SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 3.09 Synopsis

NBC has released the official synopsis for episode 3.09, “Chuck vs. the Beard”, which airs March 8 at 8/7c:

CHUCK GETS BENCHED WHEN HE CAN’T FLASH- BRANDON ROUTH (“SUPERMAN RETURNS”) GUEST STARS-Chuck (Zachary Levi) feels like his life is falling apart when he can’t flash and gets left behind for a mission. While Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh), Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) go on without him, Chuck finds himself in a sticky situation back at the base. Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

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  1. feels like his life is falling apart WHEN he can’t flash? I woulda thought it would be..
    Feels like his life is falling apart AND THEN he cant flash.

    Is it march yet?

  2. Why wouldn’t he be able to flash? Is it because of his emotions?

  3. sounds pretty good prolly depressed about hannah leaving idk

  4. what a dumb premise. Why is Chuck being benched? I thought the training wheels were coming off? This show is falling apart.

    Haven’t any of those characters been paying attention? Chuck has proven he can get it done without the damn intersect.

  5. Zach mentioned in an interview that Sarah was like his kryptonite. I think whatever happens with Hannah and then Shaw/Sarah will impact his ability. Morgan is also feeling letdown after seeing him kiss Hannah. Even Awesome was freaking out about Chuck’s life having strings attached. For once Ellie is the only one who doesn’t seem disappointed in him.

    What happens if Sarah, Morgan and Awesome all seem indifferent or disappointed in him? Possibly, an inability to flash.

    The hero always has to tumble to the ground so he can rise up stronger than ever. I have a feeling Chuck will rise and be more awesome by the end of this season. March…where are you!?! LOL

  6. These spoilers are hardly descriptive. In fact, I count 39 words, or 0.039 of a picture, describing the episode (not counting the sentence about the rest of the cast). Still can’t wait for March 1st.

  7. obviously Chuck will save the day without flashing. he’ll prove to everyone that he’s the hero. duh!!!

  8. This is also the episode that Zach directed. And it’s been pointed out that The new Intersect relies on a cold-hearted emotionless spy to work. We know that Chuck is not that type, so the Intersect will malfunction at times.

  9. I quite like the way episode 9 is looking 🙂
    I can see Sarah and co in danger on their mission and Chuck rushing in to save the day with some kick ass kung fu 🙂

    So can’t wait till March, lol here we are again waiting for March 😉

  10. “Chuck finds himself in a sticky situation back at the base.”

    Im guessing that is about morgan getting close to his secret? Isnt this the episode that he find out.

  11. I might be mistaking but in Episode 8 will be Shaw/Sarah kiss and Episode 9 will be Chuck punching Shaw.

  12. It’s fun that the whole cast is here and the showrunners gave Zach Levi a difficult episode to direct. It means we’ll probably get equal doses of the spy story, the Buy More hijinks, and the family bit in a single episode.

    I wonder which episode will show Chuck and Morgan being caught by the police? I swear I saw a Twitter photo where the both of them were bent over on a police car while handcuffed.

  13. Lets hope there is only the kissing scene with Shaw and not much more.I don’t think i will be able to endure anything more. Also I hope the Sarah-Shaw “romance” gets cold in 3.09. because brandon routh will be there till 3.13. i hope its only a professional relationship after 3.09.

    whats ur take guys?

    • I agree, hes so perfect that i want there to be something wrong with him, lol. The whole back and forth romance between chuck and sarah is good and although it needs some outer forces of romance I don’t want nething to get to serious between shaw and sarah.

    • All the bloggers and shiippers out there, I know there is a lot of questions concerning tonight ep.08 chuck vs “The Fake Name” My opinion is that the Sarrh/Shaw kiss is professional on Sarahs behalf as a con to find out what shaws true intentions. is he a rogue CIA agent? and was a member of the Ring or is he? A man like shaw with that many secrets to keep but knows everything about chuck/Sarah and Casey, that is very disturbing to me.and sarah is still trying to protect Chuck.

      Also I think this episode is about Real World vs Spy World where there nothing is real in the spy world and Chuck will have a hard time seperating the two worlds. He finds out that Hannah is fake, he also finds out on his own or by shaw who is Sarahs real name is. Chuck will find out that Hannah
      is a fake,Sarah the woman that he really loves not real,and that includes Shaw.Chuck confronts shaw at his apartment in front of sarah after the kiss
      and tell Shaw he does not want to become a spy anymore.Remember in this episode 08 chuck plays the role of a real assassion. does he have to kill someone? I do not know. but shaw told chuck you had your chance to runaway in Prague with Sarah and you blew it. it was not about the Shaw/Sarah/Chuck love triangle. I dont see hannah/chuck relationship ending in her death or betrayl then runs back to claim his love for sarah again. B

      • A ADD ON TO MY PREVIOUS LETTER ABOVE :Besides Shaw knew if Sarah/Chuck go awol in Prague the CIA would find them and bring them back, and thats when chuck gave him a glass jaw and storms out of the apartment because shaws insist he remain a spy. Chuck become so depressed because he dont know what is real in the spyworld that his emotions will cause his inabilty to flash in Ep.09 I think it about time for Sarah to pull out the charm bracelet that chuck gave to her on christmas eve at buymore to let him know that this bracelet he gave to her is real and to a real girl freind. That will wosk even in the spyworld

  14. I found an iterview with Adam Baldwin, just when they were shooting this episode, and it contains a major spoiler why Chuck can’t flash. So be warned! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eedymW0r-y8&feature=related

  15. Josh Schwartz just Tweeted a highlight video on YouTube of upcoming episodes.


  16. I’m pretty sure the reason why he can’t flash is because he’s emotional again. One thing that none of the characters has ever mentioned or questioned is why/how the abilities part of the Intersect weren’t working in 3×01 and 3×02 and then suddenly were working well in 3×03. It was because Chuck and Sarah were back together in a way so he was no longer emotional. Considering the fact that the March 1st episode is Hannah’s last and that things couldn’t have been better between her and Chuck during the last 10 minutes of the Mask, something has to happen that causes Chuck and Hannah to break up quickly. Probably something big. Chuck would be emotional again because of this, hence the inability to flash. It also may have something to do with him being jealous of Shaw, but I hope not because that would mean they’re going to give us more angst crap, which I know nobody wants to see.

    Also, for the Youtube video, finally. I’ve been disappointed with NBC so far with the Olympics because I’ve seen tons of promos for its new shows that are starting after the Olympics but I haven’t seen one Chuck promo so far. I’m hoping that clip of Chuck holding Sarah while she does that kick is going to be like the Sarah and Bryce fight scene from the Nemesis. I’ve been waiting all season to see something like that with Chuck and Sarah. Also curious to find out why Chuck would be trying to snipe Shaw. Lastly, I’m getting tired of these ridiculous Chuck and Sarah cliffhangers (Sarah do you love me?…) They’re starting to get old. All I can say is her answer to that had better be yes or the show’s not going to be alive for long after that episode.

    • To Tyler,Jeff,Kg,and the rest of the bloggers who been commenting about episodes 08 and 09 of chuck as far as spoiler plots are concerned. Let me give bloggers something to think about. Remember ep.07 called “The Mask. ” Well the definition of that word the mask means to caver up ones face,to hide their true motives and intentions.Basically it’s all about deception.Remember in the spy world nothing is resl eventhough the last 30min.of “The Mask” seeing chuck/hannah/shaw/sarah being together did not sit to well with most of fams of the show it’s deception between all four of them.A con with in a con.Ep 08 “The Fake Name” Chuck will not only find out about sarah’s real name is?It’s about the real life vs the spy life and whats real in the spy world and I Think that chuck will have a hard time seperating the two worlds in which it’s going to cause him some serious problems.In”The Fake Name” chuck will find out that hannah is a fake,perhaps hannah told chuck before she eithers dies or leaves the buy more store that she’s an agent for the CIA and was brought in by shaw to keep sarah and you(chuck)apart for you can become super spy which will end the PLI between chuck and hannah. Then chuck goes to shaws apartment confronts shaw while sarah is there and tells shsw that he does want to become a spy anymore maybe because of what hnnah told him what shaw did and/or about sarah’s real name and who she’s reslly all about, and shaw replied!you had your chance to runaway with sarah in at Prague and you blew it and thats when chuck decks shaw.because he insist chuck to remained a spy. and (you know what that means that shaw knows what happened in Prague between chuck/sarah.)by which is going to cause chucks to be out of control and loose his abitliy to flash Ep.09 he does’nt know whats real anymore.It’s not about the chuck/sarah/shaw love triangle that we been told for months in advavnce as a spioler promo it’s misdireciton.As far as the sarah/shaw kissing!Its purely professionsl sarah is trying to find out about shaws true intentions.Is he CIA rogue agent? or did he once work the ring and still is? either way I believe shaws days as a agent is numbered, it ends in betrayal his death of both and sarah is stll protecting chuck. chuck is going so depressed about whats real vs whats fake that the only person that will save him is sarah because she reminded chuck on season 1 when he started to date lou on ep.08 or 09 i’ts hard to have a real realationship in this line of work and she is right especially when you’re a spy enviroment based on lies and deception trying to have a PLI with a someone in a normal world enviroment.If chuck did not learn his about that he found out the hardway when came to jill roberts in the ep.of “The Gravatron” when chuck/sarah/casey found out that Jill Roberts is spy for fulcum. here another case where chuck is a spy dating jill who he thought was a nomal girl since their days in college now! she a rouge spy for Fulcum while she was in college eight years ago talking about being burned twice by the same girl that tragic. And now Hannah she going to betray chuck to in some form or fashion.What these three women have in commom in regard to chuck? They all Brunetts. Even if hannah is not a agent does not change the fact when try to live a double life (spy life and normal life) most time them types of relationhips does not work. Chuck must relize that if wants a real relationship long term in the spy world,it has to be with someome special.Someone who understands the dynamaics in maintaining multiple existences yet still treasure the simple things. The real things. Built on a mutral trust. It takes the heart longer to absorb what the head knows already and girl is Sarah Walker.

      So to all the bloggers and shippers out there just calm down, get off the edge of cliff,and don’t jump out any windows just relax.Let the story play it self out. As bloggers and shippers we get obsessed over the chuck/sarah relationship. there relationship is fine.Remember,season 3 is about chuck/sarah needs to mature mentaly,emotionaly,and professionaly. to become earthquake proof as the two become equal spy partners woking together and trusting one another in a deadly world of espinoge if they to have any change for a long relationship. And far as I am concered right now,that’s better than the romance part, but that will come later begining march 1,2010.

  17. After seeing the promo where Chuck is holding a gun on someone and the person says “can’t you see that’s exactly what they want?” makes me wonder: Could it be that Chuck at last is forced to shoot someone and his regret over that makes him unable to flash in the next episode? Just throwing that out there.

    • I think this speculation about Chuck killing someone this season is to misunderstand the genre. Chuck is the story of a superhero. On an emotional level, his closest parallel in comics would be Spider-Man. Spider-Man doesn’t kill, not on purpose, and I don’t believe Chuck ever will, either.

      • I hope he does kill the guy. Not because I love seeing people get killed but because it isn’t realistic that he hasn’t killed anyone yet. I would think he would first maybe kill to protect sarah like she did in season 2. I think if Chuck wants to be a spy he has to get to grips with pulling the trigger.

      • I think Chuck is only likely to kill someone in a situation where it is clearcut case of kill or let someone else die (such as Sarah or Ellie). I think he probably will have to kill someone and I suspect that is why Christopher Lloyd’s character comes in as a shrink.

  18. What if the beard refers to chuck felling down after losing hannah and being benched and the cheese puffs return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I think Chuck flashes after the threesome get in a bind on the mission and he shows up to save them.–Just a guess but it seems logical!!!

  20. i think sarahs being cruel to chuck, she’s always toying with his emotions, which is why he cant flash, now i love you, now i dont. Its too much for chuck.

    also is kristin kreuk no longer part of the cast?

  21. i don t like the way that Shaw is interfering in the team bartowsski,things was running so smooth before him and now the chances that Chuck and Sarah to be together are getting smaller and smaller by episode especially because Chuck make mistake after mistake in his relation with Sarah,hopefully will see them together in a bright future with a lots of episodes ahead

  22. I am to frikin obsessed with chuck it is just the best show ever

  23. Chuck better win sarah back or I will be upset I also think that chuck will save sarahs life and that will reassure sarahs love for chuck

  24. does anyone know who Sarah kept looking at in the last episode when she thought she was going to die? Because its REALLY annoying me because no one i ask has the answer! D:


  25. @Jeffster, she was looking at Chuck, you can see it because she looks at the same angle as when we get the view behind Chuck.

    @Charah fan, don’t worry Shaw is only and Arc, he should be gone by the end of 3.13… if the autors didn’t decide to extend his arc after getting an extra 6 episode (yes original S3 was supposed to be only 13 episodes, which mean you can expect a huge turnover in episode 3.13 or 3.14 😉 )