EXCLUSIVE: Writer Phil Klemmer Returns to Chuck

Gray just got the exclusive news that Phil Klemmer has rejoined the Chuck writing team! Phil took a job on Undercovers when Chuck‘s future was uncertain last spring, but now that the J.J. Abram’s produced series has folded, he’s coming back “home” to Chuck. Listen to our interview with Phil from way back in season 2:

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  1. Good for Phil Klemmer. I still say Suburbs is the best-formed, most rounded episode of the series.

  2. What!!?? I don’t even. YAY!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Yay!! Welcome back Phil!! This is great news!

  4. This is good news.

    I’m sure that Lauren & Rafe, along with Chris & Josh were molding the new guys into all the story lines, but Phil with the added experience of working on the (currently) longest season of Chuck ever (Season 2) will help stretch out the storyline arc to the full 24 episodes, rather than finishing it at about 13 and leaving 11 to play around with.

  5. I really enjoyed most of his episodes.
    He is the writer that wrote all the dance episodes and the two episodes with Sarah/Ellie talks.

    Does this mean TPTB are letting go of a writer or are they just expanding their writer’s pool?

  6. This is good news. Her experience can help the new writers,but I just hope she wont commit the same mistake like Chuck vs the Mask. Lessons in writing were learned in this episode good thing the actors/actress were just simply great.

  7. I’m not sure if I’m too excited by this. Phil has written many episodes that I don’t like that much (Sandworm, Undercover Lover, Mask and Role Models). The list of episodes I like is still longer though (Tom Sawyer, Suburbs, Dream Job, Angel de la Muerte, American Hero and Subway).

    I do like the fact that this can happen. NOF probably won’t be renewed so there is hope that Ali Adler could also come back if we get season 5.

  8. that’s great news! so, when will Phil start writing episodes for us ?will Phil write any episodes for season 4? pls. i need answers! i love this writer! he wrote most of my favorite episodes.

    and i hope ali adler will also do the same thing Phil did.=))

  9. not sure how i feel Bout that, he wrote some really good episodes suburbs and role models but he also wrote the worst chuck episode ever: the mask, so I don’t know. on the other hand having a more experienced writer might avoid continuation mistakes. now if ali adler came back i would jump up and down

    • since No Ordinary Family is doing quite well in the ratings, a season 2 will not be surprising. Ali could return as guest writer, probably? if this is not a thing in the TV world, make it a thing TPTB.

      • Not sure I would qualify NOF a ratings success. It does Chuck like numbers or even worse sometimes. It started out great but it fell like a rock (sorta like the Event). A season 2 would be surprising… They are not airing on NBC… ABC is not as desperate.

        Anyway, Phil is a good writer. Glad to see him back. Loved Tom sawyer and Dream job…

  10. Like some others, I have mixed feelings about Phil’s return. I did like some of his work, but disliked more of it. It will depend on how they mix him in with the new staff to see what happens.