VIDEO: Joshua Gomez & Isaiah Mustafa Tease Man Crush Mondays

Joshua Gomez and guest star Isaiah Mustafa answer “fan questions” in this very funny promo for Monday’s episode of Chuck, featuring lots of excellent beard comments.

You know what else would be excellent? Watching every episode of Chuck available on this weekend. Get caught up and be counted in NBC’s streaming video ratings.

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  1. Gah! Twinkle in the eye! Try as I might I can not help but turn into a swooning puddle of goo. OMG no wonder Casey wants this guy on his team and now Morgan? Is there anyone who can resist Isaiah?

  2. ultimatechucklover

    They should do something like they did i think for season 2 they did the Chuck sandwich, that would be cool if they did something like that again since all of the actors have evolved since season 2! 🙂

  3. they are both irresistible!!can’t w8 for new episode of chuck!!:D

  4. I just realized this is the OLD SPICE guy

  5. Wish they would do some more of these teasers with the guest actors. I think it would help to generate more interest in Chuck.