SPOILERS: Official Synopsis for Episode 3.08

NBC just released the official synopsis for the next episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Fake Name”, which airs on Monday, March 1 at 8/7c.

CHUCK GOES UNDERCOVER AS THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS ASSASSIN— KRISTIN KREUK (“SMALLVILLE”) AND BRANDON ROUTH (“SUPERMAN RETURNS”) GUEST STAR—Chuck (Zachary Levi) promises to cook dinner for Hannah (guest star Kristin Kreuk), Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) but must first assume the identity of the world’s most dangerous assassin for his latest mission. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) is determined to keep her relationship with Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh) strictly professional. Adam Baldwin, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

The casting call for this episode is posted in the Spoilers section.

REMINDER: The topic is here is episode 3.08. If you want to discuss 3.07 and the fan fallout, there are plenty of other places to do so. I’ve deleted/edited several off-topic comments from below.

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  1. Other than the dinner thing it’s the same info from msn short synopsis.

  2. World’s most dangerous assassin sounds like it’ll be a very exciting undertaking! It’s been nice, albeit sometimes heartbreaking, to see Chuck “growing up”.
    Dinner with Hannah, Ellie, and Awesome should be a fun relief. I’ve been missing the home/heart dynamic/element this season. Budget cuts and all, you gotta do what you gotta do, but Ellie and Awesome have always been a very important thing for me in regards to the show’s identity. All of the human relationships (Morgan, Ellie, Awesome, Sarah, individually) and not just the spy world is what made Chuck so heartwarming and different. Not to say that this third season hasn’t been awesome. Because it has. I’m just feeling nostalgic.

  3. No Morgan?!??!?!?!?

  4. I hope this one will be good…

  5. So, Sarah keeps things “strictly professional” with Shaw. Reminds me of last season when she told Bryce the very same thing about “the Andersons”. Last season we knew it was because of her feelings for Chuck. This season we can assume the same. Shippers rejoice! No need for boycott! Buy Subway!

    • But she will kiss Shaw passionately.Also,Chuck-Hannah relationship must be serious.She will meet with Ellie and Awesome.

      • She will meet with Ellie and Awesome probably because Ellie will tell Chuck that she saw them in the BuyMore home theater room and insist on it. Does Sarah kiss Shaw passionately or is it more Shaw’s initiative or possibly a cover to find out what he’s up to?

    • Personally I think that Shaw is deliberately drawing Sarah away from Chuck, so as to make Chuck more emotionless and cold. He must know about them. Lets hope he is doing this in a cold and calculated manner and not really falling for Sarah.

    • Also i hope that “Chuck punching Shaw” scene is after the “Sarah kisses Shaw scene”. Would be personally satisfying ;D (no offense). Also ant imagine myself enduring a lovemaking scene between Shaw and Sarah. hahahha

  6. I think this will be a good one – just like old times, Chuck trying to juggle home life and spy life 🙂 Hoping for some Jeff-Lester comedy too

  7. i love this ….

  8. I think there’s nothing wrong with the show taking a break from the romance between Chuck and Sarah. A lot of shows do this with their main characters and it works out just fine.

    • As long as relationships/romance in Chuck doesn’t start to lool like those in the O.C and the main characters doesn’t die, I’m gonna watch it.

      Btw, is this the episode when Chuck hits Shaw right in the kisser ?

      • I don’t know. I hope so. I’m not sure when we get to see previews of this episode, so we probably won’t know till then.

  9. Looking forward to Chuck 308!!!

  10. Sarah trying to keep things professional between her and Shaw seems to verify some people’s speculation that Sarah is not strongly romantically attracted to Shaw and perhaps has an ulterior motive for appearing to be with him.

    • agreed I think shes testing him like he tested her in episode five

    • I agree with you rickfromillinois. Personally,I think ep.08 “The fake name” it’s about real life vs spy life, and nothing in the spyworld is real. not only sarah’s real name will be revealed, but it also chuck will discover that hannah is a fake maybe she’s an agent for the CIA by being a apart of Shaws plan to come between chuck/sarah for chuck can become an emotionaless
      superspy by doing that chuck will hard time seperating the two worlds on What is real in the spyworld? which will cause him to be depressed. Sarah kissing shaw will be professional she’s out to protect chuck and find out what shaws true motives is.It’s not about the chuck/shaw/sarah love triangle that we a promo video for months. I believe when chuck finds out that hannah is fake,sarah the woman he loves is’nt real,and the work he has done is not real thats when chuck goes to shaws apartment while sarah is there and tells shaw that he does not want to become a spy anymore,and shaw replied! you had your chance not to be a spy and run away with sarah in prague and you blew it and thats when chuck knock shaw out because shaw insist he should to remain a spy.

  11. It is always possible that she just tried to make Chuck jealous.

  12. You’re right. It would be nice to see Sarah in pursuit of Chuck for once.

    • That would be a nice twist. But maybe Sarah suspects that Shaw is a double agent from the get go and that is what General Beckman was saying about they should know and its dangerous a few vs. ago.

  13. Chuck gave Sarah veto power over his relationship with Hannah. She could have just used it. Why let Chuck think she’s over him and wants him to move on if she’s just going to try and make him jealous?

    • I think that sarah isn’t the type but to act out on her jealousy but I bet inside she really is

    • yeah lol thats why chuck in that one episode was like ” so i have to try and win her back over and over and over again” its cute but like wtf sarah meet him halfway

  14. I hate that we have to wait till March 1st for this episode! I’m hoping that Sarah gets jelious of the dinner date. I know that untill the series finale in how ever many years… we will never see Chuck and Sarah together. 🙁

  15. It would ruin the show if Sarah and chuck were actually together. It’s all the sexual tension and desire to be together which creates the humor and effect we are all drawn to.

    • Love the pun, but I often hear the expression “any publicity is good publicity” and I think it will apply in this case. People who have never heard of the show will wonder what all the fuss was about and hopefully tune in after the Olympics.

  16. It`s Hannah`s last episode;sadly,so i hope they put more focus on her/

  17. Mel pulled my the only 2 posts I made, so this will most likely get yanked too!

    Shaw is there not to push Chuck, but to push “Team Bartorski”!

    • Once again, it’s about staying on topic. I just had to delete more comments that belonged on any of the myriad articles devoted to rehashing 3.07.

  18. I will make this short a sweet. If a girl said good bye to me like Sarah said good bye to Chuck at the end of the mask I would be in heaven!! Just saying!! Relax and enjoy the ride folks!

  19. I understand that nothing happens between Sarah and Shaw. wonderful!

  20. I think this episode sounds great, can’t wait! Probably in 3.09 we will see Chuck hit Shaw (just a guess) because with Hanna gone he will be more concerned with Sarah. Does anyone know when NBC will show a preview for the show?

  21. Based on the description, I’m hoping this is the episode where Chuck finally gets together with Ellie!

    (Okay, I know. SO wrong. But I couldn’t resist the levity after there’s been so much seriousness about Chuck & Sarah. Besides, they’d make a super-cute couple. lol)

  22. Hi everyone. Do anyone here knows what is the Ring? I know Fulcrum is part of the Ring. In Chuck Season 1 & 2, Fulcrum is looking for intersect and to control CIA and the Government. I have watched all Chuck season 3 episode. I still does not know what is the mission of the Ring. Is the Ring is still looking for the Intersect or just to control CIA and the Government. I appreciate if anyone here or out there provide me the information. And thank you in advance.

  23. Relax guys this is Hanna’s last episode so Chuck will single after this episode. This hopefully will be the of Sara Shaw as a couple either this or the next Roth only has 4 episodes left after this so I don’t think there is enough time left to get anything serious going when you factor in the spy stories

  24. How great would it be if Ellie didn’t like Hannah? I personally like Hannah, but seeing Ellie go head to head with one of Chuck’s girlfriends would be awesome. Or at least have Ellie like her, but sit Chuck down and tell him he can’t still have feelings for Sarah and string Hannah along. I just really like Ellie moments 🙂 Hoping for something similar to when she saw “Sarah’s ex” hanging around the hospital.

    Oh and this is the episode where Chuck punches Shaw, everyone! The director of 3.08 (his name is slipping me but his tag is tinroof) posted a picture with Yvonne on twitter where she’s dressed like she is in the promo. Also that promo only had clips up to 3.08.

  25. Anybody got a weblink for the promo for 3.08?

  26. So hanna wil exit the show on this episode that was a very short arch, why so short? anyway, how will she diasapear? is she a spie? does she gets another job? does she realise that chuck’s life is too complex with her “so called ex” always around? or better will she be killed by the ring?

  27. Do anyone know when it will be out cause i m from greece and i don’t really know!!!

  28. well… i really hope that sara and chuck would be together after this episode

  29. hannah can’t b trusted. shady profile, coming to barbank only for chuck, and shaw, the superman dude is taking some weird steps. this episode will put us on fire.

  30. At the end of the episode when Sarah thinks she is going to be killed who does she keep looking at? Is it Shaw or Chuck.. Because if anyone knows it would really help to unravel what Sarahs plan with Shaw is……