She Said: 4.21 Chuck vs the Wedding Planner

Chuck 4.21 : Chuck vs the Wedding Planner

Well my friends,
A lot of fan wishes were fulfilled this week. We not only got another big chunk of Sarah back story and the return of Gary Cole, but as an added bonus, I thought it was one of the funniest episodes of the season. After last week’s tension and mythology-heavy episode, this week’s episode was a welcome return to the lighter side. I would also be remiss if I didn’t note for all the guys who love Sarah and all the gals that want to be her, that she looked really HOT this week. [Yep, I’ll admit to being a wee bit envious…]

It all started out with the first of many flashbacks to Idaho in 1988, where young Sarah is living with her grandmother (not sure which one) and spending time with her dad, giving Girl Scouts everywhere a bad name. As the episode progressed and we got more details about what young Sarah’s life was like, it’s no wonder that it took so much time (and Chuck) to bring her out of her shell. Unlike Chuck and Ellie who had each other and lost both parents but could move on to some extent, Sarah apparently had to face her dad walking into and out of her life without warning for years. These scenes foreshadowed the fact that Sarah was to fall for Daphne Peralta’s con and served to remind the audience how far she has come since Chuck entered her life.

There’s no doubt that Sarah has become more trusting since meeting Chuck and it’s sad here to see the goodness in both of them get taken advantage of, especially since it’s related to the wedding, which had been a point of tension between them for quite a while. For the second time in just a few episodes, we get to see what happens when Sarah feels like she’s been wronged. While Chuck seems somewhat willing to just let it go, Sarah, as she showed in Chuck vs The A Team, is not going to back down. Also for the second time in so many episodes, we see Sarah and Chuck switch roles, with Chuck being the cool, logical one and Sarah taking on the Chuck role of accepting bad advice from friends/family and convincing Chuck to go along with the plan with disastrous results. Even though we saw a not dissimilar character reversal last week with the prenup, I still enjoyed the way it played out in this episode.

It wasn’t a surprise to anyone but maybe Sarah and Chuck when their [rather lame] attempt to convince Beckman that Daphne Peralta was a national security interest snowballed out of control. But that it did, leading to the one of the most hilarious scene of the show this season. Whichever writer came up with the whole idea of the Super Shuttle scene really has a twisted mind, and my heartfelt thanks. I loved watching poor Chuck get onto the shuttle, handcuff Daphne and think he’s got it all under control. But of course Daphne has no intention of giving up so easily. The next thing Chuck knows the whole shuttle thinks he’s a stalker pervert and his insistence that he actually works for the government convinces no one. To make matters worse (i.e. funnier) the shuttle driver won’t stop until Chuck really does pretend to be a crazy pervert and Sarah is listening to the whole thing via Chuck’s earpiece while Casey and the swat team close in. Yes, it was a bit ludicrous, but it was also hysterical, and knowing Chuck Bartowski, it was just about believable. Another great example of entertaining product placement, Chuck-style.

After the wedding con was a success (spy high five!), I was disappointed that Jack didn’t stay for dinner to say goodbye, especially after his speech to the father of the bride in the parking garage. (Maybe he got wind of the fact that Chuck was making chicken pepperoni ?) Some of my disappointment was allayed when Sarah found her piggy bank and the note from Jack on her bed. I had assumed that he’d spent the money, but it was great to see that not only had he not spent it, but he’d actually been saving more for her. Although I would have preferred that Chuck and Sarah would have gotten their own money back from Daphne, it did make for a sweet ending and showed us that Sarah’s dad really does love her, even if he shows it in strange ways. Nothing says “I love you and I’m sorry I’ve been a bad father” quite like a ceramic pig full of stolen money!

Meanwhile, in this week’s more sedate, but no less heartfelt B plot, we see Kathleen finally find out the truth about Casey. I was really worried when Kathleen first confronted Casey at the hotel that she was going to go on thinking that he is lying to her and Alex for a few more episodes, especially when Casey’s early concern that she would think that he left her for a dead end job at the Buy More proved true. I was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed that she’d watched the whole altercation in the parking garage and realized that Casey really is everything that Alex thinks he is. It will be interesting to see what happens with their relationship in the next few episodes.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did! I’m going to go teach my stuffed animals how the shell game works while you guys leave your comments.

Quotes and other bits:
“…you went with Helvetica for the invitations and your wedding colors are red and black….together they scream socialism” – Morgan
“Sarah and I thought they were pretty nice.” – Chuck
“So did Chairman Mao” – Morgan
Sarah can decorate cakes?!
“I have a feeling that the less I know the better” – Beckman
“Con means confidence” – Sarah and her dad actually conned their way into living in the Georgia governor’s mansion for a month!
“Morgan the Magnet” strikes again
Sarah’s New Yawk accent
Morgan does Casey’s laundry

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  1. One of my favorite scenes in this weeks episode that made m laugh was when Morgan and Alex tried to get Casey to meet Kath in the Buy More and when he says no they run and catch up with him and there is a height difference. That just made me ROFL (roll on the floor laughing)

  2. It was a very good episode with great emotion I hope the remaining 3 are just as good this episode engine never misfired once. Nice review good point thanks for sharing

  3. I loved this episode, but I am sad that I didn’t get to see something: I would have loooooved to see the look on Daphne’s face when the swat team takes her down! It would have made that scene all the more richer because she didn’t believe their “con.”

  4. yvonne did a great NY accent just amazing especially for someone who isn’t even american

  5. Wonderful episode. I complained a lot at the start of the year when Morgan was portrayed as a buffoon for laughs; I was glad to see him an actual serious part of the team. I loved it when he thanked Chuck & Sarah for including him in the faux wedding — “I’ve always wanted to pull a con”. (Thumbs Up!)

    This was a “classic” episode in that it did beautifully what Chuck does best — it mixed wonderful, sometimes silly comedy with a great, sweet heart. My two favorite moments may have been two simple facial gestures… Chuck at his DJ post smiling happily when he sees Sarah’s dad ask her to dance, and a flicker of pride (and a smile) across Casey’s face when Kathleen confronts him at the hotel and tells him Alex thinks he’s some kind of hero.

    • Those were my two fav moments too! Kudos to all the actors for their amazing abilities to convey so much meaning with no words at all.

  6. I agree with alex on the accent, I almost shed a tear……to be continued

  7. Chuck shows Sarah what he thinks his “flash face” looks like, and then Sarah showing Chuck what his “flash face” actually looks like.

    Comedy gold, right there.

    • That was my favorite scene as well. And his hurt look afterward was so funny. And Beckman’s comment after he really flashed “well, that one was more believable”.

  8. I had a big smile on my face for the rest of the night. What a fun episode! This is the direction this show should have followed more often. As with the “Honeymooners”, Judkins and LeFranc show us how it’s done.

    • Rafe and Lauren always deliver. And I finally got my Gary Cole wish fulfilled. Great episode all around. I hope Jack Burton gets a spin off, he’s a great character. I loved the little girl who played young Sarah too. The ending was priceless. Big happy face for the night, sad face that we are pre-empted AGAIN ugh! Luckily I can watch this show at least two more times before the next episode airs. 🙂

  9. Cay, What a wonderful review, thank you so much. I only have time to read an occasional review but try never to miss yours.

    Wonderful episode, great fun.


  10. I loved the “flash face” scene, Yvonne and Zac probably had a blast making it.
    I have to admit, I didn´t care much about Sarah´s clothes (I am a girl, and I think she is pretty but I am still a girl ;-)) because I was too distracted by Chuck who looked incredibly sexy in that black suit!

    • chuckfanfromBarbados

      you can say that again Zach is HOT !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, he always looks hot to me . This particular episode, though, I was struck by how good Sarah looked. It wasn’t the clothes so much as her hair. I’ll forever be envious of her hair 🙂

  11. Loved the espidode! Fun, entertaining with a little of everything for viewers. Now comes the hard part — getting more viewers. With Spring Breaks continuing, school finals, Easter, etc. viewership is down and can impact NBC / WB decision regarding a fifth season. We need a full court press to bring back the fans!!!!

  12. Well, I’m with all of you. This episode had that ‘nice’ season 2 feel to it. I loved the whole thing, top to bottom. Judkins and LeFranc seem to have hit their stride with this ep. Hoping for more of the same in season 5 (‘married with missions’). Let us pray that NBC’s pilots are not that great and there is still room for a show like CHUCK in the schedule. I would be very happy for a 13 ep season 5 where S&F are told right up front that this is it and they plan accordingly. Wouldn’t it be great to have that great big happy ending where everything is all tied up neatly and the scene is set for the first CHUCK movie? Much better than having to wait until May sweeps to learn our fate.

    While we’re waiting, go to the WB online store and ask how to preorder the ‘CHUCK Score Soundtrack’ by Tim Jones. Maybe we can nudge them into making the CD set release a priority.

  13. It was a great episode and very funny. Sarah’s flash face was classic.

  14. I think the entire episode, and not just the con, served to remind us how far Sarah has come since Chuck first entered her life. Just really amazing stuff and a reminder of the influence Chuck has in bringing out the best in the people around him.

    I also found the contrast between how Chuck tried to take control of the Super Shuttle meltdown and how Casey handled the arrival of the police at the parking garage very classic. Chuck still has a lot to learn in being a spy.

    Lastly the scene of Kathleen seeing the real hero Casey at work was really touching. Hopefully she will soon see the rest of what makes him such a great guy.

    • I totally agree with Donovan on how far Sarah has come and I’m trying to remember a show that you have seen such a dramatic change in a person in four seasons. It was a very fun episode and I like when they have a funny one then a serious one. I think the next three are going to be pretty serious and suspenseful. I hope Gary Cole is going to be in the last episode! Zachary Levi looked awesome in the black suit!! The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the fact that Sarah didn’t tell her dad that the reason she was staying there was because she loved Chuck, but maybe they didn’t write that in with the way her dad is.I thought it was such an interesting scene with Devon and Sarah’s dad!! Really good sruff. Rafe and Lauren are some of my favorite writers!! Great review Cay!!

  15. I agree with most of the comments so far. Sarah’s flash face was hilarious, Devon trying to cover up his lies to Jack showing two fathers at a crossroads in life was really good, Casey and Kathleen and that resolution was very well done. One of the best episodes of the series. The young actress playing young Sarah, has a great future. All in all, a winner of an episode.

  16. Great review. I thought this episode was a great example of Chuck at its best. I don’t mind short arcs of intense dark drama in Chuck, but this show works best when we get some happy, heart-warming endings once in awhile.

    To make this episode a real treat, I watched Delorean just before it aired, and Cougars just before that.