SPOILERS: Official Synopsis for Chuck Episode 3.10

Hot on the heels of a possible big spoiler reveal for the episode, NBC has released the official synopsis for episode 3.10, “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”:

Chuck AND Sarah MUST CLEAR Casey’S GOOD NAME- ROBERT PATRICK (”Terminator 2: Judgment Day”) GUEST STARS –Casey (Adam Baldwin) carries out a side mission for his old commanding officer James Keller (guest star Robert Patrick) that leads to him committing treason. When Chuck (Zachary Levi) learns the dark truth about Col. Keller, he and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) set out to break Casey out of jail and clear his name. Meanwhile, Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin) plan to keep Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship. Joshua Gomez also stars.

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  1. Obviously a frame up Keller sets Casey up to take the fall just to save himself from the consequences. It’s interesting, all the Team Bartowski have been forced to go rogue. First Chuck and Sarah, now Casey. Can’t wait.

  2. Okay so i admit i am one of those crazy shippers BUT the PLIs are getting really old and annoying and Casey is just one of those awesome characters in a show that makes me laugh and want to continue watching even if other parts arn’t going so well. The lack of Casey screen time has been kinda depressing, i miss his mean but hilarious one-liners and *grunt* his cave man “talk” 🙂 Man i cannot wait untill this episode!!!

    • Agree. From the descriptions so far, 3-10 is beginning to sound like a good episode. At least it has the outline of a good episode. We’ll have to wait and see it the writing makes it so.

  3. I like the sound of Chuck and Sarah working together to spring Casey from the hoosegow and clear his name. A lot of Chuck’s missions this season have involved Sarah and Casey watching from the sidelines, or tangential involvement in Chuck-centric missions. This is a good Chuck-Sarah bonding-as-professionals opportunity, which coould help thaw the romantic chill, even if it involves more of the jealous sniping we saw in “the Mask”.

  4. Anyone else notice that shaws name isnt mentioned? Like he wouldnt help get casey outta jail? Im liking this more and more, like sarah is finally pulling away from shaw and back into chuck. *Doing my happy dance* I hope there are some good chuck/sarah action scenes, fighting side by side to help their partner.

  5. does this mean that ellie was the one who found out about chuck’s secret? “Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin) plan to keep Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship.” hmm… very interesting 🙂

  6. I skipped episode 8 and will episode 9 but plan to come back for Casey’s episode 10 (sick of soaps so skipped 8&9) may watch the rest unless Sarah and Chuck remain apart, or may wait for Shaw to leave and Scott Bakula returns to save the show and win an S4. S&F have not generated much interest in me this year, hope it expands it’s viewership so there can be an improved S4–if not it is the fault of S&F–.

  7. The lack of the mention of Shaw makes me smile, seeing as though all i felt was depressed after the last episode. The Sarah/Chuck relationship or attempted one is what brought allot of humour the show as well as Casey’s character and the pull away from these has become, frankly annoying. I found even the jealous snipping as Dr. Bob put it funnier than the whole Shaw experiment.

  8. I don’t really care what episode it is..because chuck is good as always
    all i want is for Shaw to get out~

  9. OHhhhh goody! i just saw the promo and it looked good! The only thing i don’t get is what were Chuck and Sarah going to do that made Beckmen have to “Capture” and threaten them in order to find and capture Casey???

    • I saw the promo too, and the way I see it? here goes. Casey goes off on the side mission right? and somehow without knowing it he commits treason. the FEDS find out, he’s imprisoned, Chuck and Sarah free him from jail and let him run. Thus bringing a risk on themselves for aiding and abetting a traitor(as it were) and getting kidnapped and ordered to hunt to Casey down dead or alive by Beckman.

  10. It is great to see a Chuck/Sara mission w/o Shaw mixed up in it. Shaw needs to go. He is making the show hard to watch. I wonder if he could be a double agent because we don’t know what the intelligence is that he supposedly got. Does he really have a wife that was killed by the ring or is she alive and they are using her as leverage against him. Time will tell, but lets get him off the show.

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  12. It is great to see a Chuck/Sara mission w/o Shaw mixed up in it.

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