VIDEO: Zachary Levi Sings at the Oscars

Did you catch Zachary Levi singing at the Oscars tonight? He was terrific! I got a little melty at the way he looked at duet partner (and Tangled co-star) Mandy Moore. The smolder was definitely working for him tonight! Watch the performance again (and again) courtesy of

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  1. I enjoyed it very much. Although i was sad and outraged that “I See the Light” did not get the Oscar it deserved.

  2. Mandy moore was unfortunately a little flat the whole way through, but all in all it was a great performance! and Zac was so cute; his little wink to Mandy Moore at the end was priceless!

    • errrr… mandy was not flat at all.
      she is however, nervous.. i think.

      • I’ve been playing the violin for more than half my life, and in my opinion she was flat. However, I agree that she was probably nervous. Even still, I enjoyed the performance. It was quite good!

      • i agree. she was pitch perfect. just a little nervous esp. at the beginning…she might’ve botched the lyrics at the start heheh

        my fave part is 00:40 “here comes the smolder” i’m melting! hehe

  3. Loved it. Only watched the oscars for that moment. And i’ve got to say it was great.
    When I saw Zach in that outfit my mind went ‘is that chuck?’

  4. He was so good! Maybe that will help make new people want to watch tomorrow? I was a little disapointed that when they interviewed him on the red carpet no one mentioned Chuck at all.

  5. oh shoot they blocked it! 🙁 boo.

  6. Mel is it a suprise that everyone got melty when zach looked at mandy, let’s face it….if 4 years of chuck has taught us anything, you put zach in a scene with any girl and hearts are going to be melted. Everytime chuck and ellie have a brother/sister moment my heart melts a little….very adorable!

  7. Is there anything Zac can’t do? I mean seriously people he IS superman(: I love love love him and he is incredible!!! He is amazing and I hope we get to see Chuck sing this season…(: fingers crossed!!! Maybe…at the wedding he could sing to Sarah<3 if that happens I WILL start crying because Zac melts my heart(: or maybe he could sing for a mission?!? Idk but I LOVE ZAC (chuck)!!!!(: <3

  8. poor was block..i can’t watch this video

  9. I really enjoyed Zac’s performance. Bravo!

    BTW, there is another version of the video that is online from that same site. It’s hosted here:–mandy-moore-perform-i-see-the-light

    I was able to get that one to load.

  10. Thanks Laurie! That worked for me too.

  11. The Chuck writers definitely need to find a way to get Zach to sing before this season is over. Chuck singing at the wedding would definitely take things to another level.

  12. He was absolutely amazing. We were stunned. Does he have Broadway experience? You’d think so. Zachary Levi is one of our favorite actors.

    We only wish they’d show re-runs in the summer. It’s so long waiting for a new season to begin!

    • He does have musical theater experience and training and I so wish he got to use it more often! He has such a nice voice.

    • He sings a duet with Katharine McPhee (talk about making your heart melt) that is fantastic. You can find it on You Tube, they also have the webisode of the two recording it….definately recommend watching it. *smile*

  13. So proud of our Zac. He did a fine job, was that only a portion of the song? Seemed
    Rather short to me.

  14. That wink to Mandy Moore just killed me. I had to appologize to my husband, because every time he looked at Mandy, I just died. They were just so charming together!

  15. If they have Chuck singing at the wedding, that would just be tooooo cheesy for me and I love a little bit of cheesy. *smile*
    If they have Chuck sing, it would be better if he was competing in a karaoke scene for a mission or something like that. (similar to when he sang in “Less Than Perfect”) LOL…just my thoughts.

    • Oh, I almost forgot….Great job at the Oscars Zachary Levi….you definately made your Chuck fans proud! ….I know that wink at the end was just for me *wink wink*

  16. Bravo, Zach, good job!

  17. Can’t stop watching Mandy and Zach sing together, they did a great job. Hope they get to sing together again in the future.

  18. Both CNN and MTV gave high marks for the performance:
    *Click on the 9th picture

  19. It was a great performance and the ONLY reason I sufferred through the Oscars, because it is usually a big Yawn for me. Seeing Zac perform with Mandy was all worth it. Of course hey got robbed, I See The Light was a much better song than We Belong and performed better too. Maybe I’m a little biased…saw Toy Story 3 once (it was great) and Tangled twice with the kiddies (greater than great), but that Oscar should have gone to Menken. The good news is I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we get to see Zac perform at the Oscars though, he is quite gifted.

  20. I was glad to see Zac getting more visibility. He certainly deserves it. He has so many talents. They did a commendable job singing a ho-hum song. Even the best craftsman cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. And I would have been more impressed with the chemistry between the two of them if I hadn’t already been spoiled by the electricity that he generates when he performs with Yvonne.

  21. Is their a HD version floating around?