Chuck To Take A Short Break After 3.13

As expected, we will be getting a little break after Chuck episode 3.13 airs on April 5. NBC will air episode 3.05, “Chuck vs. First Class” on April 12 and an as yet unnamed episode on April 19 before new episodes resume on April 26. With the season finale pushed out to May 24, and consisting of two episodes aired back-to-back, we knew there would be a couple of weeks without a new episode. Because 3.13 was originally slated to be the season finale, before NBC ordered 6 additional episodes, it makes sense to take the break after that.

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  1. Nooooo. 3.14 is the episode that I want to see, lol.

  2. Maybe NBC will even give Chuck a little boost with some promos before 3.14.

  3. Hopefully…. and I mean really HOPEFULLY… these next 2 episodes will be so amazing that the talk will get people to start watching Chuck again… If this goes according to MY plan, these former quitters will hear the talk about how Shaw is evil and whatnot, and then those people will catch up. Well at least it will be a season finale-ish show and will probably resolve a lot of issues and leave new ones. That is just my hope XD… that the break will allow people more time to catch back up after the dropoff of the mask and fake name caused.

    I have liked the whole season (with exception to those episodes I mentioned) and plan on rewatching a few of the episodes during the break(maybe I can time it right and watch the re-runs live so Chuck can get some good re-run ratings). Hoping for a fantastic fourth season. Peace! Viva la Chuck and Team Bartowski!

    • I, ike many other fans of Chuck, have hated this season. Virtually every episode has ended on a depressing note. The Sarah/Shaw romance has been nauseating to watch. Sarah’s character is a mess. She doesn’t seem to know know what she wants anymore. She shares her personal feeling now with Shaw, the slime ball. She is filled with contradictions (ex., telling Chuck the only way they can probably be togehter is if he passes his Red Test and kills the mole – then when she thinks he has killed the mole, she tells Shaw she doesn’t love Chuck anymore…huh?). It seems the writer spend at least half their time trying to come up with new ways for Chuck’s heart to be broken. Maybe this whole season has been Sarah’s way of paying Chuck back for not going away with her in Prague. Regardless, it’s getting really old. They need to turn this show around quickly for it to have any chance at a 4th season. I think the next episode is crucial to Chuck’s survival. One more depressing ending and I predict fans will leave in droves. This may sound like an overly pessimistic take on the situation, but go to the NBC website for Chuck and check out the message boards. There is a lot of frustration among fans about how JS has taken this show in a terrible direction this season.

      • Bill, I absolutely agreed with you. I bet the fans will be very disappointed after they watch 3.12 and 3.13 which will be below their expectation. They just don’t realise that the producer and writers do not care what the fans thinks.

      • Guys, there are plenty of other threads where discussion of the season and the fans’ feelings is going on. It’s off topic here; please don’t make me start deleting comments again.

      • Bill, I so agree w/ you. As much as I love Chuck, this whole season has been hard to watch. I hope that the writers catch on pretty quickly that the fans are not happy!!!

  4. At least they’re rerunning Chucks. I was expecting some game show or Dateline. I don’t recall NBC ever putting on Chuck repeats.

    • Neither can I. But it makes me hopeful that Team Bartowski is slated for a season 4.

      • First time I caught it was in repeats (Seduction sometime after the Super Bowl last year) while I was looking for something to watch in the second half of the 8-9 hour. Needless to say I was intrigued and it quickly replaced HIMYM as my live viewing at 8.

      • Chuck is the only show that I watch live … I tape it too. Its always good to see each show a couple … “thousand times” (quoting my wife here) :-).


  5. This works perfectly for me – as I’ll be overseas for the majority of April- and hopefully chuck can pick up some more viewers with the reruns!

  6. Do you think they will show The Mask again? Only joking.

  7. The ONLY episode I would be willing to watch a second time from this season is Episode 10.

  8. good – i think everyone needs a small break from Chuck to be honest, and i hope we end on a positive note,i wanna leave the show happy – not depressed…

    • Well … Hope you will not be disappointed if chuck 3.12 and 3.13 are below your expectation. We may be left depressed after 3.13….. That’s the intention of the producer and the writers……Hope we support them to produce Chuck season 4.. like we support for season 3.

  9. NBC should just play the best episodes of season 3 during the little break.

    EP.2, EP.5, EP.9, or EP.10

  10. I actually think season 3 was amazing so far and not the typical “the good guy gets the girl” or “happily ever after” series… Sure we all would like to see Chuck happy with Sarah but we also know, in the end Chuck will not leave us unhappy, there will come something, maybe not Sarah but who knows…

    But to get to the topic … s3 is so amazing that I am thankful for every episode more and therefor take any breaks needed… it also seems like we then get kind of two season finals which in my opinion is just “awesome”. I just wished it would have been a full season maybe with a break arround easter so half and half and a 100% green lights for a s4 but well I am willing to support chuck for a s4 and hope no one gives up on him

  11. I think if episode 13 ends on a good note and with the break we will get viewers back

  12. So we have a two week hiatus before 3.14? Just wanted to be absolutely sure.

  13. Ouch

    The crappy side of this is that even if the ratings go up alot for the last 6 episodes, NBC will have probably made their decision about renewal.

    • maybe not,last season they took ages to reknew it

      • Late May as I recall. Which was a month after the “Ring” season finale. This year the season finale is late May, just around the time they should be announcing their decisions.

      • I think TV-By-The-Numbers said that the NBC upfronts are on May 17, so that’s the date they announce renewals. Ratings for the last six episodes may be meaningless. If 313 has a finale feel to it, I wonder if a lot of viewers will think that’s the end, especially if the show goes into repeats for the next two weeks.

      • Agreed, Joe. I’m hoping that NBC says right after 3×13 that they’re taking a two-week break AND promotes the living **** out of the back six.

      • Confirmation to your statement, Doctor Joe, via the colorful bird network itself.

      • I just realized. If May 17 is the announcement date for Chuck and they decide, at that time, its fate (and no delays this time around, although it is possible another late yes-or-no choice could be made), then that means that both Chuck vs. the Subway and Chuck vs. The Ring: Part 2 will NOT be factors in the decision of a renewal. Subway will air later in the day, after the announcements will have been made, and The Ring: Part 2 will be one week later.

        Makes me wonder if Chuck should try to ditch the reruns and go flat-out the rest of the way on the originals since reruns tend to do worse in ratings and the NBC suits won’t care much about that (they like bottom line numbers, IIRC). It may be too late to change that decision, though.

      • You’re off just a bit there, Northwind. Chuck vs. the Living Dead airs May 17 with vs. the Subway and vs. the Ring: Part 2 airing back-to-back on May 24.

      • Ratings are never meaningless.

      • Apparently I was IN the land of the Living Dead when I goofed on that bit of scheduling. Thanks for the polite correction on that error. Whoopsie on my part. 🙂

        As to the ratings always matter part, well, I disagree to an extent on that. Shows that get canceled (and I am NOT saying Chuck is about to head that way, let me be clear) often remain on the air for a few more episodes to run out the inventory.

        In this more narrow case, the timing (and NBC’s resolve, or lack of) make it a timing issue. May 17th is Decision Day, IIRC, and that will mean there are 3 episodes that will air after NBC presents its schedule. If NBC is adamant about having its 2010 Fall schedule in place on that day, then either Chuck will be renewed or canceled based on data before those last 3 episodes air. If it gets the renewal, then rising ratings could end up interpreted as a “thank you” from the fans and have an indirect, supportive effect. If it is not renewed, then NBC probably will not give the ratings more than a cursory look unless there is a spectacular jump that hits the front pages of the trade papers. Even then, NBC may not change its mind (but someone else might consider picking the series up).

        Frankly, I feel NBC should wait until after those last 3 episodes air before making the decision in fairness to Chuck (unless they already plan to bring out a Season 4, in which case it should be announced early 🙂 ).

        Best case scenario: Chuck gets renewed before or on that date and this becomes a moot point (except for the “thank you!” ratings from the fans on the episodes after the fact).

        Finally, back to the reruns and break, I still wish they would leave out the reruns and just run originals the rest of the way. I think it would be of more help, ratings-wise.

      • To be more accurate, May 17 is Announcement Day. The decision will have been made during the week prior. That said, it remains correct that NBC will have 16 episodes worth of ratings in hand. They have 4 original episodes to air before decision week. There will only be a single to air May 17 plus a double header on May 24.

      • There will only be a single to air May 17 and a double header to air May 24 left in season 3 after the Up Fronts on May 17.

  14. Sorry if this has already been mentioned and I hope it isn’t considered off topic, but there is something we can all do in the meantime while watching the next episodes and waiting to hear renewal news for CHUCK. E! is having another SOS (Save One Show) poll with the preliminary round ending April 4. Vote for CHUCK! Then when CHUCK makes it to the final round, vote for CHUCK again! It will at least keep buzz about the show in the news:

  15. Darn! I only saw this post today! Any hints on what the April 19 Chuck re-run will be?

  16. I know Vs The Tic Tac was on just recently, but I hope it’s the unnamed episode that will be aired. It’s basically a stand alone. It gives a lot of good back story for Casey. It’s a really great episode, one of the best of the season. And lastly, it doesn’t have Shaw in it.

  17. I am gald that Shaw wasn’t in the Vs The Tic Tac too! But what I ;like the most is that Chuck get ot be together in that show without Shaw in their way! Yahoo!!!!

  18. Hay everyone Vote for Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote for Chuck… Vote for Chuck…Vote for Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I saw somewhere that Chuck vs. the Beard will air on April 19.

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