SPOILERS: Two Gretas Return to Chuck

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

Schwartz & Fedak have already stated that we’ll get an explanation about the purpose of the Gretas we’ve seen this season, and it looks like two of our favorites are returning to help with that. Stacy Keibler (Greta in 4.05) Tweeted this photo of herself with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Isaiah Mustafa (Greta in 4.02) from the set of episode 4.18, “Chuck vs. the A-Team”, earlier today.

Yvonne Strahovski, Isaiah Mustafa, Stacy Keibler, & Zachary levi on the set of Chuck

She also had the following interesting observation:

Krav Maga was sooooooo much easier yesterday without heels on. #OUCH #Chuck

Meanwhile, Isaiah Mustafa confirmed that he’s shooting scenes with Robin Givens who will play the director of the NCS with her eye on Casey:

On the set of #Chuck with my fellow GRETA, @stacykeibler and the lovely @Robin_Givens. Soooo cool:)

What do you make of these clues, Chucksters?

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  1. Should be fun, can’t wait

  2. mmmHmmmm… And the plot thickens! I noted on a few reviews around the net that the non-explanation of Greta, seemed to be a picking point on otherwise excellent episodes. 🙂 Nice to see both Isaiah and Stacey making it back. 😉

  3. I seriously think Isaiah needs to whoop out an old spice quote.

  4. My favorite! The GRETA your GRETA could smell like! XD

  5. This is amazing!!!!
    Can’t WAıt!!!

  6. Stacy Keibler played in episode 4.03: Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

  7. A little late on this one.

  8. Those are four seriously pretty people. Just sayin’

  9. If they use them well I will be happy. If its just more filler, I wont be impressed.

    Even though Isaiah’s and Summer Glau’s portrayal of Greta were OK, the Greta story lines seemed forced and pointless to me.

    • Well, Fedak said that we will find out what the whole Greta-thing was about in this ep so I’m guessing it won’t be filler. Also, both Isaiah and Stacy has tweeted about fightscenes so it sounds there will be alot with them.

  10. Why is it Isaiah who’s surrounded by two gals, and not Zac? 🙂

  11. whos in the background?

    • The set looks like Castle. If they were shooting a scene, I’d wonder who the actor/character was. But it looks like they were posing during down-time, so the person in the background could well be a member of the production crew.

  12. Could it be that perhaps the “GRETA’s” have been investigating some sort of conspiracy theory that involves the new NCS DIrector??? Just a thought?