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Chuck vs. the Podcast 68: On Location

While we were sitting back with our cheese balls and only now levitra soft grape soda watching the Chuck season premiere, Mel was in L.A. getting ready for an exciting day on location with Chuck! She’ll be rolling out many interviews over the click now coming weeks, and we’ve got the first one today, with Zachary Levi! She also has many cool stories about spending a day on a Chuck shoot.

We announce all the winners of our “Promote Chuck Season 4, Win Swag” contest. Plus, hear about the Live Chuck Chat on Monday nights, our comments about the Chuck season 4 premiere, spoilers, and much more!

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Cay's family thinks that her obsession with pop culture is "not normal". Yeah, well, normal is boring!


  1. Thanks Liz and thank you Mel for everything Chuck you guys are the www.abi.bg best. 馃槈

  2. great podcast. really interesting info from your visit on the chuck set

  3. What a great podcast! What a great episode, too!

    Gee, you make me wish that we could have seen Linda Hamilton on screen with Scott Bakula. I’d bet Costa Gravan Pesos that their on-screen chemistry would have been just as wonderful as Zac and Yvonne’s.

    Mel, I am so envious you got to be on-set. Green! You topped yourself with the Zac interview.

    Oh! Thank you so much for mentioning the Chuck NerdPosium Netcast. Lou, Jan (Happydaze), Karen and I have had a ball doing that!

  4. Just some background on the role of Harry Dean Stanton in the season opener.
    Harry was in a movie in the 80’s called Repo Man where he played (surprise) a cranky old repo man. His roll in this episode was a great call back to that old movie.

  5. Can you explain why this episode is not at the Zune marketplace yet