Join the Chuck Flash Mob!

Chuck fans, it’s time to deploy phase 2 of Chuck: Declassified! As part of our goal to reach out to new viewers, or casual viewers who may have stopped tuning in, we’re staging Chuck flash mobs around the country on May 3 in select cities.

What’s a Chuck Flash Mob?

The flash mobs will consist of groups of Chuck fans, some laptops, some of Chuck‘s best footage, a video camera and a large area where tons of people gather. This is where we create enough ruckus to get people interested in what we are doing and then engage them with an introduction to the show and drive them to act and help us save the show!

Where and How?

We are currently looking to conduct a flash mob in each of the following locations:

  • Seattle, WA
  • New Jersey
  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Boston, MA
  • San Diego, CA

(These markets were chosen for several reasons, including concentration of Chuck fans/viewers.)

This can only work if we all GET INVOLVED. We are looking for Mob leaders in multiple cities, as well as, Mob members that will be part of the event. There are a few requirements we ask of all participants so that we accomplish our goal to reach new viewers. If you would like to be involved and can be a Team Leader, we require the following commitment:

  • Must be able to recruit at least 10 other Chuck fans to participate.
  • Must be available on Monday May 3rd between 12-1pm local time.
  • Must be able to recommend high traffic locations in your area to conduct the flash mob and be able to pull it off without legal trouble.
  • Be responsible for the planning and production of the Event in your city e.g. recruit the participants, organize the group for the event, train members on what to do and confirm all materials are ready and received.
  • Facilitate video coverage for event e.g. via Flip Cam and immediately upload to YouTube to the designated page. (If you do not have a Flip Cam we can arrange for you to have one)
  • Be able to manage the final phase of the campaign and encourage sharing and posting of your event video.

If you are not interested in being a Team Leader but would like to participate in your local Mob, we require the following commitment:

  • Must be willing to follow the direction of the Team Leader.
  • Must have a laptop computer (no Internet connection necessary).
  • Must be willing to heavily engage strangers with Chuck materials and convince them to tune in as well as participate in sharing video on their Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Must be available on Monday May 3rd between 12-1pm local time.
  • Willing to post information to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and encourage your friends to share.

We know that Chuck fans are dedicated and know it’s our time to show it. Want to participate? Contact us no later than Tuesday, April 27, using the form below or at and let us know whether you’re volunteering to be a Team Leader or a Flash Mobber.

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  1. What about people OUTSIDE the US? Can we organise flash mobs?

  2. awww no where in Maryland? my luck of course, it would have been awesome to be apart of it. ): Those of you in those lucky cities better participate.

  3. Can we get something goin in Ireland? There’s never anything done in Ireland.

  4. Hey, any volunteers in Southern California…San Diego, Orange County, LA County? Three of us would be willing to drive there and help! Barbara Murray

  5. Guys, I really don’t want to be the one to rain on a parade, but it is a TERRIBLE idea to do this in Philadelphia. I’m not sure who nominated my city for one, or if you just picked big cities or what, but “flash mob” is a four-letter word in this city. Go ahead and google “flash mob Philadelphia” and you’ll get some idea of what I’m talking about.

    LESS THAN A MONTH AGO, a series of flash mobs terrorized downtown Philadelphia. They attacked people, destroyed cars and storefronts. It was all over the news here. I know that’s not what you want to do, but there are police stationed all over the city now, and if a group assembles and starts creating “enough ruckus” as you describe, the cops will put you in handcuffs and sort it out later.

    I want a Chuck season 4. A flash mob in Philadelphia will likely be nothing but bad press and hurt the cause. I urge you not to do it here, but if you can’t be convinced, call the Philadelphia Police Department first. Tell them everything you plan to do, where, and when you plan to do it.

    • Thanks for the head’s up. We chose Philly based on viewer data, but we will re-evaluate.

      • Looking back, my original post was a tad harsh and I want to apologize for that. I think this is a great idea, I just don’t know if it’s a good fit for Philly in light of those recent events. But for the other cities, I think it sounds awesome and would totally join up if I were there (and still might depending on where the Jersey one is).

      • Yeah, I second this. I LIVE for Chuck and nothing would make me more happy than demonstrating this via a flash mob. But, I’m currently living in Philadelphia and the second I saw we were planing to have one here, I was instinctively worried. Some stupid high school kids gave it a horrible rep. on South street with a lot of violence and vandalism.

        However, since the South Street flash mob, there have been some counter flash mobs demonstrating peace so there is a possibility it could work out but i’d just say to stress peace and cooperation with whoever is participating in Philly.

        It’s a great city, and a great idea. We just have to be extra careful!

      • As Biff mentioned, its probably a good idea to notify the local police ahead of time in ANY city where you plan to do this. I love the idea, but would hate to see it go awry.

      • And as we mentioned in the Leader’s responsibilities, making sure the gathering is legal is a priority.

      • The Seattle Flash Mob has already been cleared with the events coordinator for the place we are planning (I’m sure it is the same for the other cities as well). Please don’t worry about safety as it should not be an issue.

  6. Darn, I’m in class on Monday’s ’till 4:30! Depending on where in Jersey, I may be able to go during a lunch break though.

  7. Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago would be a PERFECT spot to gather between noon and 1 – when people are doing their “lunch hour thing.”

    Don’t think it would cause any kind of problem, but then again, Chicago is Chicago and you never know what to expect.

    Another possibility would be right in front of the NBC studios which are located right by the river off of Michigan Avenue. Can’t believe they would be hostile to a group of fans supporting one of their shows!

    Great idea all the way around!!!!

    • Michigan Avenue…between NBC and Tribune building. Both print and NBC coverage an option. There is construction blocking some of the sidewalk between the Tribune and the river…

    • Father Rick, great idea about NYC. I would also caveat your suggestion by saying folks could go out in the morning in their Chuck wear in front of where they film the Today Show and get some exposure for the show. I’m in NC so I can only offer ideas.

      • Okay that is just too freaky. I talked to someone about doing exactly the same thing with the Today show and then I read your comment. If we have a NY/NJ/PA group, it would be best to have them try to get on the Today show and promote where they’ll be that afternoon on May 3rd. Amyabn…too bad you’re in NC…I’m outside Philly but if I can adjust my work schedule, I’ll be happy to participate (or lead if necessary) in NYC or NJ.

  8. Any Denver Metro, Colorado Chuck fans?

  9. some way to help international fans?

  10. What about Los Angeles? There has to be tons of fans here??

  11. Seattle anyone?

  12. How about anywhere in Utah? Well, Northern, preferably. Please? I would be VERY interested in doing this, but none of those places are anywhere near where i live. I am soooo dedicated to getting Chuck another season. (I even made a t-shirt that I wear to school that advertises it on the back. hahaha. 🙂 )

  13. At least one. It will be difficult for me to get downtown at that time. Maybe Cherry Creek?

  14. Man, I’d give an arm to live in the US on may 3rd, DUDES MAKE ME PROUD, I so trust the Chuckfans we are legendary… There is no event in Brazil? =/

  15. Canada? 🙁
    I’ve eaten so much Subway, I could explode.

    • LOL! Yeah, I hear you on that one. The girls at the local subway don’t even need to ask what sub I want when I walk in the door anymore
      (woooo Canada!)

  16. Dang school. Always interfering with things. Arrrghhhh. Maybe someone else from North Carolina will arrange a Chuck Flash Mob. 🙂

  17. Michigan anyone?

  18. Folks, a reminder that if you want to participate in one of the announced locations, we need you to email us as noted above. Once we have our mobbers and leaders, they will receive more information. And don’t worry, we have the media angle covered. 🙂

  19. I am in seattle if anyone wants to do a flashmob, we did one for glee a couple weeks back so I know of some good areas. I am having surgery done but I am willing to do a flash mob for my favorite show in the world if other people in my area would do it with me.

    • Also in Seattle, emailed Mel already to be included. I’m really excited about this also, and hopefully we can get alot of people together.

  20. Can someone post the specifics for Chicago? I will help get publicity for the event

  21. this sounds so cool! i wish i was in us to be a part of that.. 🙁

  22. I wish I could participate but I don’t live in the US. 🙁 but all of you who are doing it, good luck!! Show everybody how awesome our show is!! I will do everything I can from here! 🙂