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Chuck vs. the Podcast 70: Mekenna Melvin Interview

Are you excited to see Casey begin a relationship with his daughter? Well, we have a treat for you… Mel’s interview with actor Mekenna Melvin, who plays Casey’s daughter Alex Coburn. You’ll love hearing how she auditioned for the role with a single word, and how she works hard to make sure her stunt double has nothing to buyimg viagra in australia do!

We also have a lively discussion about “Chuck vs. the Cubic Z”, written by new Chuck writer Nicholas Wootton, directed by our old friend Norman Buckley, and edited by Kevin Mock.

PLEASE NOTE: Gray has sustained a wrist injury, so there will be no podcast for at least two weeks. Please visit ChuckTV.net during our hiatus for all your Chuck needs.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates – @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. If you want to know how to join the http://mismates.sanrod.org/levitra-online-uk http://paco.pl/online-pharmacy-propecia-renova Chuckfan Twitter list, find all the details at chuckpodcast.com.

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  1. Going into this episode with some tripedation. I hope it’s gonna be good.

  2. Who’d have thought a Podcast to be so wrist-intensive? It clearly must need six fully functional wrists (Mel, Liz, Gray) to do the magnificent job to which we’ve become so well accustomed. Get well, Gray. Lay down! Roll over! Heal!

  3. With the recent death of prolific screenwriter Stephen J. Cannell, an episode with the return of the quasi-team in the black van and levitra generico a bunch of A-Team references/jokes would be fitting and a loving tribute, but it remains to be seen how the timing of Stephen’s passing and the production of the episode will have allowed much of paco.pl that, and probably only coincidentally, but even an episode dedication would be poignant. I’ll definitely be thinking of him, regardless, for I was a fan of the A-Team during my adolescence. RIP Stephen J. Cannell, and thanks to we choice diovan online all involved with Chuck for continuing good, clean, cheeky, action/comedy/romance/drama family fun all rolled up in one snazzy nerdy/geeky package!

  4. Did you notice in Chuck vs the cubic z that when Panzer knocked out Greta that her shoe seems to fly off?

  5. Get well, Gray!!!!

  6. Another side to Casey. No one on this show is funnier than Casey. All he has to do is look at Morgan and grunt!! I hope Sarah gets an increase in her comedy work–she is surprisingly funny. What better news could we have than 24 episodes this year. I hope F&S do not introduce anything that will take away from the levitra online order research action, comedy and romance that is Chuck. Now we have to hustle some additional viewers to get a season 5–if it sounds like I am being greedy it is because I am—I also would not mind seeing a wedding in season 4–Sarah needs a sign on her that says “Stay Away-I am taken”!!