VIDEOS: Sneak Peeks at Chuck 3.09 (SPOILERS!)

We’ve been hearing good reviews of  “Chuck vs. the Beard” from the critics, and now we get a taste of it ourselves in these sneak peeks from NBC. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

“Chuck vs. the Beard” airs Monday, March 8 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. 4th clip, its good to see that Chuck and Morgan will be on good terms once again

  2. Yesssssssss!

    that is all.

  3. OK, THAT’S the “Chuck” I’m talking about!!!!!

  4. Mel I think you’ll agree that NBC shouldn’t have released the 4th sneak peek and left it for when the episode aired.

    • I have to agree with you too. Even though I liked it, it felt like this should’ve been shown on Monday instead of releasing it early.

  5. OMG…too funny!

  6. That’s very nice, I like how they use the current situation between Chuck and Sarah to put some spotlight on Morgan. (and probably Casey soon as well from all I’ve read)

  7. Did NBC release these? Why do they have a time at the corner. Just seems odd, could have been leaked?

    Anyways its awesome to see sneak peaks, and i know morgan was gonna find out the secret anyway 😀

    • I saw them talking about these over on the NBC Chuck boards – they come from NBC’S EPK sight.

    • I’m not so sure that morgan finds out because he talked about it as a CIA base and if chuck told him he would have said Castle. i think that chuck will find so super lame excuse to how he beat up those guys and morgan will believe it. i just can’t wait until monday.
      love the raising of the Buymore flag.

      • Hi Dylan:

        I think you might be right about Morgan possibly not finding out Chuck’s secret. He might know there are spys, but not connecting Chuck to it. The way he is communicating in these videos doesn’t appear to be full awareness. Of course, I am not sure from the last clip how Morgan could still be clueless.

        The Chuck show has always had misleading promos and I am not sure that the promos we have seen of Morgan are truly accurate. They might be a distraction to someone else finding out about the secret. These folks are very clever in misleading the viewer.

        Chuck TV folks, thanks for getting this information to us so quickly. It is amazing how on top you are on everything. Keep up the amazing efforts!

      • Nah, I’m pretty sure that when the fourth clip starts, Chuck has just finished telling Morgan the truth. That’s why he just thanked Morgan, and why he’s suddenly able to flash -the first couple of clips established that he can’t talk to Awesome, Ellie, Shaw, or Sarah, so being able to tell Morgan is what finally got his emotions out of the way and let him flash again to save the day. Which is adorable and heartwarming and why I can’t wait to see this episode.

      • I’ll couldn’t agree with you more Diane. Chuck has finally has a change to talk to Morgan about his secret spy life that was a burden off his shoulders. all the secrets,lies and deception that he was telling to friends were taking a emotional toll on him personally. and sooner or later Ellie will find out about his secret as well.

        Thats the only way the intersect is going to work inside Chuck,his emtotions is his guide.Chuck ia a different type of long as he can control of his emotions when he goes off on missions alone of with Sarah or Casey and once he’s done with that mission in spy world leave it there and get to a normal life around friends like Sarah. morgan or Ellie.

        Shaw has been manipulating Chuck on the belief that you have to be a cold blooded heartless spy 24 hours a day 7 days a week like Shaw but that what got Chuck in the in this mess to begin with the lies and decption once Shaw figures out that he doesn’t control Chuck to do his dirty work, his days as a leader/mentor over Team Bartowski will come to an end tragically through his lies and deciet.

        If Morgan knows that Chuck is a spy and Shaw finds out,what will he to Morgan? and will it cause conflict between Sarah and Shaw to the point that thier potential love intrest will be over once she’s find how evil he really is? Stay tuned to find out.

  8. Now that’s the Chuck we all know and love. Awesome scenes.

  9. Clip 1 thru 3 Poor Chuck. He’s hit rock bottom now, nobody to talk to (though Sarah/Sam said he could talk to the whole team) Why if he wants to talk but then says he’ll pass when she says that I don’t know?

    Clip 4 is great kick butt chuck.

    • he said he’ll pass because his major problem or emotions or w.e is about sarah. i think he respects sarah/shaw relationship so obviously he doesn’t want to talk about that particular issue with any of them.

      • sarah’s facial expression when chuck said no thanks in her suggestion to talking to them. Seems to me sarah still has feelings for chuck in some sort of capacity

    • I’ ll give you an answer to that question hope! After I saw the sneak peak video clip of “Chuck vs The Beard when Chuck got benched by Shaw because his inability to flash.

      When Sarah told Chuck that he can talk to her and shaw and Chuck with his eyes look at Sarah and then looked at Shaw an said no way.

      Personally! smart move Chuck. Don’t talk to Sarah about anything personal
      while Shaw is around.Especailly when you overheard Sarah telling him that her real name is Sam.This is gonna requires one on one tine between Chuck and Sarah because Shaw is overprotecting her now amd I believe this will happpened in “Chuck vs “The Tic-Tac” when Chuck and Sarah are finally working together to break Casey out of jail. The mission will get tense which will cause sone tension between the them.

  10. jeffsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. The only thing that could make this episode better is if Chuck and Sarah (Sam), got back together…
    Then this episode would be soooo EPIC!!!

  12. Based on these videos I can see why they called this one of the best chuck episodes. Morgan and Chuck fighting can’t wait to see how they ended up tied up down there.

  13. My prediction…. best episode ever!!!!!!! Plus directed by none other than Zach Levi… get excited folks

  14. I can’t wait to see this episode! The last episode was heart-wrenching when Chuck ended it with Hannah, but this one looks exciting!

  15. I feel like clip 1 and 4 should have been kept in the closet until Monday. Great moments that we’ve all been waiting for. The payoff would have been a lot bigger if they were left unspoiled :/

    Love all of the clips though. So excited for this episode.

    • Just don’t watch (the spoilers, I mean). I’m at the point where I’m not going to watch any spoilers anymore. This rollercoaster car has crawled up to the summit of the ride, and now we’re in for a dizzyingly exciting descent. Things are going to be happening fast and furiously, and I don’t want anything to ruin that.

  16. I reckon Chuck has already told Morgan his secret before that kung-fu scene. Hopefully there’s a good few scenes before that point where Chuck and Morgan are tied up together and they talk through all the issues he has in his life. Having to lie to his family and friends, his relationship with Sarah, having this intersect in his head, leading a double life that’s not real etc. And because of confiding in his good friend, a weight goes off his shoulder and he can flash again to save the day. Which is maybe why Chuck is thanking Morgan as well.

    That’s why Morgan isn’t that shocked when Chuck knocks all those people out as he instead says, “that’s my best friend!” That’s my theory anyway.

  17. YESSSSSSSSS! Monday cannot come quick enough. This is the episode I have been watiing for.

  18. Things got to an alltime low for Chuck,
    THEN, the turnaround, all in this same epy in seems!

    LOVE how Morgan’s eyes are bugging out as Chuck pounds the Ring!

    Loooks like Chuck USED his emotions to flash, a breakthrough!

  19. i can’t wait till tuesday 🙁

  20. Takes enough tranqs to last until Monday 8PM EST!

  21. This looks like it will be one of, if not the best, Chuck episode they’ve done. Since season one I’ve been looking forward to when Morgan finds out, and how it clears up the tension between them.

    AWESOME, cannot wait till monday

  22. There’s a “canadian preview” where Morgan asks “so am i part of the team” and casey and chuck say no. So obviously Morgan finds out about the spy thing completely at some point in the episode.

  23. Thank god for this episode! I commend the writers and Mr. Levi on a fine job (from these sneak peeks at least). The ending of Vs. the Fake Name bummed me out big style.