SPOILERS: Baby Awesome Arrives…

It looks like Baby Awesome’s delivery date has been scooped! A little PR tidbit just came out for actress Stephenie Jackson who plays Nurse Young in “Chuck vs. the Push Mix.” Although the article has the airdate wrong – this episode airs January 31 – it looks like Nurse Young will help deliver Baby Awesome in episode 4.13. Here’s a bit more info:

While Chuck (Zachary Levi) and his mother (Linda Hamilton) are off fighting the bad guys, Chuck’s sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) is admitted to the Labor and Delivery ward at the local hospital. Jackson steps in as Nurse Young to calm down the expecting mother and father (Ryan McPartlin), but the big worry on everyone’s mind is: will Chuck and his mom defeat the bad guys and make it to the hospital in time for the birth of the baby?

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  1. Haha. I love how it’s put.. “Chuck and his mom stopping the bad guys”

    No mention of Sarah here. Hope she’s okay in all of this.

    • If theres anyone we should worry about, its Casey. You know the guys gonna live, but ow! Being pushed out of a window has got to hurt. Even for somebody as bad a** as John Casey. Then again he had it coming when he asked Sarah to push him out the window. If you don’t what I’m talking about look up the second promo for this ep. I saw this morning while watching the Today show. I scared the living day lights out my husband when I screamed while watching the promo. yeah! I’m that obsessed.

  2. Based on the way the spoiler is worded, the door is still open that the birth could be a cliffhanger for 4.13.

    What might be a bigger reveal is “…the big worry on everyone’s mind is: will Chuck and his mom defeat the bad guys and make it to the hospital in time for the birth of the baby?…”

    Does everyone include Ellie? Does she know that Chuck is a spy again?

    Probably not but who knows.

  3. Wont be a cliffhanger cause this was the end of the original season before they got the back order. Plus Schwartz promises that the last 10 minutes will be the best 10 minutes in Chuck history

  4. Considering how much pain Mary has caused – and will cause – her children and Team Bartowski, I really don’t understand why anyone wants her around. I’m hoping that Volkoff takes her out before the season ends.

    • I am more worried about Sarah–where is she when all this is going on?–I thought it was a great opportunity to see the fear of motherhood in her face. What about Casey?-He got kicked off a building and you know Morgan wants to be around. If the delivering doctor is wearing a mask__Could it be Timothy Dalton?

      • I think Casey will be recuperating and – according to an episode summary – bonding with Alex.

      • Larry1234- I’m pretty sure Sarah will be there too as long as Mary is. From the sound of the official synopsis it sounds like maybe Mary, and possibly Sarah, are being held by Volkoff. It says “Sarah works to free Chuck’s mom”, so I’m assuming Sarah will be the one to get Mary to the hospital in time. Also the description above might not mean that Chuck and his mom are literally fighting the bad guys together, just working at the same goal. I think the episode will be split between Sarah/Mary escaping and Chuck/Morgan taking down the baddies. Then in the end the whole gang will be there for the birth, that has to be a “Team Bartowski” moment, like their family dinners.

  5. So “Push Mix” must refer to a music mix that Chuck makes to help Ellie during labor? There could be comedy gold in them thar hills.

    • Actually, I think Awesome is making the mix. I read in an interview with Fedak IIRC that we’ll get to find out what kind of music Awesome is into.

  6. I love the fact that whenever Ellie and Awesome talk about Chuck and his spying, they treat it like is an addiction a la drugs or alcohol. Even Chuck says things like “They don’t know I have been spying again” like it’s it’s a relapse. I love that little detail in the show.

  7. i fink ellie will give birth. and for some reason i think sarah will propose to chuck i dnt no how that would work but thats what i think.

  8. and also at the end well near the end sarah could ne locked up or somthing and we could see a fight scene we chick and his mum are fighting together against volkoffs men. what would be realy good to watch

  9. Anyone else want Chuck and Sarah to babysit together? It’d be good practice! ;P

    • totally, awesomes baby has an influence on them in some way.like they could think to buy a new house, maybe have a pet dog lol or soemething . but i know that it would not be to actually have a child of there own

  10. jeeezz. sarah just unpacked her suitcase not to long ago. i think yall is moving way to fast. poor sarah.

  11. seeing the promo for mission impossible chuck and sarah seem to be arguing. maybe sarah is cooling off. until she has to get ellie to the hospital and her freaking out cause she cant find chuck. meanwhile john has to warm up the vic cause they gotta get ellie to the hospital. go team.