SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.15 Title, Casting Call

The casting call has gone out for Chuck episode 4.15, which will likely air in the middle of February sweeps. The episode is called “Chuck vs. the Cat Squad.” Chuck vs. a bunch of old ladies? Not according to the casting call!

This episode will have a Charlie’s Angels theme, although they’re only casting two of the “Angels” – does that mean we already know the third? First up is Zondra, a 28-year-old dark-haired beauty described as “the tough one”. Amy, also 28, is blonde and bubbly, but a trained killer. She’s the peacemaker of the bunch who harbors a dark secret of her own. So that’s two, and they already have a blonde…who’s the third? Red-headed Carina?

The final role in the casting call is Augusto Gaez, a man in his 40s or 50s. He’s a terrorist for hire and the archnemesis of The Cat Squad.

What do you think, is this a REAL group of kick-butt women, or are we looking at a movie-within-a-TV-show premise?

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  1. Red Head Sarah is the third. They are totally like Casey’s crew from his past life!

    • That’s what I’m thinking as well its a team that Sarah worked with at some point. Who knows maybe Sarah makes a 4th. In Couch Lock, Casey was the 4th member of the team.

      I wonder if they will do the opening sequence like the title sequence for Charlies Angels. Something like the Hart to Hart sequence at the beginning of Role Models.

      • I agree, Sarah may be the 3rd or 4th member of the team

      • “In Couch Lock, Casey was the 4th member of the team.”

        But Gord, if you remember, This episode was based around the premise that those four were The A Team, which always had four members in it. Charlie’s Angels only ever had three angels in it.

        I can definitely see a scene with Morgan in this one. Morgan is the equivilant of Bosley. Could be some hilarious scenes in there.

  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Amy. Make it happen Schwedak.

  3. do you know if its only 3 girls?? cuz if not both sarah and carina could be part of this group

  4. Zhondra Amy and Carina. There’s a thought. Of course it only counts if we hear Chuck on the com say “Good morning Cat Squad!” and they answer in enthusiastic chorus “Good morning Charlie!” He’d enjoy that. Pop culture fantasy over. LOL

  5. The guy could be Rodrigo Santoro, he’s brazilian and even appeared in Lost and that movie 300.

  6. The fans have spoken time and again. They love Carina. Once every two years in not enough for a character that brings so much to the show. God, I hope she’s the third “Cat”.

  7. Perhaps Augusto killed off the third member, and they have to recruit a new member to the team and choose Sarah.

  8. Eliza Dushku as Zondra would be my pick.

  9. i just hope its not too tacky or cheesy

  10. We need Carina! Morgan needs to explain her to Alex! LOL!

    • Not to mention Casey would have to explain her. It’d be neat if she came back and tried to get a booty call with Morgan only to be rebuffed soundly by him and Alex kicks her butt when Carina’s ego keep sher from stopping.

  11. How about some goodlooking MALE guest stars for the laidies? I wnat to see Cole Barker again…Hello!! I would even take a resurrected Bryce Larkin…C’mon Produceers…so go there!

    • I thought Barker was smarmy but I wouldn’t mind him coming back and Chuck getting insecure because of the way Sarah acted last time he was there (kind of fawning , the only time she was worse was with Shaw) ) and if Barker tries something she rebuffs him and tells him she stopped letting her daddy issues pick her boyfriends .

  12. How about the ladies finally get some “beefcake”, huh? Every other week we get the hot girl of the week , how about some man candy? In the form of Cole Barker or Bryce Larkin (It could happen!)..lol I shall will him back to life!

    I hope this does not go down the “Chuck gets hit on by the beautiful woman guest star” all the while,apparently no male within a hundred miles will try to hit on Sarah? why is this? So now Chuck is so irresistable to all females and Sarah is so unattractive that males will not go near her?..just sayin seems a bit one-sided, especially when reality tells us the opposite.

  13. Hey, for the ladies, John Larroquette will be returning as Roan Montgomery in episode 4.14 (“Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible.)

    • Hey Gambs, great news if true. This is the first I’m hearing of it. What’s your source for this info?

      • It’s rumored but not officially confirmed. Fingers crossed, though!

      • that is like saying Betty White will guest star…Graet person and actress, but NOT eye candy

        Soory, but as much as I love Roan, he is not Cole or Bryce

      • if this is true it would be great. He would find out that the white dinner jacket and the rose might not have worked, but love conquered all.

  14. Chuck Vs. the Cat squad! Sarah and Chuck go under cover in a Cat house Run by of Course Alexi Volkoff and who is there as the Maddam Agent Frost Oh I would love to see the expression on Chucks face when he poses as a client and he sees his mother all dressed up for the part! Actually I would like to see both of there expressions and the conversation after wards!

  15. Hi All:

    This is out of left field, but you don’t think Anna Wu could be the third cat squad do you?

  16. Has it occured to you that Zondra Amy & Carina spell out “Z-A-C”? Just puttin’ it out there.

  17. Larrouquette (sp) did a good job last time he was on-would not mind seeing him again–I like our ex-Bryce Larkin in White Collar–In Chuck I always thought if he kicked someone it would break his foot and if he hit someone it would upset them and he would be in deep trouble–his personality in White Collar reminds me of the Bryce he played in Chuck. Cole Barker and Sarah Walker could get captured while facing the same bad guys and Chuck could come in and save the day. Absolutely no angst though–we need to be past that.

  18. I would love it if the third girl was Carina. They need to bring her back more often. Or hey, make her a regular. She’s funny. They could do with her to make the spy storylines more entertaining.