Former 007 Timothy Dalton Confirmed for Multi-Episode Arc (SPOILERS)

Wow, the casting news for Chuck season 4 has been amazing already, and now comes word from several sources that a former James Bond will be joining the show for multiple episodes. Timothy Dalton (The Living Daylights, Licence to Kill) will join Chuck later this season in an as yet unannounced role. Will he take the place of Roan Montgomery as Chuck’s mentor? Is he one of the mysterious and constellation-named agents Orion kept intel on in his basement? Is he this season’s uber-villain? Stay tuned!

Updated: And just after we hit “publish”, the NBC release arrived in our inbox. Dalton will play “a mysterious stranger who has a history with Chuck’s mom.” So probably one of those constellations in the basement, eh?

Updated Again: Ausiello brings further scoop in the form of squashing the rumor that Dalton’s character is Chuck’s father. He also confirms that Dalton’s first episode will be 4.07, titled “Chuck vs. the First Fight”.

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  1. I absolutely love this casting. I get the feeling he’ll play a character that has alot to do with Mama B. being missing for so long.

    I loved him as Bond, and he was brilliant in Hot Fuzz.

    • Personally my favorite movie of his is “Beautician and the Beast”, which I saw in theaters. 😉 OK, maybe not his best work, but that and “Hot Fuzz” showed his versatility. I think he’s a perfect fit for the action/humor/drama on this show. (And maybe a little romance with Mama B…?)

  2. Wow…I don’t have the words to express how awesome this is. Timothy Dalton was awesome as 007 (The Living Daylights is one of my favorite Bond movies), and having him as a guest star on Chuck will be fantastic!

  3. Chuck’s casting people deserve an Emmy! RIGHT NOW!

  4. Excellent casting! As the Gambs said, Timothy was amazing as a baddie in ‘Hot Fuzz’.

  5. Haha! YES! Perhaps he’ll add some Brit Humour to the already fantastic ‘Chuck’

    Oh! Idea – wouldn’t it be great if Chuck was on some spy mission and then Timothy Dalton would say something like “Who are you trying to be… Bond?”

    • maybe it would be better if chuck would say that to timothy and maybe they could do some james bond stunts chuck style

  6. My God!

    Seems like TPTB are going all in this season! Season 4 is going to be the BEST season of “Chuck”!!!

    At least, they are doing everything they need to get a back 9!

    Mister Dalton is an excellent actor; he’s gonna be a great addition to the mythology of the show!

  7. When is NBC going to start promoting all of this uber talent?
    From what I am seeing, this is going to be the best season yet, and NBC looks to be missing the boat, or did NBC give all the promo money to get this great talent???

  8. Too early. After Labour Day weekend.

  9. Anyone else thinking for Mama & PapaB, Timothy Dalton = their Daniel Shaw?

    • I thinks he is the reason why, in order to protect her family, Mama B left. And that Papa B made the intersect not only to help others but also in order to find her…

    • Chuck in a showdown with a former James Bond? Now that will definitely be must see Chuck TV!

  10. I am in awe. That’s all.

  11. Chuck versus the First Fight….could Morgan and Alex be getting into their first couple fight? Papa Casey”ll be on the prowl. Watch out Morgan!!

  12. Schwartz and Fedak, you and your team have done it again.
    They NEVER let us down with these signings. Awesome.

  13. What if he’s the big bad this year? Or *gasp* Chucks real dad? Kidding, but an uncle maybe? I swear they’ve been acing it with the casting this season. Can we say Best. Season. Ever! 😀 I can’t wait.

  14. With the quality of casting that’s been revealed so far together with the continued focus on Chuck and Sarah as a couple season 4 will have to outshine season 3 for sure. Now it rests on the continued buzz that Chuck fans can generate to make this year the best ever in terms of the increased number of viewers. Go Chuck!

  15. OMG This is freakin awesome. S4 is going to epic. Hopefully this will bring in more viewers so CHUCK can get another season.

  16. I would like to see him come into the show as a villian…he would be very good at that.

  17. I really do hope that Mama B won’t turn up to be “evil”… that would be to “Prison Break”y… And PEOPLE please Orion is Chuck’s father! How can anyone think otherwise? :O

  18. “Updated Again: Ausiello brings further scoop in the form of squashing the rumor that Dalton’s character is Chuck’s father. He also confirms that Dalton’s first episode will be 4.07, titled “Chuck vs. the First Fight”.”

    . . .ummmm. . .who thought up the eronious though that Dalton’s character is Chuck’s father. . .that would ruin the whole Scott Bacula/Orion arc.

  19. It’s interesting about First Fight being the title. Spoiler TV said that the title of 4.06 will be Vs. The Aisle of Terror. Not Isle mind you–Aisle. As in walking down the aisle. Anyway, Kristin dos Santos on has given her final two couples in the surprise weddings scoop and Chuck and Sarah are one of them. The other one is Owen and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy ( who I predicted all along). Still, the episode titles have to make you wonder. Either that, or Schwartz and Fedak are just messing with us.

  20. chuck versus the first fight is episode 7 ok whats the title of episode six?