Chuck vs. the Podcast 55 – Renewal, Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc

We’ve made history, Chuck fans… Chuck has been renewed for a 4th season! As far as we’re aware, this is the first time a show saved by a fan campaign was ever renewed for an additional season. Every one of you was a part of it!

To help us celebrate, we have an exclusive interview with the incredibly fun writing team of Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, who brought us the intense “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac” and gleeful “Chuck vs. the Honeymooners”, as well as this Monday’s upcoming episode, “Chuck vs. the Living Dead”.

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  1. That was such a fun podcast. It is awesome to hear about writers who were fans of the show first then started writing for it. They sound like they like to push the boundaries and that is so much fun. So funny to hear them sayt they are shippers. Can’t wait to see Mondays episode and more of them in next season. 🙂

  2. lovely podcast!
    sad to know about ali adler but if this means more Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, i more than okay with that.

    anybody know they´re status for season 4? they come back for more, right?
    oh boy, and i love to know tha this people, more LeFranc, are fans of the show.
    it explain such strong episodes!

    congrats for the episode 55 and bring then back, togheter! must see those smiles :))

  3. Excellent podcast. I have loved both episodes written by these two writers and feel confident that they will fill the shoes left by Ali Adler. It was really interesting to hear from them about how the writing process works; how they work with the cast to build each scene and, also, what gets cut. It is obvious that they were fans of the show prior to joining the writing staff by how much referencing to previous episodes they include in their stories. It would be great if we could have something from these writers included in the Special Features on the Season 3 DVD.

  4. one thing i didn’t really understand. Where are Sarah and a wifebeater in a scene? Don’t remember that

    • In “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”, when Sarah drops from underneath the vehicle at the cabin.

      • oh right thank you. Didn’t know you could say that to a car. Great podcast by the way. Especially loved how they talked about Honeymooners and that you could show that a relationship can also work when you bring the two leaders together. Also loved that they stated that they are “shippers”. I am now less concerned that AA is leaving, as long as they take over.

  5. i don’t remember the part in tic tac where sarah did a comedy. can u help me out?

    • As they said on the podcast, it’s where they meet up with the “Charles Carmichael fanboy” and Sarah starts clapping to distract him.

  6. Great interview!…how cute are these two?? Looking forward to hearing more from them =)

  7. Fantastic podcast! Really, really enjoyed this one and finding out more about Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc. Both seem like genuinely good people who enjoy the work that they do on Chuck, and it shows in the episodes they have written. It was so interesting to hear about the writing process and the little stories they had. Having this two back for next season does sort of take the sting out of Ali leaving.

    Thanks for the another stellar podcast and keep up the great work!

  8. malediktmanson

    This was awesome! Just imagining that you’re a fan of the show and now you are like a divine creator to the show that you loved. You can really hear the enthusiasm when they’re talking about writing, especially this little bit with “Sarah dropping underneath the car in a wifebeater! Can you imagine that?” All that laughter! Cool 🙂

  9. really fun podcast! and it’s great to know more of what’s going on behind the scenes. Lauren is really funny!

  10. LOVED this podcast! It was so great to get insights into the minds of the writers and the writing process. It makes me feel like My Chuck is is good hands. They are such a great writing team and I’m so glad (squee!) that we get to see many more episodes from them.

  11. I’ll echo what most people have already mentioned, this podcast was great! And it’s quite heartening to know that even with the departures of Team Er (Adler, Klemmer, Miller) that Team Bartowski is in good hands with Judkins and LeFranc. I look forward to more of their stories in season 4!

  12. Really enjoyed the podcast and I do remember Raf from Survivor and loved the Chuck vs the Honeymooners episode rewatched the Living Dead epi on CityTV online in vancouver (watched Live on NBC first) taking Zachs advice on how to show support for the show though living in Canada I wonder if that makes a big difference love the pocasts keep up the good work and thanks.

  13. I was wondering if the website could create a forum so us fans can connect with each other?

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