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SCOOP: Morgan Fairchild Returning To Chuck

Morgan Fairchild returns to ChuckIn a conference call with Chuck stars Sarah Lancaster and female viagra pharmaceutical more Ryan McPartlin this afternoon, I asked if we’d be seeing Awesome’s parents this season, what with an Awesome baby on the way. Ryan confirmed that Morgan Fairchild, Honey Woodcomb, will indeed be back in Burbank.

“Mom does come back,” Ryan said. “It’s funny, because Mom and Ellie have to learn how to deal with their new roles that each one is going to play as a mother and a grandmother. So that creates a bit of fun drama.”

“That was a very nice way to put that,” Sarah chuckled. “But the truth is Morgan Fairchild’s character just thinks that Ellie is not good enough for her perfect boy.”

“Well who would be in her mind, honestly?” Ryan asked.

Good point, Ryan. From Sarah’s reaction to the question, it sounded like we’re going to be seeing the Honey who wanted to best price viagra in stores take over the wedding now trying to take over the grandchild. They didn’t reveal which episode features her return, but my money is on episode 4.06, “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror.”

More from that call coming soon!

Updated: Ha! Minutes after I posted this, the NBC synopsis for 4.06 arrived and sure enough, Morgan Fairchild is listed as a guest star.

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  1. Oh boy Grandma on the lose this aught to be fun. 馃槈

  2. Good call on visit web site the episode – I mean what can be more terrifying than a visit from your mother in law.

  3. I’d like to see Honey Woodcomb meet up with no-nonsense, gun-toting Elizabeth Bartowski. Now that could be a real “Aisle of Terror” as well as incredibly funny.

  4. Morgan Fairchilds still stunning for any age. Yes!!!

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