SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.12 Short Synopsis

The short synopsis for “Chuck vs. the Gobbler” is out and gives us a little hint about what’s going on with the Mama B/Volkoff storyline:

Chuck worries about Sarah when she tries to help Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) take down Volkoff (Timothy Dalton); Awesome and Ellie struggle to choose a baby name.

So Sarah and Mary are working together? Pardon my French, but that’s going to be kick@ss! This episode airs Monday, January 24 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. Where does that leave Chuck? Will Chuck have to come to the rescue? Since episode 13 was originally the last episode I wonder if it will spell the end of Volkoff—hope he plays charades one more time!!!!

  2. Either way Fedak says that episode 13 is epic

  3. this sounds like chuck is going have to spep up this spying prowess or at least be a little meaner to save sarah from the volkoff prison

  4. As the old phrase goes, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. If you think back to 318–the penultimate episode of season 3–things were looking pretty bad for Team B. Papa B was dead. The whole team was captured and about to be killed by Shaw.

    Only NBC’s decision to run 318 and 319 the same night prevented us from really feeling it.

    Given 413 could’ve been the last episode of Season 4, I was expecting something heavy to be occurring in episode 412.

    • Maybe Sarah gets captured while trying to help Mama B take down Volkoff and they end up both getting captured by the end of the episode, with Volkoff calling Chuck like the Belgian did, luaghing evil like that he has the things he loves the most and will kill them if he dares to try and rescue them. That would make a great episode 13, with Chuck trying to find and save them.

      Since this is after their attempted romantic getaway, I’m hoping Chuck and Sarah are engaged. This could be true because of the fact that it sounds like Sarah has now sort of taken the initiative now to start trying to “bond” with Mama B, or at least help her, which we really haven’t seen too much throughout the season so far. She trusts her becuase Chuck does, and was willing to help her because of Chuck. Now, it sounds like she’s doing it on her own.

      Bring on 14 more episodes!! ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS!!!!

  5. Volkoff is still sweet on Mama B so I can only guess that he will be destroyed when he discovers she is aiding the enemy.

  6. I agree. I hope this is after Chuck and Sarah are engaged.. but for some reason, I really doubt the engagement will come so soon after it was truly talked about in 4×09. 🙁 Not that I don’t hope that’s not the case!

    As far as these spoilers, MamaB and Sarah working together is going to own. I just hope things don’t go real sour since we do have more episodes after 13 to go!

  7. can someone help me out on this? i found this on another website that had some info on the 2nd half of chuck coming up here, and this i found really disturbing about sarah. here it is:

    Your spoilers say Sarah leaves Chuck for another man. But the show runners said Chuck and Sarah will not break up. I know your spoilers are true so I am not saying that won’t happen, but can you please elaborate? Thank you and I am a huge fan of your podcast, blog and tweets. — Ragerin

    Since you said such nice and obviously true things about me, I will elaborate… to the smallest degree (you didn’t say I was handsome or hawt or the smartest man on the planet… that kind of flattery would have gotten you more). Sarah leaves Chuck to do very naughty things. Chuck is not happy about it. Sarah is kind of a b-word about it. Minus the “kind of.” Though, she is also really hawt in her b-wordiness so it all evens out. It is probably going to be the greatest episode ever. Though, not for shippers or crazy shippers or blame-Sarah-firsters.

    Sarah Walker rediscovers her old self. Obstacles!

    would the writers seriously do this to us?? God save the queen if that’s the case!

    • sarah is not goin to leave chuck after all that has happened between them there is no way that that will happen

    • Read what I wrote above.

      Keep in mind that given this is a spy show. There will always be obstacles and challenges.

      Sarah wasn’t happy about Chuck going off with Rob Riggle’s character. It’s bound to happen in reverse at some point.

    • The site you mention the spoilers are deliberately vague and designed to get you interested/angry these are some of his ones for earlier in S4 and although the might be correct they are not accurate as you have to take context into account.
      Chuck takes up gemology
      In Thailand, Chuck is with Sarah but Sarah is not with Chuck.
      Sarah hate new boyfriend! Sarah SMASH beer bottle! (addendum: I considered making this spoiler “After Chuck and Sarah are split up, Sarah asks for a new boyfriend.”)

      in the same post there are two out of 14 entries that are deleted so they may have been wrong.
      So the idea that Sarah leaves chuck for another man, another one of his spoilers could be that she helps Casey, Her dad, a mission and refinding her past could be an old mission, or even something she did with her dad. so in short I dont think you have anything to worry about as any miscomunication is probably rectified quickly.
      They did say that there would be bumps in the road for the relationship.

    • That “spoiler” is referring to Sarah helping Mama B try to take down Volkoff.

      • I hope she doesn’t try to seduce Volkoff because her literally acting like she would replace Chuck’s mother tht way would be creepy.

    • ahhh i see, thank you all so so much!! i feel better now 🙂 only 2 more weeks chucksters!! as mr.t would say, i pity the fool who doesn’t watch this show :))

    • To be honest, I really don’t think that they will do any of that to Chuck and Sarah. Schedak have said that they’re not going to be break them up and, after the first half of season 3, I don’t think they’ll want to incur the wrath of the fans again.

      The website you mentioned is probably just trolling.

      Although, sometimes I do think that the producers hate Sarah.

  8. how many episodes are left?

  9. Any chance we are going to see a reverse phase 3 episode where Chuck has to rescue not only Sarah but also Mama B?