On the Phone with Zachary Levi & Joshua Gomez

Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez were part of a conference call with bloggers today that was joyfully geek-ridden. Here are some highlights:

  • Scott Bakula (or “Scotty Back” as Zac calls him) is 1) awesome, 2) prone to break out in song on set, and 3) appearing in episodes 3.17-3.19.
  • A tiger is an integral part of an upcoming storyline.
  • We informed Josh Gomez of the new (as in about 5 minutes old at that point) grassroots campaign to get him on Twitter. He responded with, “Duly noted. Cyberspace cannot be denied.” Stay tuned.
  • Zac raved about working with Tony Hale. “It was really a bummer to see him shot.” Emmett’s demise was a result of budget cuts. Josh predicted Emmett would return…as a cyborg! “Milbarge 3.0!”
  • Speaking of raves, Josh had nothing but good things to say about Zac’s directorial debut, Chuck episode 3.09 (airing March 8). Both of them chose 3.09 as a favorite episode of the season, along with 3.05, although it sounded like they were itching to choose a future episode as well but couldn’t because it might reveal too much.
  • They were curiously tight-lipped about the scene in the just-released promo that shows Chuck extracting Casey’s tooth. More than meets the eye?
  • Zac’s response to finding out Christopher Lloyd was going to guest star? “I think I had an accident in my pants.” Both Zac and Josh were clearly geeked out about having Doc Brown on the set.
  • Zac and Josh appear to share a geek brain. Zac revealed that Josh showed up to his audition opposite Zac wearing an R2-D2 t-shirt. And during the “get to know each other” gathering before filming began, Josh whispered to Zac, “So…are you a gamer?” They’ve been buddies ever since.
  • Josh revealed that Morgan does not have a “permanent” love interest on the horizon. “He’s a lone wolf; he has a lot on his plate.”
  • Both of them mancrushed on Adam Baldwin, calling him both “a rock” and “a teddy bear”. Josh confessed to feeling particularly proud of himself if he manages to get Adam to crack up during a scene.
  • How does Hannah impact Chuck’s Buy More life? Without putting to fine a point on it, she causes Morgan to be increasingly suspicious of Chuck’s obvious non-productivity. As Josh said, “Even Casey’s moving a Beastmaster now and then.”
  • Morgan’s heartbreak at the end of 3.07, seeing Chuck and Hannah in the home theater room, isn’t directed at Chuck. Morgan is disappointed that he didn’t get the girl, again. Neither of them knew the other was interested in Hannah.
  • They have not yet read the season finale script.
  • If they could shoot a fantasy storyline, what would it entail? Some sort of first person shooter game feel, with Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster in “scanty” costumes and Adam Baldwin stuffed into the elf costume Josh had to wear in vs. the Santa Claus. It would take place in exotic locations like “Hawaii, Paris…and Hoth!”

Don’t forget, new episodes of Chuck start up Monday, March 1 at 8/7c on NBC!

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  1. Hoth? Not Dagobah? I guess the boys are trying to find out if the gals are wearing anything underneath their v-neck tees in those scanty costumes.

  2. If only the last few episodes had been as fun and lighthearted as this interview, half the fanbase wouldn’t be all worked up about the next episode. We need more bromance. Not the current, angsty version, but the old Chuck and Morgan.

  3. Well, Morgan may not have gotten Hannah, but he sure did land Corina, so he can’t complain too much… :oP

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