SPOILERS: Did IMDb Just Reveal a Major Plot Twist?

Popping over to IMDb to find the answer to a niggling question, I noticed that a few guest actors have been matched up with some names we saw on the casting call for Chuck episode 3.10, “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”. If we connect some dots, did IMDb just spill some beans? Here are the facts:

  • Episode 3.10 is a Casey-centric episode, complete with flashbacks.
  • Robert Patrick stars as Colonel Keller.
  • IMDb lists Clare Carey as playing Kathleen McHugh, described as 40, attractive, sexy, strong and independent.
  • IMDb lists Alexandra Bromstad as playing young Kathleen. In other words, Kathleen is part of Casey’s flashback.
  • Here’s where it gets really interesting: IMDb lists Mekenna Melvin as playing Alex McHugh. The only “Alex” in the casting call is “Alex Coburn”, described as “A young Marine. 6’ 2”- 6’ 4”. Athletic build. Brown hair, blue eyes.” That Alex sounds male. Was it a feint to throw us off from the real Alex?
  • TV Guide revealed that one character has a child.

Put all of that together and what do you get? A woman from Casey’s past who reappears, with a daughter who is at least 16, possibly older.  Is Casey the daddy? Or did IMDb screw something up? Or is it too late on a Friday afternoon to be attempting logical thought?

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  1. I thought that might be the case when I saw the IMDB cast list weeks ago. I’m not sure how that part of the story will tie in with Col. Keller’s appearance, but it should make for an interesting episode.

  2. They could’ve changed Alex from a boy to a girl at the last minute. Maybe Col. Keller has been taking care of Casey’s daughter and baby mama while he’s been away fighting the good fight.

  3. If it’s true that Casey is a daddy, it makes the symbolism of family even stronger on this show. Plus, it might give Casey his first real happiness, which I’d like to see Adam Baldwin get to work with.

  4. Yeah I just saw the page today and came to the same conclusion but i’m guessing Col. Keller is trying to hurt the family and Casey kicks his A@#

  5. So excited for the Chuck/Sarah comments about Casey being a dad!

  6. Might be an emotional episode for our boy:/ bring on march 15:D

  7. I recall from Season 1 Casey mentioning an ex-wife.

    • In which episode did he mention an ex-wife ?

      • he didnt. This is new.

      • Originally Casey was going to have an ex-wife. In the script released of the original pilot while Casey is monitoring Chuck and Sarah in the van outside the club he mentions an ex-wife. If you can find the link to the script you’ll see it. It didn’t make it into the show though. The line was cut before the pilot aired, and after the events in Undercover Lover I doubt an ex-wife will be brought into the equation now.

  8. Worth mentioning, IMDB can be updated just as easily as Wikipedia and consequentially is just as reliable, at least before a show airs. So I’d advise a pinch of salt with anything on there about upcoming episodes.

  9. Maybe the young Marine = young Casey [different name, because of the spy stuff]?

    • I was thinking along the lines of that too. (That, and looking at Mekenna Melvin just makes me shake my head for some reason. I have no clue why). After all, he couldn’t have gone as “John Casey” forever throughout his career in the government, not with all the undercover work he’s done.

      And Casey might’ve started a fight with the Col. because of something the guy said about Kathleen. I mean, look at how he freaked out on Chuck when he mentioned “Sugar Bear”.

  10. If Casey is actually Alex Coburn, I guess that means his daughter was named after him.

  11. *SPOILER ALERT (3×08)*

    One of the goons in “Secret Name” seemed to recognize Casey as “Alex Coburn.” Sounds like a nice set-up for this episode.

  12. Guess that explains why Casey freaked out when Chuck told him that he flashed on that name. This is going to be very interesting! Casey baby mama drama! LOL

  13. Will be good to see Robert Patrick again- he played a Colonel in Shawn Ryan/CBS’s “The Unit” was a good show.