats is another passenger on the train. Sarah strikes up a conversation with him in Polish in order to stealthily relieve him of his handcuffs…1 line, 2 scenes (6) SPEAKS POLISH

Now that you’ve read the casting call, I’d like to draw your attention to previous examples like this one or this one. Notice anything different? Pardon me for being cynical, but there’s an awful lot of plot detail given away in this casting call. This is my suspicious face: <_<

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  1. “honeymooners” OMG Is that what I think it means? Sarah and Chuck on a train. OMG. OMG. Any one else thinking what I’m thinking right now?

    • NO.

      Chuck would take Sarah to a tropical island sipping drinks with little umbrellas. This smells like a mission where they pose as a honeymooning couple.

      A train? I agree it can be romantic but something the government would cook up. There will probably be a few Silverstreak (Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor/Jill Clayburgh) references.

      • Does anyone remember the end of First Date? Maybe Chuck got those Eurorail passes he wanted.
        Lets face it if it is a mission, you can bet their cover will lead to some romance.

      • I guess no body is thinking what I thinking. I was going for Irony here. They are probably on train, possing as honeymooners in order to save this rock star guy or something like that. I just thought it was ironic that there doing this on train since its a train station where Sarah Walker got rejected. Talk about an awkward moment there. Though if they are really together for real that would really be ironic though highly unlikly (they could be dating though) that they will be married in this ep because the ep before this one is titled Chuck vs. the Other Guy. Lol

        Viva La Chuck! 🙂

      • Yeah. I do remember that reference. Ha ha. Good one Gord.

    • My bet is that the Honeymooner is the name of the railcar or train itself.

  2. Well, it was singular Honeymooner. Still, it’s interesting. Chuck and Sarah riding a train together (apparently in Spain) and spending a lot of time in their compartment leads you to wonder.

    Finally, I agree with Mel on the casting call. It is the most plot revealing one I’ve ever seen out of Schwartz, Fedak and co.

  3. Mel,

    Maybe they gave all the plot details to keep the “shippers” from jumping off a cliff once the geometric shapes (aka Shaw and Hannah) appear starting with next week’s episode.

  4. Notice how they are also taking advantage of the fact that Yvonne speaks fluent Polish (her parents emigrated to Australia from Poland.)

  5. Perk up shippers!

    – written by ***ALI ADLER*** /Lauren Lefranc/Rafe Judkins

    (from Speculation/Titles post in FORUM)

  6. OMG you know what I don’t cared if they’re married or not, quite frankly i don’t want them to be/doubt it, it’s way to early
    but either way this sounds like they’re back together again, and there’s alot of romance and alone time



  9. i personally think that the episode that chuck and sarah will “get back together” will be episode 11. This is becuase generally after a major love triangle arc that normally goes for 3ish episodes (bryce and sarah in season 1 end of episode 9-11, and jill in season 2 episodes 6-8) they bring in an episode about casey (“chuck vs the undercover” lover and “chuck vs the sensai”) and we know that episde 10 is about casey and his past. That one episode of casey i think is there to: 1. give us information on casey and 2. allow the relastionship of chuck and sarah to heal.

    I think maybe in episode 13 chuck and sarah might become more serious than what they already are, rememberingn that episode 13 was supposed to be the end of the original season 3

  10. Well, the last episode for Brandon Routh as Shaw is 3.12. That means 3.13 will be the first one without any PLI’s on the show. Who knows? Maybe they elope at the end of 3.13, and that was the potential season-ending cliff-hanger?

    As Mel said, 3.14 is the first of the six additional episodes to extend the season. Those six episodes are supposed to be one long story.

    • You’re right. Shaw is around until episode 3.12. But one episode is not enough for Chuck and Sarah to rekindle their relationship. At the end of season 2 it took 3 episodes for them to move the relationship forward. Unless Shaw is out of the picture as a love interest some where around episode 9 or 10.

      • If hes around till ep12 than who the “other guy” in ep13. Go check out the title for the ep so know what I’m talking about.

      • Not sure who the “other guy” is referring to because I’m pretty sure that ep. 12 is Shaw’s last. Unless they extended his arc again. I also agree that it’s probable that he doesn’t act as a love interest for the last few episodes of his arc since that long of a love triangle would be soap opera style.

      • i wonder what episode scott bakula will guest star in, maybe towards the end of the season?
        I also highly doubt that shaw will play a love intrest for the final episode of his arc that would just cause alot of fans to bail on the show.
        i lagree with chuckfan#1’s theory on how shaw being a love interest from ep 7-9. That i think would follow the same kind of formula that the bryce and jill love triangle followed.
        I wonder if the episodes 14-19 will deal with the ring as the main villains?

  11. It’d be funniest if Beckman ordered it as a fake for the cover but the two of them just went with it and the only one in the dark was Beckman herself. This is what I continue to hope they do.

  12. Im probaly the biggest fan of chuck in sweden, Here in sweden TV6 will probaly try to get chuck season 3, but when will it come to europe?

  13. I agree that it’ll prolly be Charah posing as a honeymoon couple, but how awesome would it be if they accually were!?! Except they can’t cuz it’d take more than 10 episodes for Charah to get engaged and married. I mean, heck, the Charah wedding will be a season finale for sure! If not the wedding, then for sure the honeymoon…

  14. For the ‘shippers looking to come back in off of the ledge, this is probably the most important sentence in the casting call! LOL!

    “He brings many room service meals to them (Sarah and Chuck) in their compartment, and wryly reminds them that the train does have a dining car…”

  15. Dunno if this has already been said but does anyone else think that chuck vs the other guy could be spy chuck vs normal chuck? Just throwing that out there =)

  16. Zach said that after a long wait we’re gonna get some charah…
    I think this is it!! yay All we have to do now is to suffer through those 8 eps with Superman haha:D

  17. I think it would cool if they sent back to Prague to catch the same train they were meant to run away on

  18. Okay i am so so so sorry im about to be a johnny rain cloud right now but i don’t Chuck and Sarah will BE together, together on this episode. Don’t get me wrong im a TOTAL CHARAH SHIPPER but its highly unlikely that this would happen, though i do have a couple of theories why they would stay in their compartment. No.1 to help their married couple honeymooners cover or 2.For some reason they HAVE to stay in there to be safe or not to be made out by “baddies” as Chuck would put it….then again ALI ADLER wrote this one, ugh all this thinking is giving me a headache

  19. Is it just me or is anyone else losing that loving feeling for Chuck and Sarah? I feel like they are starting us out at square one again with them and it feels like it’s going to be this huge climb AGAIN. I thought at the end of the premiere maybe they weren’t going to send us back to Chuck and Sarah as friends land, but they have. So I have no faith that they’ll be together in ep 14. No way. If Chuck really loved Sarah he’d be begging her to forgive him and be with him. He’d be at her doorstep every day. He wouldn’t shake her hand and smile and say ok let’s be friends, let’s eat processed food and watch video games. I thought the chemistry was there in the premiere, but now I’m losing it.

    • Chuck did beg Sarah to forgive him. She finally did but both of them realized that they need to take romance out of the equation for now and rebuild their friendship.

    • So Chuck should become a doormat and then force Sarah to take out a restraining order?

      Maybe Sarah should be the pursuer this time.

  20. I think season 3 of ‘Chuck’ will come to Virgin 1 for us Europeans in June/July.

  21. No ‘s’ on honeymooner worries me. Could it be Sarah on her own after Shaw dies and Chuck filling in? They’re on a mission that should have been Shaw and Sarah but Chuck fills in so they keep undercover by laying low in the cabin. This time together starts the relationship rebuilding. I think it would kill the show because it would be another dead ex for Sarah and make Chuck someone she could never be with for fear of him dying, but as I said, the honeymooner is singular and that does not strike me as a mistake, but instead as something very intentional.

    • Are you sure that Shaw will die? Maybe she’ll tell him that it won’t work and she wants Chuck,he’ll just leave ? I think you’re too pesymistic people 😀 It’s gonna work out our way :D:D Besides 13 was going to be season’s finale so they’ll give us charah at the end and a continuation of it in those additional eps 😀 Am I too naive ? :DD

      • Thats a lot of happy faces. Nice to know somebody else other then me has faith in the writers. 🙂

      • There’s never enough happy faces for me 😀 And honestly those are not bold words, we really have a good reasons to believe that they’ll make chuck and sarah FINALLY together. Maybe they are as tired about this as we are and we’ve Ali Adler on our side 😀

      • ITA! You seriously made me smile. I love the optimism.

      • 😀 I’m glad 😀

  22. I don’t know if this makes a difference or not, but on the last episode it says that a guest star will be playing as Chuck’s therapist. I wonder if something happens to Sarah or Ellie?
    No more Charah!Yaya! (Maybe!)

  23. I think honeymooner may be referring to the name of the train car they will be traveling. Hotels have a special suite called “Honeymoon suite.” So, it may be a possibility?