SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.23 Title, Plot

E! Online has a little bit of news about Chuck episode 4.23, “Chuck vs. the Last Details”, the one that airs right before the season finale:

SadieJezierski: Chuck scoops!
Episode 23 is called “Chuck versus the Last Details.” Our favorite engaged couple are putting the finishing touches on their big day while working on opposite sides of the planet: Chuck’s going to be running a mission in a Colombian prison, while Sarah’s off somewhere speaking Korean—so she’s either in North or South Korea or, well, maybe just L.A.’s Koreatown. Will our favorite spies make it to the altar in time? We’ll probably have to wait until the last possible minute to find out, but does anybody doubt that the long-long-long awaited Chuck-Sarah union is going to be amazing and completely worth the wait?

Nothing major, but it does reinforce that the wedding will happen in the finale.
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  1. I understand the tradition is the bride and groom don’t see each other that day until the ceremony but this is taking it a little far. Cause baby there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe. 🙂

  2. It’s looking more and more like episode 2.22, how they did Awesome and Ellie’s wedding; everything was fine, and then THE cliffhanger (Chuck reintersected to save Sarah).

    Pretty sure that 4.24 will end with a cliffhanger that can end the series well if “Chuck” is not picked up for Season 5. In that case, the series would end on a high note, with Chuck and Sarah’s wedding.

    I guess we’ll see! 🙂

    • If it’s a cliffhanger it can’t end well.
      I want a big and crazy finale. Even without season 5. If it can’t end the way they’ve planned, there’s no point in making it look like it did.

  3. looks like we are really getting closer & closer to the finale… i still hope &
    pray that NBC will consider a 5th season for Chuck… Cliffhanger you should say, but lets hope for the best… CHUCK 5!

  4. I hate Cliffhanger endings for any show whether or not it’s on the bubble.

    I hope it’s a Cliffhanger that at the very least doesn’t negate from their wedding/relationship.

  5. Interesting. Sounds like Chuck is on a solo mission. I don’t think he’s been on a solo mission since First Class?

  6. And, now we know the titles to all 24 eps this season:
    4.01 Chuck Vs. the Anniversary
    4.02 Chuck Vs. the Suitcase
    4.03 Chuck Vs. the Cubic Z
    4.04 Chuck Vs. the Coup d’etat
    4.05 Chuck Vs. the Couch Lock
    4.06 Chuck Vs. the Aisle of Terror
    4.07 Chuck Vs. the First Fight
    4.08 Chuck Vs. the Fear of Death
    4.09 Chuck Vs. Phase Three
    4.10 Chuck Vs. the Leftovers
    4.11 Chuck Vs. the Balcony
    4.12 Chuck Vs. the Gobbler
    4.13 Chuck Vs. the Push Mix
    4.14 Chuck Vs. the Seduction Impossible
    4.15 Chuck Vs. the C.A.T. Squad
    4.16 Chuck Vs. the Masquerade
    4.17 Chuck Vs. the First Bank of Evil
    4.18 Chuck Vs. the A-Team
    4.19 Chuck Vs. the Muuurder
    4.20 Chuck Vs. the Family Volkoff
    4.21 Chuck Vs. the Wedding Planner
    4.22 Chuck Vs. AGENT X
    4.23 Chuck Vs. the Last Details
    4.24 Chuck Vs. the Cliffhanger

    • 4.22 ep. looks like big sister is going to help wittle brother since Awesome & Ellie “LIED” to Chuck about the new hard drive in their dads computer.

  7. Who thinks “Agent X” is Ellie Bartowski Woodcomb and the “Cliffhanger” is did they or didn’t they get married. If the Cliffhanger is designed to leave everyone wanting more; yet, be a Series finale with a “what if” type of ending if necessary — it seems the wedding would be the BIG finish. Season 5 could open with the real honeymoon trip.

  8. I agree with you Tim. Let’s get on with the ceremony. Hope F&S do not let us down, regardless of how much fun it would be for them.

  9. I was thinking. Ya know how Chuck titles usually have double meanings. Well, maybe someone will be literally hanging off a cliff…. Might not make it to the wedding??? Or get married, and then be hanging from a cliff at the end?? hmmmm..

  10. Actually, when Chuck ‘vs’ something he usually has to deal with it during the episode. following that logic, if the cliffhanger happens at the end of ep25 Chuck won’t really be ‘vs’ing it. My theory is that the cliffhanger will happen at the end of ep24 (the plot spoiler seems to open up for that possibility)and Chuck will have to deal with it in the season finale. If you listen to the press room interview from the Chicago convention (as shown on the latest podcast)Fedak is very coy on wedding. This seems to support my theory for Fedak wouldn’t want to spoil an ep 24 cliffhanger. I’m assuming someone will find themselves in a dangerous situation and have trouble getting back to the wedding on time (if at all)-cue ominous music.

  11. I think that Ellie may have ALREADY intersected without knowing it! Remember when Awesome came home to find Ellie had Dad’s laptop again? She said she must had dosed off cause the day was so short (will look it up). Doesn’t laptop Intersection have a knockout effect on Chuck? Hmmmm, the affect runs in the family?