VIDEO: Canadian 3.17 Promo

The Canadians are at it again! CityTV has a new promo for “Chuck vs. the Living Dead” that gives us a little more information about what’s happening with the Intersect, plus some JEFFSTER! action.

“Chuck vs. the Living Dead” airs Monday, May 17 at 8/7c on NBC and CityTV.

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  1. Cross-border goodness!

    The announcer who does the Canadian promos has been the distinctive voice of CityTV for 31 years now. I looked him up and found this article. Yes, it’s Mark Dailey, a transplant from south of the 49th parallel.

    He also does episode synopses before each one airs that are quite surreal, as though he’s been handed copy that he can’t make heads or tails of, sometimes with off-the-cuff comments. Very weird. Very CityTV.

    • If you think this is great, Chuck just got picked up for season 4 13 episodes wit an option for 9 more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is Chuck going to lose 2.0 and revert back to 1.0 to maintain mentally stable!?

    I can’t wait for 3.17!!!

    Mission 1 complete, Mission 2 accepted @chucktvdotnet: Short Skirt/Long Jacket is at #54 overall #31 on pop chart! New mission:

    Chuck and Sarah – Terrified

  3. “This is gonna be great!!!”

  4. in other words chuck brains are being fried over a low flame, end result brain matter leaking out of his ears if he doesn’t get the intersect out, soo… we are back to square one, with chuck trying to get the intersect out of his head. lol

    • Sounds like he needs to keep a cool head to me. He has at least 13 more episodes to figure it out.

  5. Hips of a 6 year old girl….lol

  6. But Chuck doesn’t have any real hardware in his head. If the intersect is “a series of encoded images” how can it overheat?
    I’m scratching my head over this, maybe its dry scalp?

    • lol Yeah that would explain the dry scalp 🙂

      • If you listen to the promo. Papa B says the Intersect sends a electrical signal and that is over heating his brain.

      • Yes, the brain has electricity, but sending out an electrical signal would be more like epilepsy, wouldn’t it? Closer to a seizure than an overheating. Maybe I’m being to picky for a tv show and I apologize, but overheating doesn’t seem like the right way to go.


  8. “U have the hips of a six year old girl.” lmao