SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.20 Synopsis, Airdate

NBC just released the official synopsis for Chuck episode 4.20, “Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff”, now confirmed to air Monday, April 11:

IN ORDER TO SAVE THE LIFE OF A FORMER ALLY, CHUCK MUST JOIN FORCES WITH HIS GREATEST FOE—LINDA HAMILTON, LAUREN COHAN, MEKENNA MELVIN, AND TIMOTHY DALTON GUEST STAR—A bad day gets worse when Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) throws Chuck (Zachary Levi) a surprising relationship curveball as the CIA orders Vivian Volkoff (guest star Lauren Cohan) assassinated. In order to prove Vivian’s innocence, Chuck must put his trust in a dangerous ally – her father Alexei Volkoff (guest star Timothy Dalton). Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) suspects that her mother (guest star Linda Hamilton) is interfering with the search into her father’s past. Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Adam Baldwin and Bonita Friedericy also star.

Mama B and Papa V both return, along with Vivian who has a huge target on her back. Might want to keep the oxygen masks on standby for this one!

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  1. It will be nice to see Scott Bakula again, even if it’s only in a flashback. Unless, of course……he’s not actually dead…….

    • i think you misread um its says that papa v. which is alexi papa b. aint coming back

      • agreed, just Alexi Volkoff (Papa V) is getting back to save her daughter according to the spoilers for this episode

    • I don’t think he’s dead. Remember the episode that showed that Chuck had killed Daniel Shaw? He came back after being killed. But he also had Intersect version 2.0. Do we know what version Papa B. had? That’s what my gut is saying at least.

  2. Wonder what the ” Curve Ball ” is? Sarah doesn’t want children?

    • bachelor parties haha im not making any sense

    • its not that because i seem to remember sarah saying to casey in season 1?? possibly 2.. “don’t you ever want to settle down and start a family?” to which caseys reply was of course “We chose to do this job so other people could have that”

    • Um I’m pretty sure that it’s that they have to kill vivien, or atlest I think!

    • The curveball is a prenup. The chucgasmic blog has posted it. He also posted that Sarah is getting a new car, but I forgot the name and brand now.

  3. NBC.com still says the show returns April 4th. It seems to me that NBC is certainly not increasing their viewership by these long breaks and the confusion over when there is or isn’t a new episode!.

  4. The relationship curveball is probably that Sarah told chuck that vivian has a target on her back and will be assasinated by the CIA maybe Sarah or Casey got the assignment, and Chuck is the only one who is against it and tries there for to prove vivians innocent and stop the CIAs solution to it all. And that maybe creates a curveball in Chuck and Sarahs relationship.

  5. i think this episode will be like “phase three”, a great one!!
    not only great, but the one who bring back hope for another season.

  6. They had confirmed May 16th as the season finale date, with the “Family Volkoff” beginning an uninterupted run of 5 episodes on April 18. Now that they have moved the opeing date to April 11, will they be ending the season one week earlier, or will there be one week with no “Chuck”?

  7. They probably wanted to give the return of LOLA an original episode lead in. And that probably means a repeat on April 18th and then 4 in a row

  8. Is this the only remaining episode this season that Timothy Dalton will be in? What about Linda Hamilton?

  9. Sarah and Casey probably want to go ahead with the assassinatiion as ordered. I still feel like the real evildoer is probably the lawyer. Hope this does not screw up the Chuck and Sarah relationship.

    • im thinking its the lawyer too not her …and im sure it wont mess up the relationship look at how much they have been through and there still together

  10. Holy! I’m certain this is the lawyers doing. Tearing apart the trust between Chuck and Viv before it could even develop and now putting Chuck at odds with the CIA. Viv has no choice but to prove her innocence and disavow the evil Riley and her father have done so Chuck can spare her. I just got done watching Star Wars so that may color my perception here.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks that it´s mama B who actually controls that laptop?

    • I certainly think she has something to do with it.

    • im still hoping mama b. is a bad guy. that she is using chuck and ellie to get all their dads data work and then she plans to destroy everything and everyone.

      • Why would she do that? This is, after all, a woman who killed an injured unarmed guy in the first episode just to protect her family. I think she might have some plans of her own but she isn´t evil. Well, at least I hope so 🙂

      • Why on earth would u want that?!?

  12. I’m still pulling for Ellie to end up accidentally becoming an Intersect of some kind. While it doesn’t sound like it would happen in this episode, the season is not over yet!

  13. This is going to be one great episode. Alex, Mama B and the Volkoff’s coming back, you can’t get much better than that.

    Also note – it looks like Chuck is in the finals of the TV Line Save our Show poll. I believe voting starts on Monday so don’t forget to put in your vote.

    Also Hulu Best in Show poll just has a short time left and Chuck is ahead with 56% of the vote, so we will be in the finals for that poll as well.

    Lets make it a clean sweep.

  14. Chuck mad it into the final round at Hulu so we need to vote vs. Dexter.

  15. Does anyone think Ellie is “”” Agent X “””???

  16. It sounds like an amazing episode lets face it Sarah has always been very protective of Chuck if she thinks Vivian is out to kill him she would certainly volunteer to kill her. That may be part of the ‘curve ball’ as Chuck is going to give her the chance then it may come up she is a brunette, and Sarah doubting his feelings for her and getting a bit jealous.
    There is no way Ellie is getting an intersect but I think she will find out who agent X is and it is Chuck.
    As for the laptop I think it was just a delayed trigger from Orion to make sure she had not the Government as he know that giving her agent Xs files will help her improve the intersect even more.

  17. Does anyone here think Ellie is Agent X ?

  18. Yep…He sure was Mark !!! I’m now leaning towards Chuck being Agent X ..

  19. So there is no new chuck tomorrow?!?????????!!!!

  20. Given that Chuck versus First Class is being re-run to no apparent purpose, and that the NBC site mentions Hannah in the synopsis, are we going to be stuck with HER again? Please, God, no!